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  • vmware or parallels software for mac.
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This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. The Mac as a viable gaming platform—who would've thought? View As: One Page Slides. This role-playing game, in which you learn the secret behind the world-wrecking Calamity, features more than 40 gorgeous hand-painted environments, numerous upgradeable weapons, and lots of enemies to tackle.

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A New Game Plus mode unlocks after you complete the adventure, giving you additional reason to play through Bastion again. Braid's protagonist, Tim, attempts to rescue a princess from an evil monster using innovative platforming and puzzle solving courtesy of the game's hook: time manipulation.

Braid, like any good time travel story, tinkers with expectations which make for an immensely satisfying gaming experience. This game revolves around ex-SWAT member Adam Jensen, a man outfitted with upgradeable cybernetics that transform him into a one-man army as he battles corporate villains and their minions. The game also contains a minute "making-of" documentary, a page book of design and concept art, motion comic, soundtrack, and multiple trailers.

Your mission? Reunite the troubled Destiny's Edge guild and combat the fire-breathing threat. Guild Wars 2 also features "World vs. World" persistent battles that see players entering cross-server wars. Despite being a MMO, Guild Wars 2 has no monthly fee, meaning that your pockets will survive the online warfare. Protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson—easily the most sympathetic lead in a GTA game—can learn multiple fighting styles, exercise to buff up his body, engage in turf wars with other gangs, mod cars, rob homes, and more. Third-person shooter fans, this is your game.

Earned experience points and gold lets you improve your fighters' abilities, and outfit warriors with better combat tools. LoL is a very team-oriented game, so find a crew of like-minded folk and have a blast.

The 25 best MacOS games you can play right now | Stuff

Apple TV. El Salvador. Select overlay Updated an hour ago. Island Racer. Crazy Monster Truck Escape. Vroom Vroom!!! Furious Driving. RC Mini Racers. Extreme Formula Championship Free. Speed Car Fighter 3D Free. Highway Rally. Moto Racing 3D — Bike Baron. Flappy Golf 2. Gods of Drifting.

MiniDrivers: The game of mini racing cars. Epic Truck. Mountain Racing HD.

Can your Mac run it?

Transporter City Driver 3D. Supercars Racing. Ice Driver.

10 Best FREE Car Racing Games You Can Play Right Now

Dirt Bike Extreme. MiniBikers: The game of mini racing motorbikes. Real Sports Car - Track Racers.

The 10 Best Games You Can Run on a Mac by Ric from

Army Truck 3D - Military Drive. RC Mini Racing. Crazy Monster Trucks. Horse Racing Dead Rider. Tank Fighter League 3D. Snowmobile Extreme Racing. Off-Road Super Racing.