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Prices on flash storage were lowered back in October alongside the launch of the new MacBook Pro. The Mac Pro lineup has not gained any refreshed or updated hardware -- all that's changed is configuration and price.

Mac Pro CPU and GPU Upgrades See Significant Price Drop

Apple's reconfigured Mac Pros are available starting today from the online Apple Store and Apple retail stores. The 6-core model can be purchased immediately, but the 8-core model is listed as "currently unavailable. Apple is working on a high-end high-throughput modular Mac Pro system that will facilitate regular upgrades to meet the needs of Apple's pro user base. Related Roundup: Mac Pro. Top Rated Comments View all. Yeah it's just like rape except for the whole consent thing, which is what defines rape.

Fall Under Cerulean Kites. All of the non-pro users who simply desire a Mac Pro can complain all they want, but this is a significant price reduction, no matter how you look at it. Apple is certainly on the right track, and it was a great move to offer the price reduction in conjunction with the pre-announcement.

MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini SSD Upgrade Prices Dropped by Apple

Shops that need these machines will be happy with this. Too late as people have jumped ship and moved over to PCs or Hackintoshes. The prices are still too high for 5 year old lousy hardware. No true pro is using a Hackintosh. Tinkerers and hobbiests, sure. Not a chance.

The Mac Pro, Five Years Later – Pixels

They have made it obvious that they do not want the mac in their lineups. By not upgrading it; sales go down; it gives them reason to put the nail in the coffin. Just get it over already Apple.

CPU, Memory, and Storage Differences

Everyone is tired of you dragging us along. Put a bullet in the mac line up already; the current lineup is a disgrace. No upgrades, glued parts, insane prices, you can't even plug your flagship product into a new 3k macbook without a freaking adapter. This has all been done intentionally - to slowly kill off your Mac line up because you cannot control the content on Mac. You have tried with your crappy Gatekeeper software terrible and it failed. Long live the classic macbook pro. Better than nothing, but couldn't something this minor have been done earlier?

Can't help but notice the looming quarterly earnings report Because it doesn't have the Apple logo on it? Because no true "Pro" has time to mess-around finding drivers and haxies to make macOS work on non-Apple hardware. This is a stopgap until the next system comes out in , not a design refresh. Im thinking the same Its just a desperate act as Apple notice that the Pro market is slipping and afraid of what impact it may have. THe lack of updates is nothing short of negligence from Apple. THey could have done this almost yearly with very little effort.

But at least we got some unusal news, which is good. Though apples time frames can be painful for pro users. I wouldnt buy this Mac Pro unless I was absolutely desperate for new hardware. Despite the upgrades and price drops - it's still a useless design that looks worse than any pc box once everything is hooked up.

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In a roundabout way. No pro shop is going to invest in unsupported, unlicensed hardware. Someone like me who likes to tinker when I have time? But a pro shop rendering graphics, producing high end video content, music, etc? June - Here's a sneak peak at the new Mac Pro - we definitely innovated this time! Guides Powerbeats Pro Apple's Beats brand in April unveiled the Powerbeats Pro, a redesigned wire-free version of its popular fitness-oriented Powerbeats earbuds.

AirPods Guide If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips. It's even more of a benefit if your workflow uses older apps that may rely on multiple CPU cores but lack GPU acceleration. Even at the low end, the differences between the two machines' CPUs are significant.

The Xeon in the base-model Mac Pro starts with just two more cores than its entry-level predecessor's did, but it gains many modern CPU features that simply didn't exist in , most notably support for more and faster memory. In terms of memory, the differences are even more marked here. The Mac Pro can host up to Outfitted with the core Xeon W or the step-down core version, the Mac Pro can actually accept up to 2TB of RAM if you install aftermarket modules, but Apple says its memory-optimization process limits from-the-factory configurations to 1.

Third-party storage manufacturers are already lining up to offer aftermarket drives for the new Mac Pro, too. More on MPX Modules in a moment.

This, to say the least, isn't possible with the Mac Pro. But the Mac Pro's graphics muscle will presumably really shine when you punch it up from the Radeon Pro X. Each MPX Module has a large heat sink, and, according to Apple, doesn't contain its own fans, in order to keep operating noise down.

The three giant fans behind the Mac Pro's front grille keep the entire interior cool, including the GPU modules. Where things get interesting is with the MPX options. Put two and two together, and assuming you have the budget for it , you can buy a Mac Pro with four discrete GPUs with a combined graphics compute units and GB of video memory. Such a configuration would truly leave any Mac Pro in the dust. Mac Pro users using the machine shouldn't sniff at it, though; its 8GB of memory and 6. As soon as the first images of the Mac Pro flashed across the WWDC stage, the internet was ablaze with comparisons to a cheese grater.

The likeness keeps with the tradition of high-end Macs being associated with household goods—many people think its predecessor looks like a trashcan.

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  5. The grater is an apt enough comparison, because Apple cut a ton of holes into the metal chassis to improve airflow. The company refers to the holes as a "lattice pattern," and they are apparently so effective that the new Mac Pro keeps all of its insides cool with just three front-mounted fans to draw air through the chassis.

    The Mac Pro also features an innovative cooling design of a very different kind, with air flowing vertically through its cylindrical chassis. But this design is limited by the chassis' relatively tiny size and footprint compared with its successor's.

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    The Mac Pro cylinder is 10 inches high and 11 pounds, versus Besides a vast amount of extra space for air to flow through, the new Mac Pro also offers a lot more real estate for accessing components and connecting peripherals than the old design does. After removing the exterior aluminum housing, which detaches with the pull of a handle, you can add PCI Express cards with ports to suit whichever peripherals you need to connect, with three PCI Express slots that span the length of the motherboard, and one half-length slot free for use.

    As for other connectivity, at the bottom of the chassis next to the power supply, the Mac Pro has two Ethernet ports, which are each capable of up to 10Gbps transfer rates, while the top of the tower enclosure has two more Thunderbolt 3 ports. Adding to this complement is not easy other than plugging in dongles or hubs , and the motherboard has no accessible PCI Express slots.

    Even if you could upgrade the Mac Pro's internal components, the watt power maximum would prove quite limiting. In contrast, the new Mac Pro has a 1. The most important piece of information about the new Mac Pro that Apple has yet to share before its fall release is pricing. We did a little cruising around some workstation desktop vendors' configurators, to small effect. For example, you can buy a Dell Precision workstation with a single Quadro P card and 1.