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There, as well as when you open multiple emails at once, Mozilla Thunderbird shows a short message summary, which could be better condensing the essence.

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In the conversation view, though, the summaries handily hide quoted text. Unfortunately, the view does not merge mail from the inbox and sent mail folders, for example, and Mozilla Thunderbird lacks a way to hide quoted text fast in individual messages. It would also be great for Mozilla Thunderbird to leverage its junk mail classifier to sort good mail further. It could suggest tags and folders, for example, or even text snippets for use in replies.

Speaking of relevant bits, Mozilla Thunderbird could employ its impressive search abilities to show mail, people, and attachments related to the message you are viewing or composing. Integration with social networking sites and blogs is nowhere to be seen either except for the integrated chat client, of course. Transcripts are saved automatically and show up handily in Mozilla Thunderbird search.

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The HTML support is near-perfect, of course, but Mozilla Thunderbird also deserves praise for its fine plain text editing. Basic functions for saving, editing and using message templates are present and functional, too. Should you ever require a feature not in the stock Mozilla Thunderbird distribution, an extension might well provide it. Check the video below on how to set thunderbird up on a windows machine.

Download and installation occurred quickly and without any problems. After initial setup, which prompted us as to whether the program should be the default email client, Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac welcomed us with a well-designed main interface. Aesthetically, the graphics were dated and would have been appropriate for a program several years old, as opposed to a newer application.

As freeware, this was not an overall detriment. While there were no dedicated instructions, menus easily walk the user through entering email data for syncing. The application quickly began downloading the existing inbox contents. Buttons for composing emails and other typical functions were well placed and easy to locate. Even with multiple email addresses entered, it was easy to read the messages and determine from which address they originated.

The email reading window was also large, an appropriate choice for a manager. For those looking to manage their email using a client, Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac functions well and provides all expected features.

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Mozilla Thunderbird makes e-mailing safer, faster, and easier with such features as intelligent spam filters, a built-in RSS reader, and quick search. Thunderbird was designed to prevent viruses and to stop junk mail. Thunderbird 3 includes tabbed e-mail, new search tools and indexing, smart folders, support for Firefox's Personas, a simplified setup wizard, and robust junk protections that include phishing and spam filters. It crashes before I can even download new messages on my desktop running OSX Notifications to Mozilla are not answered. Resource hog. Drains the battery because it's a resource hog Extremely slow and sluggish, takes ove 30 seconds to open a dir once clicked Needs to be force-closed every time because they can't code Quit to work Performs extremely badly with a lot of emails I have over 10M - work emails No support from the community or Mozilla, they blame the end user for their lack of being able to write code for OS X.

Horrible client. Mac Mail does a 5xx better job than this, and that's saying a lot since the Yosemite Mail is an epic fail also.

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At least I have webmail to fall back to. Why no decent mail client for Mac in ? Read reply 1.

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I switched to Apple Mac Mail with I have to admit Mac Mail is better than oldie Eudora. It is amazing how long Eudora continued. I was going to try Thunderbird, but it's DL server can't be found. Nice abandonment move, Mr Mozilla.

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Thanks very little for keeping us out of the loop. It works fine with MacOS IMAP - e. Version 16 supports chat, and replace iChat, Lightening, the calendar software is good. Version 17 - tested a beta version, is bigger and slower. The result is an email client that introduce inconsistencies to the extent that it looses data - messages are lost, entire folder of messages gets lost.

File a bug report, and you get a confused developer that doubts your issue, and claims "this has been solved in the next release" - and then add on more functionality. If possible you are better to move away from proprietary Microsoft office document formats to more standard formats for text, spreadsheet and presentation documents and use up-to-date compatible software - see links below.

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Alternatively you copuld consider using an online office equivalent with an up-to-date browser. X including v. What are the current, supported versions of macOS? A QuickTime movie and use a media player application. Updates can be downloaded manually via the Adobe FTP web site you can navigate it and download from it using a normal web browser - see links above. Web Browsers There are plenty of old browsers you can install but we do not advocate the use of them on the modern internet. Go to the disabling Java SE v6 instructions below. If you have a Java preference pane and the Java Control Panel opens separately go to the "Security" tab in the control panel.

If there is no Security tab you have an old version of Java SE v7 installed - update Java SE v7 first, then come back to these instructions. Set the 'Security Level' slider to "Very High". If you don't use Java untick "Enable Java content in the Browser". Now go to the 'Update' tab and tick "Check for Updates Automatically". Now go to the 'General' tab, click "Settings…" under 'Temporary Internet Files' and untick "Keep temporary files on my computer" and click "Delete Files…".