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Important : the act of emptying the Trash is irrevocable, and everything dropped in the Trash will be deleted from the system immediately. We suggest you to do it cautiously, or wait for a few days to see if everything works well. If you change your mind about deleting the item, you can right click on the items in the Trash and choose Put Back option, on the condition that Trash is not emptied yet.

Have you successfully uninstalled Microsoft Office yet? Which solution do you prefer to use in this task? Is there any other uninstall issue that troubles you now? Welcome to share your stories with us. Back to Homepage Blog Purchase. In this post, we will list two available ways to uninstall Microsoft Office for Mac.

How do I delete the license key for Office for Mac 2011 to reuse it?

Option 1: Take Simple Clicks to Uninstall Microsoft Office Apps As said before, Office for Mac include several apps, and you will need to uninstall any of them one by one, which may take a little more time to repeat the same uninstall steps. See how it works: Download Osx Uninstaller and drag its icon to the Application folder Run Osx Uninstaller, and follow the prompts to complete the registration Select one of the Office apps and click Run Analysis button to start scanning Click Complete Uninstall, and then Yes to conduct a thorough removal Click on Back to Interface, and repeat the steps to remove other Office apps During this process you just need to take a few clicks, and all Office apps can be easily removed from your Mac.

Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Leave a reply Name: Email: Comments:. Follow us or share with your friends:. What ultimately fixed it for both myself and those in my shop affected by this issue was the following:. Outlook started working again once rolled back to The weird thing was that uninstalling Office and reinstalling it fixed the issue, without needing to change anything else. This is one of the very few times I can recall when uninstalling Office and reinstalling it actually addressed a serious problem. Normally, problems with Outlook are caused by something amiss on the user account or email account level.

However, it looks like there may be an explanation. One of the issues I worked on this week was building a new Office installer after Microsoft released the Office This time though, I hit a problem. When I installed the combined Office installer with DeployStudio, then logged in, I was asked to enter a product key.

This behavior is seen on Macs in the following cases:. If you have a volume-licensed version of Office installed on your Mac, you should have this file.

See below the jump for an an example using an Office SP 4 installer package, the Office I had an interesting issue crop up yesterday. None of her other Office applications were exhibiting the behavior; it was specific to Word Then I logged the user out, asked them to log back in and had them relaunch Word.

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This was going to be an unusual one…. Microsoft has released Microsoft Lync After renaming it, I set up an installation policy for Self Service, scoped the policy so that only my test machine could see it, then ran the installation. OK, maybe I did that wrong.

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  7. Step Zero: Quit Everything.

Deleted the package and this time uploaded the installer to my Casper server without changing the name from Lync Installer. Failed again. At that point, I started thinking.

Use the Remove2011 tool to completely remove Office for Mac 2011.

How would the developer have installed this package? Developer — Would have double-clicked on the package to install it, followed by typing in an admin password. This behavior may be seen with the If not, you have to find out how MSFT handles these things, but if you bought it, you own it. May 13, PM in response to soocoop In response to soocoop. May 13, PM. May 13, PM in response to lingualect In response to lingualect. I followed the guidance of someone online — I don't remember where I got it from — who posted steps for removing a bunch of files in the library first, and then completely uninstalling it, and then reinstalling it with the disc.

If anything, the problem has gotten worse after doing that. Now it closes every few minutes. How to completely remove Office for Mac - Microsoft Support.

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    In Mac OS X, how do I uninstall Microsoft Office?

    Desktops Speciality level out of ten: 0. Answer: A: Answer: A: See if this works: Do a clean and full removal of Office assuming you have your product key. Reinstall per directions, then upgrade to current version of Office. View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. Nov 2, AM in response to soocoop In response to soocoop If you do a correct removal you will lose your Office programs.