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You could opt for Google Docs, which is also free. However, it requires an Internet connection and only works in a web browser. But there is a simple way to access and edit files offline with a Chrome extension. Pages is a much a better option for Mac users because it autosaves directly to your computer hard drive, or more likely to you iCloud drive when you are online.

Apple Pages – A Good Replacement For Microsoft Word For Mac?

If you are creating documents and want to work on the move with an iOS device, you can use Pages on your iPhone or iPad. It can also use Apple Pencil, which is a cool tool for adding notations.

Welcome to the new Office for Mac!

Currently, you might be working with Word and Pages side by side. But when it comes time to spend a lot of money to upgrade to the Microsoft Office version, it might be time to consider using Apple Pages only. If you are a Grammarly user , there is no support for Word for Mac anyway. To use the Grammarly editor, you will need to export to docx from Pages before you open your document in Grammarly. The same goes for using ProWritingAid as it too only accepts docx files. If you exchange document versions with a proofreader or editor who is using Word, you will need to export and import.

If you can live with these few and very minor inconveniences, then yes. You can certainly write and survive quite happily with only Pages as your main word processor. I have to correct you about Pages being free.

You might want to update your article to include that information. As I said in the article, iWork has been free since But it is still much cheaper than Microsoft Office. Hi, I think my biggest frustration with Word is the whole package. I subscribe to and have the 5 version copy. Thats great until for some reason you get a message from Microsft that they cannot debit your registered card bogus as my subscription is still valid for 6 months and my card is fine for all my other Apple products and then lock you out. Thus losing access to email history and account. I am just very tired of being dictated to as to how and when I can use my computer software by a third party.

And yes, I could pay for the non-subscription version, not have any back-up and pay through my teeth the once off price is crazy , and have my version slowly become obsolete, but I am thinking if I have to have someone electronic in my life profiling me and ripping all my personal data read the Microsoft terms of use they can pay for my software. Yes the tasks are simpler ones compared to advanced users but it does the job and is incredibly easy to use. An example is that my wife is a preacher so during the week she works on her sermon in Pages under her Mac account on the mini.

Then like magic it appears on her iPad mini to preach from on Sundays. She can see all her sermons and notes from iPhone, Mac or iPad anytime with Pages. The biggest problem with Pages for me is referencing.

I write a lot of academic papers and you have to use a third party app to get the same level of referencing support as Word. Also, the way Pages handles tables is a mess. It should be easy to resize columns or at least evenly distribute them, but its not intuitive. And where are drop down and where are the radio buttons?

3 tips to maximize Apple's free Pages word processing app - TechRepublic

In Word this is so simple, you copy something and when you right click an area to paste you are faced with that lovely shortcut menu. Even the sidebar for formatting seems to be a huge waste of screen real estate. I have tried several times to ditch Word as my primary editing tool and opt for Pages, but I always end up having to go back. Word Count.

Best Word Processors for Mac and PC

Also, spellcheck is primitive on Pages. You hit command and semi-colon and then a misspelled word is highlighted. You have to right-click on it and scroll down to change. And the word count? I must admit that I always have it turned off.

Best Word Processing Software

Thanks, actually I had another look at it and I found that the spellcheck can run as a pop-out window so that solves that problem. One other very annoying problem: when I finish a paragraph I hit the period key to end the sentence, and then hit enter. The cursor, as it should, goes to the next line and indents. Then I start typing the first sentence of the new paragraph.

After a period between sentences in the same paragraph, the new word is autocapitalized, but not after I hit enter and start a new paragraph. Do you have that problem too? I have to update my Microsoft for Mac.

Microsoft Word

The reviews for Microsoft Office for Mac are pretty bad. I am considering getting Apple Pages. However, exported files will include a watermark, and printing is only available to paid subscribers. LibreOffice Writer supports for over languages. If you prefer to get a head start, LibreOffice offers a variety of great built-in templates to choose from. Another pick of free word processors for Mac users is AbiWord. You can edit and save in multiple formats including encoded and rich text, Open document, text files and more.

Spellchecker is included, and there are easy to install plugins. There is an option to hide menus for writers looking for distraction-free writing sessions.

Microsoft Word for Mac

Google Docs is free and cloud-based, so it works well on any system. Google Docs saves your changes as you type and you can even look at revision history and see who made changes to your document. As a writer, the biggest draw to Google Docs is the ability to work collaboratively in real-time with someone else, perhaps a co-author, contributor, or even an editor.

You can install a Chrome app that lets you open, edit, and save MS Word files. Personally, I could never get past the panic of not knowing for sure that my changes were saved. But if you can be comfortable with never having to save a document again, or if you have a need to work collaboratively in real-time, then Google Docs may be a good fit.

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Another free word processor for Mac you may not have heard of is Lyx. This is mostly down to semantics but it means that Lyx writers can forget about formatting and focus on writing. There are loads of longer document templates with automatic formatting to help with consistency. If you just want to write without having to figure out things like footnotes, references, or how to do a table of contents, Lyx may work well for your needs. For the more daring among you, Bean walks the tightrope line between a full-featured word processor for Mac and a bare-bones text editor.