How to use mesasqlite for mac

Here is an overview of MesaSQLite features: 1. Connections 2. Structure 3. Viewing and Editing Content 4. Special Queries 5. Forerign Keys 6. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. So there is one thing you can be sure of: too many junks will slow down your computer, and they are accumulating during the operation. The following are specific steps for you to fully remove MesaSQLite. I believe after going through the whole process, you will be much more familiar with your Mac.

There you go:. It displays the files to be removed with their names, sizes and locations behind. MesaSQLite has been successfully removed Just consider this as a free tour on your system. Backed up two 3G iphones. Got all texts sent and received since got the phones. Time and date conversion link worked great as well. Once ive located the text im looking for, how do i open a picture that was with it? Im looking for Viber and WhatsApp messages. Could anyone help?

I found it but there is no extension file name no. Tried opening it using SQLite but nothing appears. I also tried using iphone backup extractor twice and when I tried opening the sms. Did you figure this out? I am having the same problem. I found the 3d0d7e… file but when I open it in SQLite, nothing appears. Is there another. I have the sms. However, when I open the sms. Question is, how can I get these to show in SQLite.

Further observation, syncing an iPhone with iTunes does not in my experience purge deleted messages! I took a copy of the 3d0d file before and after a sync, no difference at all. I had two backup files in the location described. I have tried removing one, or both of the files and creating a new backup. Restoring files from where they originated, moving them to the desktop, all with the same result.

I can read the older file, but not the newest one. I can now access the most recent file. Can anyone help? I followed the instructions step by step but the file wont open. I cant even see an extension on the file.. Any ideas? When I open the specific one the instructions say to 3d0d7e5fb2cee4dea3d28 it asks for an encryption key, which I type in as the password I used when I backed up through iTunes.

It then gives me the screen shown in the first screen shot above. Am I doing something wrong or will this app just not work for my files? Thanks again for any help! If the backup is encrypted, the encryption key its asking for is not the same as the password provided to iTunes. Your best bet is to decrypt the backup with iTunes first by removing password protection on backups, then read the text messages.

This will pull up all the messages with that person. No encription key was required for me. How did you figure out how to open the file? Thanks for any help! Mind if you share how you open the file? Many thanks!!!! However, when I tried to open the file, nothing happened there is no content. Thanks for your help! I was really frightened when my 3 y.

Is the backup file called something different for iphone 4 backups? Appreciate some help! Some messages in my sql done show the text. What does that mean? Also, the most fun part is, being a Database Admin, i love to see all my sms thru a query retrieval… lol!! Hello , Could you retreive all your deleted Texts and call logs?

I am interested to know how can I do that. Kindly explain step by step. After copying the 3d0d7… doc to the desktop and creating a new database for it, nothing is showing up in mesaSQ. Also in my backups, I have multiple devices. Would that mess up what would happen?

SQLite3 Tutorial

And none worked. Please help me. I copied the 3d0d7…doc to the desktop but nothing is showing up in MesaSQ. What did you do? Where is the tutorial everyone is speaking about. I am trying to locate a deleted text that was sent to my iphone from iPod touch, the text had a picture. I have found the file name 3d0d7e5fb2cee4dea3d28, but nothing populates when I try to open the file with the MasaSQLite application. I need to restore my 3gs to factory settings.

Is there any other way to back them up on my computer to place on my iphone again after I restore it? Help please. Any idea on how to do this with Lion? Just one Suggestion for other people.. For those trying to figure out why the date column is unrecognizable, here is why.

Just enter the start date AND time i. Does someone know how to link the database info that uses the real name of the picture such as img Great info here all has worked well. I found where the filename is referenced, but not the photos themselves. Found an SQLite Manager add-on for Firefox and all I had to do was import the file and was able to access all my txt messages. I have downloaded like 4 of the freewares and look at the scripts and see no words and there is probably 60 files to look through, confused.

I cannot find deleted messages in that file. Is there another file that keeps messages that were deleted or the entire conversation was deleted? I upgraded to lion and now I cannot find the file in application support. It worked great till i did that. Is there any way to back up the iPhone and bypass the encryption password or is there something to decipher it.

This seemed to work OK, only problem I have is that if I look at this in a text editor I can pick out a few messages which are not present when I look in the SQL editor. SQL editor does not seem to retrieve all dbase rows. Any thoughts? I have a question. Nice trick, been looking for this information for quiet some time now and looks like you just answered my question.. What is the mddata file name. I tried looking for the previous name 3d0d7e5fb2cee4dea3d28 but its not there anymore. Did it get renamed? Correction — I do see texts I sent, but part two still applies.

