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Arctic Fox web browser for 10.6 (32 & 64-bit)

Contact - EveryMac. The main problem being that there are only a handful of bit applications available as of September I recommend testing first, using the two-finger dance approach, below, because rebooting without it gets you right back into bit mode. Hold down the '6' and '4' keys when the Mac starts up until the Apple log. Update: Apple has added a command line setting for enabling the bit kernel. You can open a Terminal window and type:. Use a plain-text editor, such as Text Wrangler. Open a Terminal window and enter this command:.

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Big Changes with By removing PowerPC and other unnecessary legacy code, Apple greatly reduced the drive space needed by the operating system. It takes up about half as much space and thus will install about twice as quickly as Leopard.

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That said, it makes more demands of your hardware, so a Mac that runs Leopard comfortably with 1 GB of memory may feel very sluggish with Snow Leopard once you have more than a couple apps running. We strongly recommend at least 2 GB of memory.

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Process threads, which were handled by apps in the past, are now handled by the OS with new programs designed to use GCD. GCD will assign only as many threads to an app as it currently needs, which makes for better use of resources.

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  6. And Snow Leopard is completely backwards-compatible with bit apps. All of that processing power will also be available for general purpose computing. Of course it takes advantage of GCD and bit operation.

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