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This has been improved with Office The feature is currently available in the Windows and Mac versions of Office. This means you can check documents, spreadsheets, slides and e-mail for accessibility issues and follow the recommendations to fix them. ATAG essentially looks at whether a tool can be used by a person with a disability, and whether that tool can produce accessible content based on WCAG. In both cases, the answer for Office on Windows is broadly yes, but people with disabilities have reported issues using Office on Mac, iOS and Android due to incompatibilities with assistive technologies.

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As such, the accessibility requirements for document formats such as Word and PowerPoint will sound very familiar to people when compared with WCAG: images need alternative text, videos need captions, tables need headings and documents need to be structured correctly using styles — just to name a few. The accessibility checker is useful in that it can check a document for issues that are in common with WCAG along with additional advice related to Microsoft-specific features.

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If you are using the latest version of Microsoft Office, the Checker is now quite easy to find and easy to use. The instructions provided by Microsoft are as follows:. The recent update to the accessibility checker makes the interface much easier to cross-check and fix accessibility issues with your Word, Excel, PowerPoint or outlook document. However, the more important benefit to using the latest Office version is that it is now able to provide guidance on more issues.

If you are regularly providing documents to people with disabilities, it is strongly recommended that you update to Office or Office with the latest updates to maximise the effectiveness of the Accessibility Checker. Additional information on the accessibility features of Microsoft products can be found on the Microsoft Accessibility website. What is the Accessibility Checker? Which versions of Microsoft Office have the Checker?

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Which Office applications have the checker? Does the accessibility checker conform with WCAG? You may need to run the MS Update to ensure that you have the latest updates.

Creating Accessible Microsoft Word 2016 Documents (Mac)

Basically, the Accessibility Checker AC is a tool that reviews your document and cites issues related to accessibility following most of the standard WCAG rules e. There are some additional "Warning" things that MS has thrown in like "Repeated blank characters. The tool is good for training people who are new to accessible design and in enterprise situations where you know your documents are going public.

It is particularly helpful with large documents when trying to find all of the glitches can take a long time. Thank you so much John. I appreciate the knowledge. I have to have installed on my Mac and I'll check my Windows version to see if I can find it.

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I tried to check out a few documents with it, but I got no reports. I use JAWS Isn't it supposed to show the issues under the Info tab in Office for Windows? JP, after you check the document, the Accessibility Checker pane is used to display the results. F6 can be used to navigate from the document area to this pane. In Windows, the Accessibility report opens in a pane to the right of the document.

MS Word Accessibility Checker: SBCTC's Library of Accessibility Resources

Use F6 to move into it. Hey John Thanks for your help. I am on version I have done a check for updates and there are none available so maybe it is being rolled out? Karen Looks like you are in New Zealand - MS may have a different schedule for delivery for other countries wild guess on my part.

Word 2016: Compatibility Checker

Anyone know? Churchill or George Bernard Shaw: " Either way delighted to know that it is coming!

I'm in NZ and have the accessibility checker in Word for Mac Karen, have you checked the "Join the Office Insider program As someone else mentioned, I had to select to get Insider builds to get the AC.