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Spirit Legends: Solar Eclipse. Exclusive Ms. Rating: 4. Exclusive Phantasmat Rating: 4. Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 4 Expires in. Blog Blog Walkthroughs, news, and more. Check us out on Facebook Twitter You Tube. Classic Hit Games.

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Story Rich. View all tags. An herbalist awakens in a small, verdant world. Little Misfortune Demo.

Killmonday Games. David Jalbert. Hollow Head.

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You wake up to a horrible smell, and whispering vents in your apartment. Something's wrong. Power The Grid. Play in browser. Fix My Robot. Songs of the Lost. Love is the technology of survival. Will you survive on a desert island? Okaeri Studio. An extended adventure of the brave knight! You wake up in a different world. How do you escape? And why are you here? Angela He. It gets a little repetitive at times, but the sheer force of its personality makes it hard to forget. Miraculously, this quirky simulation manages to be fun, rewarding, and occasionally hilarious. Your mission? Beyond that, you can capture asteroids and monitor them using a mission pack from NASA itself.

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty takes place in space as well, but it takes a — shall we say — slightly less authentic approach to space travel and exploration.

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For now, anyway. Part of its appeal lies in its memorable cast of characters, no doubt, but the bulk of its reputation rests on the satisfying differences between the Terran, Protoss, and Zerg factions, as well as the satisfying juggle of multiple priorities. Problem is, the first Pillars of Eternity clung a little too closely to that formula. And fortunately, someone clearly told the team of Obsidian to lighten up.

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Pillars of Eternity was a little too glum for its own good, but Deadfire wisely remembers to sprinkle in some wisecracks among the wizardry. In the most common mode, creatures come out at night and attack you for a bit of extra excitement, but you can do away with that and simply focus on the building you wish.

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  • You spend a lot of time looking for kids who left their junk littered around a scenic swimming hole, and all the while chitchatting and sort of flirting with another ranger in a distant tower. Creepy shenanigans are indeed afoot, but Firewatch Edit product link is more remarkable for its sense of place and characterization, to say nothing about its gorgeous settings and artwork that straddle the line between realism and impressionism.

    If Firewatch was art because of how accurately it caught the uncertainties of middle age, Life is Strange Edit product link is remarkable for capturing the ups and downs of adolescence. In fact, it sometimes makes things worse. Do you dare risk everything for a second chance? Half-Life 2 is old. You play as Gordon Freeman, a scientist who clobbers his foes with a crowbar rather than facts and research. The wait for a Half-Life 3 that never comes is one of the great inside jokes of gaming, and the faithful find supposed clues in every little thing.

    Diablo III had a bit of a rough start thanks to a real-money auction house that kind of defeated the whole appeal of the core experience, but Blizzard at last excised that particular blight and replaced it with better classes, a free-form exploration mode, and a phenomenal expansion. But while Pillars of Eternity followed the old templates almost to a fault, Divinity: Original Sin felt fresh and lively—a modern game that merely had a clear lineage.

    But everything about D:OS was a joy to experience, whether it was the often funny dialogue, the richly colored environments, the surprisingly adept gamepad controls, or the ability to play with friends in co-op. All Slides. The best games for your MacBook and iMac. Rocket League. Fortnite: Battle Royale. The Witness.