By the way all the iPhone files seem to be present in the iPod Touch backup as well. This was awesome tutorial! Excellent simple and easy to understand. Thanks for taking the time to share. Hi I also cant find the rigfht file with the correct extension. Any advice? I need to get some text messages from my iphone, however i have no clue what to do even after attempting to follow your instructions.

Any chance you can contact me and I can send you my iphone file for you to do the business with? Hi there, I downloaded this program so I could read the gibberish that is my text messages trying to locate deleted ones but its asking for an encryption key? It seems a few people have asked the same thing but no one has responded? I have found the file but I cannot open it into SQlite.

There is no extension on it for example. The Problem is.. I found the 3d0d7e.. In order to view what you would like, go to the steps where you can filter according to a number. Hi Max, can you help me? Hi, Nice to see such help. Excellent Tutorial, and fabulous. I have the same question posted by someone else above…how do you read text messages that you deleted off the iphone..

They are stored in the same file, but they are flagged for deletion.

Uninstall MesaSQLite from your Mac

Once they are flagged the metadata is deleted and that area becomes available to new messages. It is not until the phone is synced with itunes that it cleans out the records marked for deletion. That is why it is important to tell iTunes not to sync automatically. The only way that I have found to recover these deleted messages is to use a Hex editor to view the binary file.

I have done this successfully several times. I have not found a way to unflag them, but you can still view them. I would really appreciate it. I know there is deleted messages within this file, any guidance on how to locate them? I am unable to open the messages because it is asking for an encryption key.

Where is this key located? You are probably in looking in the hard drive. Open a new finder window and look on the left hand side where it says places. Contacts are in 31bb7bad4ba40d6dfbc8bbe Find the file you want to open, under the table select choose message and you are all set. Just realised this is for Mac users. Any recommends for a way to do the above on Windows 7 on a PC.

Downloaded db software laboratory sqlite editor but do not know how to proceed. Please help. I had no idea it would be so difficult to do this. I am pretty ignorant about computers. What about PC backup? Last time I synched and backed up my iPhone 3G was onto my PC laptop so my most up-to-date texts would all be saved there, if at all. I lost my phone and am desperate to retrieve my texts if possible. Great tutorial. I got everything to work first time around. In other words, only about HALF the conversation is in this database.

Hi, is it possible to read messages that have been deleted from the iphone before backup was taken? Do you have another location to download it? I like the decipher tools for backing up my text messages to my computer and then being able to print them out. Several folks in my office use print them daily for record keeping. There is a Windows version. Absolutely worth it to not mess around with SQL programs and encryptions.

How to Access and Read the iPhone SMS Text Message Backup Files

Thanks John! Been trying to figure this out for a week. Had the files, but no way to read them. The program worked great and there is a windows version N Kato. Just scroll down. It was so damn easy!

Automatically uninstall MesaSQLite with MacRemover (recommended):

Just purchased the software. OMG this Decipher media is perfect..

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Downgrading my iphone 3G and wanted all my text messages in an easy to view format…came across this golden nugget via google… thanks a ton! Incredibly ignorant I know, but I seem to be incapable of installing any SQLlite app and using them to view the files. Basic stuff — what app to use, how do I set up database and then read the files? Basically I have done everything it told me to do above, but am annoyed because it stops at telling me how to extract the data from this SQL thing and put it as a text document or whatever on my computer.

Can someone please just give detailed instructions in laymens terms? Figured out the date thing afterbanging my head against the keyboard for several hours, now something even more difficult:. What do I need to do to make it happen? Hi kawaiix, currently, I am facing the same problem like you: How can I convert the contents of the date field into something meaningful? In a later post you mentioned that you had figured out the date thing after banging your head against the keyboard for several hours.

How to Remove MesaSQLite on Mac OS X

If a file will not open, Mesa assumes it is encrypted, which in this case may not be true. I have looked at a couple files sent to me from a user and I can see that the internal structure of the file is not an SQLite 3 database format… Rick. My backup file: 69aab8b19ad5b41b7ee3dc59b09a. Every file requires an encryption key and I need access within 24 hours for a court case Monday morning? Anybody assist? Here is the answer for all of those who cant figure it out becuase the thing is asking for an encryption key.

I figured i would answer it here even though this comment is 4 years old because it would still be useful. First, you navigate to the directory that he gives not sure if its the same random number for everyone , but inside of that directory you will see hundreds of files with random numbers. When the author tells you to open this one:.