Mac palette vs z palette

Tarte Pro Custom Palette: Reviewed & Compared to Z Palette • Stephanie Marie Blogs

No dice. Later, the company posted a long missive.

But if you're thinking that was a conciliatory letter, think again. Instead of apologizing, the company stood behind its behavior. Sometimes we do not," one section read. The company eventually deleted the post. Following the fiasco, many fans, makeup artists, bloggers, and retailers including Boxy Charm have decided to cut ties with the brand.

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After scrolling through the brand's accounts, it appears it has cleaned up its comment sections, and hopefully it stays this way. Bottom line, no one should be intentionally offended for simply stating their opinion on a product, even if they don't like it. We reached out to Z Palette for a comment, as soon as we hear back we will be sure to update this post.

Read More. By Gabi Thorne.

A double-sided Pro Palette Compact that accommodates a variety of inserts.

By Cotton Codinha and Gabi Thorne. They are always sold out on Sephora. Because I love Makeup Geek and Anastasia single shadows so much I pretty much can't have enough magnetized palettes. It's sturdy, it's cute, you can see what's in it Am I the only one that didn't care for that?

Z Palette Loses Fans, Retail Partners After Bullying Customers

Like I said it's sold out all the time. This review is gonna be easy and fast. I know that Makeup Forever single shadows are quite a bit bigger. This palette is sleek, black, and metal.

How to Make Your Own Custom Makeup Palette

It has foam piece in it to protect the shadows but I took it out cause it was annoying me. It also comes with a clear protector sheet as well that you can also remove.

Zpalette vs MAC Palette

Like I said this holds 32 standard size shadows. Which is 5 more than the large Z Palette.

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However, you can't see whats in here until you open it. Which is fine for me right now cause it holds all my Makeup Geek and Anastasia Beverly Hills shadows pretty much, so it's my "go to" palette.