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Review: Smart card readers for the iPhone and iPad

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    Similar issue but with different pieces. This issue occurs for us with Centrify and Mac Accessing a Windows server fileshare. Apple has release Yosemite The Navy is reporting success with this newest release. I have Please help.

    Military Cac Access for Mac User

    Thx so much. Probably a bit late to reply, but yes — smartcard login on a Mac without AD integration is simpler than with AD. Unfortunately, without extra software it would not be possible, as Apple does not ship middleware necessary to interface between the smartcard and the OS and applications such as Keychain Access.

    MMUSC DOD Military USB CAC Smart Card Reader, Compatible with Mac OS, Win (Black) | Aropub

    Note that we are talking Mac OS X Starting with More readers nowadays are likelier to work, rather than not. Insert your smartcard, and open Keychain Access. You should see your smartcard as another keychain. If not — troubleshoot until you do. Much easier solution!! I have El Capitan Here is what you do: 1. Follow the instructions and enjoy. You do have to set up your security certificates but the documentation walks you through each step.

    It took 10 minutes to setup and has been working well for me. As you would expect, third parties have rushed to create adapters for everything, including memory card readers. We tested six adapters that stood out among the field based on online reviews, word of mouth, and design. For most people, that could turn out to be one of the least expensive of the bunch.

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    Before you view the picks, you may want to consult our SD Card explainer to understand the stew of acronyms and jargon the industry uses to describe memory card storage and speed. In our real-world tests, we recorded an average throughput of It copied our suite of photos at a rate of We also liked the fairly compact design, with its bendy neck and minimal footprint, although the angle of the case where you insert the SD card makes extracting a card less elegant than needed. In our testing, we found an average throughput of For an adapter that has a great combination of price and performance, we like the Cable Matters USB 3.

    We expected to run into tradeoffs at this price, but the Cable Matters adapter was almost as fast as the SanDisk adapter. Our photos transferred at