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Xtreme automatically identifies the contents of the file and sorts the items to an appropriate category documents, compressed, videos, music, applications. Completed and not completed download tasks are placed in two categories for the access, pausing the downloads, restarting them, or refreshing the link. Download Shuttle is a simple solution for managing multiple downloads and accelerating the transfer speed. It will split your downloads in multiple segments and download them all at once; can handle links with authentication; includes basic but effective link management options.

In the main window of the app you can see the list of your downloads, and the top toolbar has the buttons for basic functions, including the option to add or remove links. Download Shuttle also offers an inspector window with the detailed info about the status of each segment, and supports QuickLook access data about the downloaded file.

Of course there is so much more about every download manager listed and you can always download the ones you think will suit you best and try them out to make sure you've got the best download manager of A download manager is an app specifically designed for downloading in some cases also uploading files from the Internet. Some download managers can also serve a purpose of a torrent client.

iGetter Is A Powerful, Full Featured Download Manager.

Even though some basic download tasks can be completed by means of an Internet browser, with larger files or groups of files it is more reasonable to use a download manager, as it can speed up the process of downloading, resume broken downloads, prioritize and schedule download tasks. Top choice. Folx 4. Olga Weis Look through this article featuring the list of best download managers for Mac. Folx Download Manager. Requirements: OS X Version 5. Download for Free. How to manage downloads on Mac with Folx: Download and install Folx.

Copy link to the file you want to download. Choose where to save downloaded file and assign one or more tags to your download, so you can easily find it later. Configure additional download settings for PRO users : select the number of simultaneous download threads, schedule download for later start, set up saved authentication credentials.

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Jdownloader Jdownloader is an open source download manager for Mac that is platform-independent. If you consider yourself a power downloader, then Speed Download is one of the most powerful solutions out there for Mac. However, if you don't need everything that Speed Download has to offer, Speed Download Lite provides a stripped-down version.

How Download Manager Works?

Like its more powerful version, Speed Download Lite sports the same glossy interface and gives you immediate control over all your downloads. The best way to browse through your content, apart from the search box, is the left side of the interface. You can view your library elements, servers, folders and specific searches. To keep the application running but have it out of the way, simply use the mini-controller. Speed Download Lite also offers the same iTunes-like Minimized mode with user controlled color picker, a bandwidth throttle and even control over individual file scheduling.

It's advisable that you use the file scheduling feature when doing lots of downloading as Speed Download Lite can take up a lot of RAM otherwise. Most recently, Speed Download Lite has been updated to work with Firefox 4 meaning it integrates perfectly with Mozilla's latest browser. Speed Download Lite is a great download manager for anyone that does a lot of downloading. What do you think about Speed Download?

Speed Download 5.3.0 for Mac OS X

What I loved most about Maxel for Mac is that it behaves like a native app. Just as you open the package, it would start working. For those who are doubtful, there is a Maxel demo version you can download for free. Verdict : We believe that Maxel Downloader for Mac is a combination of minimalistic UI and best-in-the-class performance. Not only can you enjoy maximum speed — thanks to up to segments support —, but also the native design reduces system resource consumption. Progressive Downloader is a really feature-rich download management client for Mac.

Free Internet Download Manager for Mac

Regardless what type of file you are downloading; Progressive Downloader has got your back. Right after you install and start the program, you can know how advanced it is. When you have multiple downloads to manage, the big-enough UI is going to be quite helpful. Standard features like integration with browsers and automated server search are included in the package. It also has an excellent clipboard-based download triggering.

Last but not least, you can use the program for managing content over FTP as well. The feature list is so big and convincing, especially for professionals. Verdict: Progressive Downloader is an amazing choice if you prefer free download managers. It is quite an advanced piece of software that can help you tackle tens or hundreds of downloads.

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Leech may look like a no-brainer, but it has a lot of features under the hood. Despite being premium, it has been one of the most popular downloaders for Mac.

How to install Internet Download Manager IDM on Mac 2018

The reason is simple: it can manage lots of downloads without compromising speed or performance. Although the maximum number of concurrent connections is 5, the overall speed boost of Leech is impressive enough.

Best Download Managers for Mac

Coming to the features, Leech meets the standard expectations. You can simply drag and drop any link for starting downloads, schedule downloads and manage multiple URLs at once. Bandwidth control and Safari integration make Leech easier to use.

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Last but not least, Leech offers enough room for customization, under the Preferences section. Verdict: As the official website says, Leech is indeed a lightweight yet powerful download manager for Mac. You can start using the program as you wish and the performance is top-notch. All the features work quite seamlessly, from speed control to multiple connection management. Altogether, if you are looking for a Mac download manager without bells and whistles, Leech is a go-to choice. Fortunately, the Mac version also is up to the expectations. Inside this seemingly-simple software, the developers have included many features like speed control, browser integration and network customizations.