Remote desktop mac to ubuntu

It is a real problem when I try and work on the remote server over a weekend and need to reboot but nobody is available to log on locally. Also of note: I've never set this up with Ubuntu yet but have done so many times with Mandriva and OpenSuse. Both worked fine as described.

Install VNC on Ubuntu

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VNC : controling my ubuntu machine from a macOS computer

By: D. Good luck! The VNC server generates a display , or graphical output, identified by a number that is defined when the server starts. If no display number is defined, the server will use the lowest one available.

This guide will use a display number of 1; therefore, you will connect to remote port The default VNC connection is unencrypted. In order to secure your passwords and data, you will need to tunnel the traffic through an SSH connection to a local port. You can use the same local port for consistency. From your desktop, connect to your Linode with the following command.

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  5. Before You Begin;

Be sure to replace user example. From your Linode, launch the VNC server to test your connection. You will be prompted to set a password:.

Connecting to Linux using VNC

Add a new forwarded port as shown below, replacing example. Click save to save your settings for future use, and then click open to initiate your SSH tunnel. In this section, you will use a VNC client, or viewer , to connect to the remote server. A viewer is the software that draws the graphical display generated by the server and creates the output on your local computer. After installing and opening the viewer, connect to the localhost through your VNC client.

The format is localhost: , where is the display number we used in the Secure your VNC connection section:. You will be warned that the connection is unencrypted, but if you have followed the steps above for securing your VNC connection, your session will be securely tunneled to your Linode.

Install VNC on Ubuntu 16.04

To proceed, press Continue. You will be prompted to enter the password you specified when first launching the VNC Server.

After connecting, you will see a blank gray screen since the desktop processes have not yet been started. In the next section we will configure your Linode to launch a full desktop. There are a variety of VNC clients available for Ubuntu desktops. You can find the list here.

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  • This guide will use Remmina, which is installed by default. Click the button to Create a new remote desktop profile. Name your profile, specify the VNC protocol, and enter localhost:1 in the server field. The :1 in the server field corresponds to the display number. In the next section, we will configure your Linode to launch a full desktop.

    This starts the desktop dependencies as background processes upon starting the VNC server:.