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It should be able to find most devices on the network. You can specify the range to scan and scan across subnets. I won't try to share all the features because quite frankly I don't know them all.

MAC address (media access control)

I can tell you exactly how I designed it. It's actually quite simple. Nothing is sent back to the unit. The unit is allowed access to the Internet via your setup and the router. As long as the unit has permission to make an outbound connection it will work. What happens is the unit makes a report to the server.

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If it needs to make a request then it gives the server a unique key. The server puts any needed data in an xml readable and the thermostat or quite a few other devices hits that URL a few seconds later the device told the server where it would pick up that info. All your device needs is a simple read-only connection to the outside world.

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No need to download anything. There were many processes built off of this simple idea it was pretty cutting edge when I first designed it. Store and forward, offline browsing, push technology, etc. Am I rich? Not even close. I was working on my PhD at the time and was hired by Honeywell to implement my design. I literally gave it away to the general public as is right.

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Earn Credits. Step 2: Familiarize yourself with arp. Type "arp" in the command prompt. This gives you a list of options to use with the arp command. Step 3: List all MAC addresses.

Wireless Network Watcher - Show who is connected to your wireless network

Step 4: Evaluate results. Internet address Physical Address Type Krizz Jan 21, at pm. Twon of An Jan 21, at pm. Syldra Jan 22, at pm.

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Enzeder Jan 22, at pm. Currently my preferred method if the device isn't listed in Spiceworks :- There was a time when I was a baby admin and I didn't want to raise alarms by installing a scanner that I wrote a batch file yes, that long ago that PINGed every IP on a subnet, then immediately ran ARP redirecting output to a text file.

Greg Mar 11, at pm. Maxwell Brotherwood Jul 18, at am. Joe Sep 4, at pm. Jay Oct 21, at pm. Then use arp -a Find "5c-d" to get for example all ping nodes with a manufacturer of Asus. WealthyEmu Mar 25, at pm. If you want you can ping the broadcast address to ping everyone on the network then do arp -a. RobertRobinson I'm the lead designer and project manager on the Honeywell systems. I hope that clears it up for you. This unique identification is the physical address for your Ethernet or Wireless adapter burnt into the actual hardware at the factory.

The address format is the same for all network adapters — a set of hexadecimal digits. There might be several adapters displayed, especially if you use virtualization software. An easier way to find it is from Settings. There you will find your MAC Address. For devices such as your router or switch, normally the physical address can be found on the back of the device label.

Alternatively, you can log into the router or switch to view your MAC Address; if your router or switch shows up in Network Explorer, you can right click it then click Properties. Why would you even want to know this information? IP address leases expire over time; as devices connect and disconnect from your network, trying to block or whitelist them based on IP is not realistic. Instead, you could secure your home network using the MAC address. For more information and to view an archive of previous Tech Tips, please visit us here.