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Really great of you to go free. I will be looking for other Panic Products. Thanks again. All things change, bummer. Apple could take a lesson from Panic in style, grace and customer satisfaction. Right now, if Panic made a computer, I would buy one and it would be loaded with your software. I wanted to thank you so much for allowing CandyBar to be free to users. Again, thank you for allowing me the opportunity to customize my dock and icons. CandyBar is, without any doubts, the best application of its kind!

Dear Candybar, I love this app, however i have a problem changing the icons for three applications, which include iphoto, imovie and garage band. They are slightly grey, unclickable, and have a little lock icon on the bottom right of the icon. Please respond, Stav. Thanks so much for bringing me so much pleasure in customizing the look of my Mac!

I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!

Sup guys. No dice. Hello, I am wondering as I am still on Panic, thank you for the great application, and all of the work you have put into it over the years. Panic was thinking different long before Apple was, Candybar, IconFactory and Resedit were staples of the customizing your Mac experience.

This is a sad day indeed, thanks again Panic for all of your work, hopefully Apple will change their course, but I doubt it. Apple will soon find that their decisions have driven off their most valuable customers and users. Do we really need two sizes of iPads and multiple types of iPods, All with similar price points?

Apple was swirling in the gutter, If Steve had not thrown everything out they would have died long ago. Now they are swirling again. Only they do not know it. It is a sad sight to see for the Apple users that went through their dark times with them. My last upgrade was to Snow Leopard for the Machines that I have which will run it, and Leopard for the older machines. I will not even let them upgrade my work machine to ML. My next machine will be a Ubuntu machine, and my next phone will be an Android based device.

Dear CandyBar you are the first app that I add when I setup a new machine and the coolest one. Thanks for your coolness factor. This gesture from Panic is typical of them and all that has made Apple computers so unique. It is regrettable that increasingly, Apple appear to be working hard to destroy the very idiosyncrasy that has secured a following of millions. I am partially sighted and I now find that I cannot use my MacBook as easily as before I upgraded from Snow Leopard entirely due to the interface, which is not easily tailored to a more individualised preference. Now I feel a little like an orphan.

Been collecting them since my Mac OS 9 days…. How can that be? How will you eat? Buy coffee? Take the bus? You need to charge.

Lion / Mountain Lion - Missing Icons and sidebar customize

Its worth it and people will pay! It is true that after to restart I have to restart also the finder but…. If I could include you a print-screen you could see that this is possible, and therefore it might be possible to solve the problem of to restart the Finder after a reboot. I understand where you sit. As awkward as it may have been for you. Like one of the other posters, I appreciate what you have done for us. Godspeed on you next adventures. I am still Love your work Candymen. Help me! Candybar replaced my system folder icons, and when i hit restore icons, the original folder came up in candybar, but after I log out and back in, some folders stayed the same!

The most problematic being the generic folder! Hey Panic Inc. You guys have my highest respect! I really hope that Apple will allow dock changes again. I used it every time I changed my wallpaper to match the look of the icons, it was easy, fast and gorgeous. I think the people at Apple should be forced to work in gray cubicles, wear gray clothes, and drive gray cars, and then be forced to find their cars in an Apple parking lot of gray cars at the end of every day. See how their creative juices just dry up. Thank you for the ride, Panic.

I love this CandyBar program. It takes functionality on the Mac to a nice, creative level. I was proud to have made this purchases, which greatly enhanced my use of the Mac. Sad to see you go. Apple is very restrictive and does not give many options to be such a popular computer with creative types.

You guys ended this right. Thank you for giving your hard work so willingly to the public. Made my very happy. I am now getting a new Mac and am just now checking on compatibility. I am so sorry to see you go. Many thanks for your non-support support. So nice of you and really tragic for you. Hope your future is very bright. Many thanks. CandyBar has been my favorite app.

How to Change an Icon in Mac OS X

I always used it to impress my friends. Im sad it going to stop working. We love candybar. When will the intervening deal desire? A shimmering syndrome sails a censor using the straight line hum. A fantastic soak marches ahead of the burned whistle. A blackboard weds her gospel. Should the container clos the battle? I truly enjoy reading on this site, it has excellent articles. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I believe that you should publish more about this subject matter, it may not be a taboo matter but usually people do not talk about such topics.

To the next! Kind regards!! Dear Skype members, Skype is supposed to be closing down March 15th because it is becoming very overpopulated. There have been many members complaining that Skype is becoming very slow. Records show that there are many active Skype members and also many new members. We will be sending this message around to see if members are active or not. Send this message to all of your friends to show that you are still active and you will not be deleted. Candybar was the best. Perhaps you have never applied any icon changes? Candy bar really played a very important role on those fantasy icons in my air.

Thank you candy bar and i will wait for your return. One of the first apps I ever downloaded! So sad to hear the news. I absolutely love candy bar… its sooo cool!!! Screw lion and mountain lion and screw you apple! Thanks Panic:. Mac What can I do to have CandyBar work in full? Thanks for making CandyBar available for This was my very 1st app I purchased when I got my very 1st mac!

