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Power cable included.

Connectivity includes a Firewire "" port, four USB 2. Only 1 left! Screen Size. Functional Condition Wifi; Webcam; Bluetooth. Installed Options. It can be removed upon request. Condition is Used. OSX has been reinstalled to factory defaults. Only selling because I upgraded to a full size iMac. NOT Included. This item has been extensively tested to ensure full functionality when it arrives. Hardware Identifier: iMac 14,3.

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Hard Drive: 1TB. I was able to load the Mac OS and test the software. Great shell of a Mac Pro in very good condition. Good for building your own cheap Mac Pro powerhouse! This is not a full computer, its a chassis for a Mac Pro 4,1. Includes original Apple Video Card. Mac Pro Mid By purchasing from us, you are taking part in helping this marketplace flourish. Product Images. Overall in good condition. This Apple iMac has been professionally refurbished to working order. Hard Drive.

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Apple iPad. We take joy in helping the people get the products they want and need at the best price. This model has a 3. Shipped with ups Ground. None of these issues affect the iMac's functionality. Year: Late Processor: 3. Sleep Function. Manual, Keyboard, Mouse. I was able to load the OS and test the software. The rear of the case is aluminum and is thicker in the middle and tapers to a razor thin 5 mm at the edges. Apple iMac.

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Hardware Identifier: iMac 15,1. OS: OS Mojave I was able to surf the Internet using the built-in WiFi. Apple Late 27" iMac 3. Does not effect functionality. Front glass is good with just a few micro scratches. OS X Lion Screen 20". Dell Keyboard,Mice Included.

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See similar items. Storage:3 TB Fusion Drive. Screen Size: 27". Network Port. Not Included Audio Port. Use them to inspect condition. This model has a 2. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Top Rated. See All. Apple Mac mini Desktops. Best Selling. Brand New! CTO Apple Mac mini 3. Apple - Sponsored Listings. Apple iMac 27" 2. Got one to sell? Make an Offer. A Apple Mac mini 5,1 i5 2. Make Offer - A Apple Mac mini 5,1 i5 2. Apple iMac A Make Offer - Apple iMac A Mid Retina 5K iMac 27" 3. Apple iMac Retina 5K 27" A 3. Apple 27" IMac 3.

Make Offer - Apple 27" IMac 3. Apple Desktops and All-in-One Computers A desktop or all-in-one computer may be a great option for your home or office. What features do desktop computers have? Stationary setups on a table or desk usually include a larger monitor than a laptop or handheld device. A big, Retina Display helps you view and easily use different applications simultaneously for increased productivity.

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Desktop systems include speedy Intel processors, excellent graphics cards, and ample internal media storage drives that are all ready to go right out of the box. These systems also allow you to easily hook up accessories such as an HP printer, SuperDrive, additional Retina 4K or 5K monitors, or any other components you like without constantly fiddling with power cords and cable connections.

What are the advantages of buying an Apple all-in-one desktop? With an all-in-one desktop computer, both the monitor and the processing hardware are included in a single, enclosed unit. The computer may be housed directly behind the display monitor or located in the base of the unit. All-in-one units are pretty much plug-and-play ready.

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Which Apple desktop or all-in-one models are available? Later models include large Retina screens up to 27 inches, an Intel multicore processor, Thunderbolt ports, and a 1TB or larger hard drive. It includes extreme Intel core processing power along with enhanced graphics capabilities.

Apple Mac. Mac Mini Lion. Mac Mini Quad Core. Apple Mac Mini A Imac 27 Late Mac Mini Server. Apple Mac Pro 3ghz.

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Imac 8 1. Getting into the old iMac was no easy task ; you needed suction cups to help pull off the glass, which was held on by magnets. The new iMac is even more difficult; the glass is attached using an adhesive strip that must be cut to open the iMac, and that strip needs to be replaced in order to close the iMac.

The new iMac gets a second Thunderbolt port, which is very convenient if you want to connect multiple Thunderbolt devices. The new iMac also sports redesigned speakers. Setting the new and old iMacs side by side, the music playing through the new iMac sounded noticeably warmer and fuller than the previous iMac. The older model sounded a bit louder, but shrill in comparison. The optional 3. This technology allows applications to address twice as many virtual processing cores, helpful in applications that can take advantage of multiple cores like Mathematica and Cinema4D.

The new high-end The new entry-level Apple also updated the graphics processors in the new iMacs. Our Portal 2 test results were 7 to 8 frames per second faster on the new iMacs when compared to the previous models, but the Cinebench OpenGL test results were 10 and 12 percent slower than the previous low and high-end iMacs, respectively. Because of the reduced case size, Apple uses smaller 2. The inch iMacs still use 3. Apple increased the cache size on these slower-spinning drives to help increase the performance. The file unzip test was just 1 percent faster on the iMac. Fusion Drive combines fast flash storage with high capacity hard drives and presents the two as one drive to the user and software.

The OS and all applications that come with an iMac are loaded onto the flash portion of the Fusion Drive, making application launches and restarts much faster than with a standard hard drive. In our testing , we found that most tasks on a Fusion Drive perform at the same speeds as a stand alone solid-state drive, even with GB of data loaded onto the drive. Previous testing showed Fusion Drives able to finish our 6GB file copy tests in about 40 seconds, while the rpm hard drive in the iMac took around seconds to complete.

The new iMac steps into the future, with cutting-edge design literally , updated processor and RAM, better sounding speakers, and reduced-glare but still glossy! Results are in seconds. Lower results are better. Best result in bold.