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While it's quite expensive, it provides a good amount of new features that are not natively built into Mac OS X. It is also relatively easy to use, even without referring to the integrated tutorials. You have to pay extra to burn Blu-Rays Can't do video with a aspect ratio No tech support after 10 days.

I specifically purchased this software because I'm a filmmaker and needed to burn DVD copies of my project, which was shot in a widescreen format. Unfortunately, it can't be used for that.

Toast 9 titanium mac free download (macOS)

First of all, there are plenty of cheaper options for software on the market for burning DVDs. I chose Toast 12 because the developer's site said it could burn Blu-Rays. So right off the bat, I felt kind of ripped off. Then I discovered that Toast converts my aspect ratio to , so that it cuts off the left and right sides of the picture when it burns to disc.

There is an option for manually setting it to , but selecting that option doesn't do anything. It still continues to see it as a file and cuts off the sides. Apparently this is a problem they've had for years, because someone on their online knowledge base pasted a solution that involves downloading 3rd party shareware to fix the video after Toast has rendered it incorrectly. Unfortunately, that solution was posted back in and apparently worked for Toast 8. But Toast 12 creates disc image files that this 3rd party software can't open, so that's no longer a solution.

Unfortunately, Roxio only gives you 10 days of free tech support with Toast, so there is no way to get help unless I pay them even more money and my guess is they wouldn't be able to help anyway, since this bug has been around for at least 7 years and they haven't been able to fix it yet. If you go to Roxio's online knowledge base, there is a button that says "Questions? Click to chat! So basically, this is extremely flawed software that's useless for my purposes.

In my opinion, they should be embarrassed that they charge a hundred bucks for software that works this poorly and has such poor customer support. If you're looking to burn videos of anything in a wide screen format, save yourself some money, time and frustration and find something else.

I have repeatedly tried to burn discs but none will play in my Samsung blu-ray player. Their customer service is horrible as well, and did not help. They wait you out until your service agreement expires. If you like wasting your money on a product that does not work, this is for you. I would have given this zeros stars, but it would not let me.

Since I love this app, has made my Mac worth having, as disc burning of all sorts has been awesome, basically flawless since Toast version 7 many moons ago. Only issue with every update since Once they fix this 'bug' I'll be happy again and rate 5 stars.

Until then, I'm sticking with 5 star version OSX Video encoding is decent and speed is reasonable. Tivo Transfer is great if you have a tivo product. Allows you to save TV shows that are not copy protected Toast 11 advertises that it includes Spin Doctor X and gives details about what it can do. Unfortunately most of these do not work and the organization that created Spin Doctor X Sonic Solutions has been acquired by another organization who based on their website is no longer supporting this product. So you have a broken piece of software out of the gate and no support for it.

If you have recently purchased Toast I would be contacting your credit card company and filing a complaint. You may be able to get some compensation since neither Corel or Rovi seem all that interested.

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Other software included is mostly introductory software which is very limited and updates have to be obtained directly from these organizations. Other software products which are advertised with Toast may or may not work. Read reply 1. I read your review on cnet regarding toast. I see that others are only slighlty satisfied.

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I am looking for software that can burn dads from my mac and format the to view on dvd players for tv. Any recommendations? Update Even after getting the installation to work, the app locked up at the end of the burn cycle, frozen solid. This kept happening repeatedly. Normally a five star app, I give this version only one star due to the "cons" with this update. I have now reverted back to version I hope Roxio fixes these bugs, because I've used this app for many years and like it much better than Apple's basic disc burn.

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Absolutely identical to my issue. Had to retro to This has been going on for months. Anyone know why this is happening and why they haven't fixed this by now? I love this app, has made my Mac worth having as disc burning of all sorts has been awesome, basically flawless.

Only issue with this update, so far, is if I save an audio disc image, then try to mount it, it fails, I then have to force quit Toast, but that isn't enough as ToastImageMounter viewed via Activity Monitor keeps duplicating itself, twice every few seconds, and eventually the only way to 'quit' all of those multiple instances is to reboot. Once they fix this 'bug' I'll be happy again. Until then, I'm sticking with After purchasing an imac and then discovering that Apple no longer bundles idvd, and having a horrible experience with Burn free, I went in search of a burning software that worked well in imacs and was easy to use.

My primary need was to burn videos I created in imovie to DVD. For this, Toast Titanium was the answer. The install was flawless and quick. The tutorials easy are helpful but the procedure for burning DVD's was so simple, the tutorial was almost unneccessary. After burning numerous imovies onto DVD I still have no complaints.

I've been using this version for some time. Why is it showing up here only now?? Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we'd love to hear from you! Head over to our Contact page and let us know. DiskAid is a perfect transfer tool for accessing your iPod, iPhone or iPad directly from your deskto.

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This latest version. Microsoft Remote Desktop is one of the best remote desktop clients out there in the market. It now h. With 4shared Desktop for Mac you easily access and manage files and folders in your 4shared online s. Camtasia Studio for Mac is an all-in-one software solution for screen recording and video editing. With it you can r. Toast Titanium