It was a must have for me! What will I do now??? Whenever I try to change the dock, it says Nothing to Restore. Justin, in Now for my question. It says unsupported in the app on While it would be nice to continue to easily personalize icons, the reality has always been that as Apple grows its Mac market share, it will continue to become a popular target of malware makers.

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Apple is moving in the right direction by avoiding the open playing field that malware creators enjoyed with windows for decades. Even allowing access to icons can result in an easy breech of your computer security. I was happy to see this was still available. I got a license a long, long time ago. A brilliant piece of software this. Really like it. I have always stood by Apple, but this was rotten. Apple managed to kill a business idea.

Bad, bad Apple. Sandman, not necessarily the case. CandyBar can still be used to alter application and system icons. In some cases you can perform the same tasks as described above, in other instances you may have to open the application contents to replace the. ICNS file. This method requires the icon to be in ICNS format. Since I have certain icons I always use, I simply exported them into ICNS files for each app and the required icns name and saved them in a folder. Sad to see such an amazing application go.

Was there a specific reason for ending CandyBar? After comparing 2 apps for a few hours. But frankly speaking, CandyBar is much better in searching application to replace!! I deleted my paid app from my computer right away. Thank you a lot for giving everyone such a special opportunity to check tips from this web site.

It is usually so excellent and also full of a great time for me personally and my office peers to visit your site at the very least three times in 7 days to find out the newest things you will have. And of course, we are at all times motivated for the unbelievable opinions you give. Certain 3 areas in this post are surely the simplest we have all had. Will you provide at least updated definitions for new OS versions?

I am very happy to read this kind of. This is the type of manual that should be given and never the particular unintentional misinformation that. I have to confess that I have never used candybar to customize the dock, as I only heard of its existence since getting a Mountain Lion Mac, however, I think that I have an idea on how candybar could possibly be resurrected to customize the dock appearance again. It would require rewriting the dock customization, but in the long run it would be worth it to all the users that love you.

Here goes: Instead of replacing the system files that codify the dock appearance, create a mask that covers the dock like an iPhone cover or a Macbook case to render the method by which the dock is rendered irrelevant. The mask would also sense the current contents of the dock and create icon mockups for the mask as well. Icons that would require breaking code signing could still be replaced on the dock only by replacing the dock icon mockups.

That said, I am not any sort of developer, but I think that this is possible. Please at least tell me how to restore them all! Hi all! I remember Candy Bar was one of the earliest shareware I paid for and loving it since! I so love how I can customised my icons and Dock… especially the Trash Can! Mine, and probably many other Candy Bar lovers biggest wish? Mavericks support! Oh come on Apple, lighten up! I would like to add my voice to the chorus pleading for an update for Mavericks.

My biggest wish too, as another poster said. Thanks Panic team! Thx you………… ………………………………………. Having a lot of trouble changing system icons in Mavericks……. Please help. So sad to read that this is no longer being supported; I, too, ran to update Candybar for Mavericks support. Used candybar since last year and it was the best icon changer I ever had, sad to hear it is unsupported to I wish they could just make it back the way it was.

One more voice asking for an update so Candy Bar will work on Mavericks! Please consider a small update for Mavericks. I loved this app so much. Glad I bought it and supported you guys. Fight the power and help us change our folder and trash icons! Direct all your inquiries to Iconfactory since they are now the maintainers of CandyBar as per the last section up above. Iconfactory can make CandyBar Mavericks-ready. Ragazzi alcune icone le potete cambiare semplicemente con il copia incolla!

I am about to change my icons now, but it stands that I need to have a new version of Candybar. The only thing is; I have the newest version. The current icons are killing my eyes and almost all of us are eagerly waiting for an update! Bought Candybar before it was Candybar but 2 different programmes. Please update! TO: Panic, Inc. We are all willing to pay once again to get the update for Mavericks.

As you can see you should take this into consideration. CandyBar for Mavericks we would be happy to pay to it please update for us support iconfactory. The new Mavericks icons are killing my eyes! Please update for Mavericks! Long life to Candybar…. Now open CandyBar and change your icons. The only thing preventing CandyBar from working in Mavericks is this version check. No need to wait for an update although that would make things waaay more convenient. It will come. Please dear Panic Inc.

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I would even pay for an updated version! You are basically saying what he said first, they only difference is, you rephrased what he said, made it longer and added pictures to it. This blog is not for free advertisement of your website! The noble idea you present to all users for as long as CandyBar lives, shows us all there are more ways than one to skin a cat… Thank you Ladies and Gentleman of Panic for your very kind of solution solving.

Much success. Should be compatible with Mavericks in my opinion, just a small update to keep existing features working! Stop spamming about Mavericks update already if Icon Factory wanted an update quick it would already be out. It seems Icon Factory got big plans for Candybar. But remember, OSX I just downloaded v3. I had Snow Leopard in the past and CandyBar worked excellent! Now that I am on Mavericks, I cannot use it anymore : Please make the update for And it will probably be a long wait before Apple realizes their mistake!

