How to make business cards on a mac pages

Turn on Alignment Guides.

Create a photo greeting card in Pages '09

At the bottom, you'll see two preferences for Alignment Guides. Check each item if they're not already , and then close Preferences. Add a guide. Add an alignment guide to divide the page in two.

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Add a Second Page. Create a shape.

Under Size, enter a width of 5. This will change size of the rectangle and justify it on the middle right of the page, where it becomes the front of your card. Add a photo. Find a photo you want to use as the cover of the card and then drag it into the shape.

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Once the photo pops into place, double-click it to adjust its size, position and angle within the shape. The Edit Mask slider control below the shape lets you enlarge or reduce the photo, and you can move the photo simply by clicking and dragging it wherever you wish. Add text. Instead, click elsewhere to deactivate the text field and then click and drag the text box onto your photo.

Text box too small? The Pages application includes 17 templates that you can customize. Additionally, you may download other templates from the iWorkCommunity website see Resources. Pages also allows you to drag artwork and photos from other applications to further personalize your business cards.

How to Make Business Cards in Microsoft Word

Use Microsoft Word for Mac to make business cards see Resources. Word for Mac includes three basic business card templates that you can customize in the "Project Gallery. To insert a canvas, click the Insert tab and select Shapes.

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Now we fill in the personal information. Try adding a shadow to the shapes. Right click on your shape, then select Format Shape.

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This will bring up a formatting panel on the right side of your canvas. You can also click on the Format tab to expand options for your shape. This is what the card looks like now:. The default colors use warm shades—vermillion, green, and beige.


You may decide that cool colors would better project your desired image. To use preset color themes, select the Design tab.

How to create an Unforgettable and unique Business Card on Mac

Depending on how up-to-date your template is, it might auto-populate to update every card to match. When designing visual documents like business cards, it can sometimes be useful to create a more design-centric canvas, by enabling the ruler or the grid. Click on the View tab and check the Ruler and Gridlines boxes.