Mac mouse left click stuck

For whatever reason everything is fixed when I do it. But if I restart, I lose it again.

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It must be some type of startup issue. If you go into "Trackpad" in "System Settings" and toggle various options for gestures, clicks, and drags.. Annoying, yes. Requiring a restart, no. Also, sometimes a key on the keyboard gets stuck. Bang on the keys or equivalent to make sure that's not causing your grief. I experienced this problem and dealt with it for a month or two by putting the machine to sleep every time I noticed it. This is only a temporary fix, however, as the problem returns on a restart.

Not usually a problem, but makes apps like Photoshop neigh unusable! I was pretty sure Air Display an iOS screen sharing app was the culprit so I tried uninstalling it with AppCleaner, but the problem remained. A quick Finder search turned up a proper uninstall script for AirDisplay and the problem was gone.

The above article outlines a number of other possible solutions as well. Good luck!

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes - Make Tech Easier

I have the same problem from time to time. When it does occur it stands to reason that a system reboot should fix the problem and it typically does. If the issue is with an icon from the desktop then Force Quit which is actually just Relaunching Finder. Although this won't fix the problem in that if you attempt to click and drag again, the object in question is basically guaranteed to get stuck again. It's a temporary fix that's faster than a reboot and sure to work every time. Have you checked if this is caused by Mouse Keys?

This didn't solve this issue for me, but it worked for the poster there. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can I manually generate a mouseup event? Ask Question.

Mouse click refusing to "unclick".

Is there a way to "reset" however the OS stores mouse states? Can I manually fire off a MouseUp event? Yuji Tomita Yuji Tomita 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 16 16 bronze badges. For the record, this appears to have been a problem with my graphics card and or OSX starting to crash. The problem got progressively worse until my computer would consistently crash.

I'm still curious about manually sending a mouse up event though I'm in In some oddball apps I lose the ability to place the insertion bar and regain it by using Ctrl-Left then Ctrl-Right to visit Dashboard. Maybe that would work for this problem in Lion? Herman Geldenhuys Herman Geldenhuys 61 1 1 silver badge 2 2 bronze badges.

Mouse Not Working in macOS? Use these Fixes

I appreciate the "answer" but this would be more appropriate as a comment. If there's a solution in here somewhere, you can post that! This can remove any built-up corrosion in the contacts. Even smart adults make that mistake from time to time. To fix a skipping mouse cursor, try using the mouse on a different surface. The ideal surface for a mouse is an even-toned mousepad, but most decent mice can track on most hard surfaces.

Glass is a terrible surface for a laser mouse to track on.

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Multi-color surfaces, like wood with a prominent dark grain, will sometimes confuse even modern laser mice. For mice with power switches, try cycling the power. Turn the mouse off, wait ten seconds, and turn the mouse back on. That will refresh the wireless connection and give a wireless mouse the opportunity to establish a more stable communication channel.

If your mouse uses a USB receiver, like most Logitech mice, make sure the receiver is physically close to the mouse. Sometimes this even varies dramatically within the same mouse manufacturer and model. Try turning off other nearby wireless devices. Depending on the wireless band your device uses, you might be encountering destructive interference. While some mice work on the relatively empty 27 MHz band, other mice are on the extremely-crowded 2. If nothing helps, try a different receiver as well. Force the connection to reset by either removing the USB receiver or toggling Bluetooth on and off, depending on how your mouse connects to your Mac.

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You can also refresh the connection by restarting your Mac. Almost all mice use some sort of computer-side configuration utility to manage things like button assignment and scrolling features. Logitech uses either Logitech Options or Logitech Gaming, depending on the model of mouse. Regardless of the software, you can try removing your mouse from the configuration utility, restarting the Mac, and then adding the mouse back again.

All mice are compatible with macOS, but not all software runs on macOS. If your mouse is double-clicking, not sensing your clicks, or otherwise processing input incorrectly, it could be a hardware failure.