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Solution 1 preferred : Apply this patch by NewRisingSun. You may still want to play the game in DOSBox.

Quest for Glory 1-5 for Mac!

Solution 3: Use a Slowdown Utility. Problem - Weapons Master: When playing as a Fighter, the Weapons Master fights too quickly for you to try to beat him. Note: Keep in mind that beating the Weapon Master is optional, so don't worry too much about it unless you are trying hard to get a perfect score. Problem - Yorick's maze: In Yorick's maze, the rear door that you open may close too soon for you to get through it.

See this page for more help.

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Solution 4: Adjust the settings for speed and detail in the game's control panel. Turn the speed to maximum and the detail to minimum before attempting to get through the door. Please read our FAQ before posting.

You may support the project by expressing your excitement in the form of a donation via PayPal although we value code contributions considerably more. You arrive in a dark cave, in the mysterious land of Mordavia Gear up your hero and face your old foe, the insidious Ad Avis!

If you feel overwhelmed by this quest, you can always chill out with a game from the Hoyle collection! The ScummVM team is proud to announce support for the following games, which are ready for public testing:.

Porting Kit | 'Quest for Glory 5' for macOS

Do note that the poker game of Hoyle Classic Games is not supported yet. Any problems found should be reported on our Issue Tracker. Our ScummVM team is looking for Blade Runners who will help find, chase, and retire bugs which escaped from the off-world data colonies. These bugs are not dangerous and they won't stop you from discovering more secrets and choosing your fate. We are announcing that Blade Runner is ready for testing.

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  6. A rich narrative backed up a sense of adventure.
  7. Now you can play the game with subtitles! Just download subtitles. Note that when you add your game directory in ScummVM you'll be presented with two choices for the game. But i have changed the date because of the problem with 'sierra' games. I changed it to Great music quality with roland mt I mean turn it off. Like you used to be able to do in Mac OS 7. I can download the file, unstuff it, run the install and it seems to work; the installer reports that it installed successfully.

    However, the Finder gives me the following message: The application "Quest For Glory Install" has unexpectedly quit, possibly because the the server that connects it has been disconnected".

    Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

    When I try to run it, the system freezes everything except the mouse. I can force quit it using command-option-esc. I've tried starting without extensions holding down the shift key and I've tried running it a x with colors but I get the same result. I agree.

    I was very mad when QFG4 was announced for the Mac and never released. I got a DOS compatibility card for my Mac specifically to play it. You can still use your Mac import files in the DOS games. They still work. I have mac osx. Any suggestions? This game was a serious delight. My only complaint: How evil of Sierra to make a game that when at the end allows you to save your character for the next installation?