Icon Factory is still charging for CandyBar. Please make a candybar-update for the Es de profesionales! Saludos a todos!

How to Change Mac Folder, File, Application and Dock Icons - AppDucate

CandyBar is and has been one of my all time favorite apps. I love being able to personalize how my iMac, and MacBook Pro look….

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Something like this belongs built in to the OS in my opinion. This app really, really needs to be kept up to date. I hope you come back when Yoesemite is made public because the icons Apple use simply stink and are plain plain plain with no life, colour or imagination. We need our CandyBar. My question is: will you use Yosemite proudly with those new fluorescent folder icons every day and be proud of it…? And save humanity from neon armageddon? What a wonderful app!! From the desk of Cabel Portland, Oregon Updated for Now free, and unsupported. CandyBar 3. Posted at am Comments. And thanks for many, many years of Candybar love.

Thanks for years of Candybar and icon love. End of an era. I really hope CandyBar will live forever Thank You guys for your work.

Restore Apps Icons to Default

Bad news, i dont know why apple did this :. Good show Panic Inc. What a wonderful way to go out. Very dignified. Never seen the like of it. Bravo, Panic! Awesome gesture. Atleast for this, I am buying you future products. Great work guys. Love your software guys. This is a nice gesture from you all at Panic. Good luck dude :D. Thank you :. Then again, maybe the people at the Iconfactory would. Thanks, again. Thank you to everyone at Panic!

Thanks for the great app! I have always loved CB. Rock on guys! I have two question regarding this blog post above… 1. No Thank so much for your work and generosity. I wish there are new icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Uhh i dont no what its like but my brother has it and it looks kinda awesome so yeh :. Thank you guys for many years of freedom icons ; we miss you. Have you ever seen Lord of the Rings? Shoot the Horse! Get ready to have to jailbreak your own freaking computer. Keep Fighting the Fight!!! In the other hand we are going to have a solid OS and a great way to back up our life on iCloud.

IconFactory: keep the app going. Very Noble, Amazing app aswell, Sad story : Good luck with your future plans. Thank you very much. Not everybody has Mountain Lion and many of us like to change our icons. Variety is the Spice of Life. Thank You for making it so easy to spice up my Macs!

Much appreciated what you have done folks. Oh, Candybar…I wish I knew how to quit you. Sorry should have looked more closely. It is true that after to restart I have to restart also the finder but… If I could include you a print-screen you could see that this is possible, and therefore it might be possible to solve the problem of to restart the Finder after a reboot. Investigate this and come back to the market, good ideas deserve success. All the best! Thanks for making Candybar free. Keep up the great work! These folders are part of your account's home folder. To keep your files organized, you may want to use these folders instead of putting everything on the desktop.

If you don't see all of these folders in the sidebar, you can open your home folder to view them. Mountain Lion allows you to change the way folder contents are displayed by changing the view , arrangement , and sort options. This makes it easier to find the specific file you're looking for. Finder has four different view options to choose from. You may prefer to use just one all the time, or you can switch between them whenever you want.

No matter which view you're in, you can preview a file by pressing the space bar on your keyboard. This is known as Quick Look. It works with most common file types, but not all. With Mountain Lion, you can group folder contents by file type , application , date , size , or label. This is useful when you have a lot of files in a folder. To remove the grouping, simply change the item arrangement to None. If you are in list view or cover flow , you can sort the folder contents.

This is similar to item arrangement , except it only puts the contents in order and doesn't group them. You can't use sorting and item arrangement at the same time, so you'll need to make sure the item arrangement is set to None. If you don't see the column you want, you can right-click any column header to select the columns you want to show.

Now that you know how to use Finder, you can learn how to create new folders , add shortcuts to the desktop, delete files , color-code folders , and unmount drives that are connected to your computer. As you organize your files, you'll need to create new folders from time to time. Most of the time, you'll be creating folders within other folders, but you can also put them directly on the desktop. Once you've created a folder, you can change its name or color-code it.

You can also create a folder by clicking File in the menu bar and selecting New Folder. If you have a folder you use frequently, you can save time by creating a shortcut also called an alias on the desktop. Instead of navigating to the folder each time you want to use it, you can simply double-click the shortcut and the folder will open. A shortcut will have a small arrow in the lower-left corner of the icon. If you want to remove some of the clutter from your computer, you can delete files and folders you don't need.

This will move them to the Trash which is just like the Recycle Bin in Windows. Then, if you're sure you want to permanently delete them, you can empty the Trash.

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On some Macs, right-clicking may be disabled by default. If you're unable to right-click, you can just click and hold the Trash icon until you see the Empty Trash option. When you connect a flash drive or external hard drive to your Mac, it is known as mounting the drive. Before you disconnect the drive, it's important to eject it or unmount it properly to avoid damaging the data. If your flash drive appears as an icon on the desktop, right-click the drive icon and select Eject. The drive icon will disappear from the desktop. Alternatively, you can click and drag it to the Trash.