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This resulted in external volumes being unmountable when booted from the backup volume. Performance of deleting scheduled tasks is much improved. CCC previously encountered some performance problems when saving very large numbers of scheduled tasks e. These problems should now be resolved. This is most applicable when updating CCC, or when CCC has been moved and all tasks must be re-saved at the same time.

Fixed a crashing issue that affected scheduled tasks for Tiger users in cases where CCC was unable to derive a proper Time Zone value from the system. Fixed an issue that would lead to a hang during the "Authenticating" phase at the beginning of a backup task. Some SMB filesystems will actually refuse files by this name, and this often generates unnecessary error messages during an otherwise uneventful backup task.

Scheduled tasks no longer cancel wakeorpoweron events when exiting. This resolved an issue in which some Macs would effectively clear these canceled events from the PowerManagement queue, and subsequently not start up the Mac when the scheduled task was configured to do so. Scheduled tasks configured to run manually that are run when the source or destination is unavailable will now proceed to run if a missing volume is reattached.

Fixed an issue in which scheduled tasks would be rescheduled at the wrong time when the time zone abbreviation was ambiguous e. If a block-level clone cannot proceed because the source volume is too severely fragmented, CCC now offers proper guidance for proceeding with a file-level copy. The capacity of new sparseimage or sparsebundle disk images will now be limited to 2X the capacity of the source volume in cases where the underlying destination volume is excessively large. In cases where the destination volume is 16TB, for example, the underlying disk image creation tool would fail to create a disk image with this capacity and would offer a very poor, generic error code.

Fixed an issue in which non-ASCII characters would be improperly displayed during the backup task this was only a cosmetic problem. Fixed an issue in which CCC would occasionally not retain the user's last choice in the preset configurations menu. Growl notifications should be a bit more consistent on Lion. In anticipation of Mountain Lion's requirement that I use Apple's code signing certificate to sign my application, this version of CCC will migrate entries in the CCC private keychain to a new keychain.

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I have leveraged codesigning in CCC for almost 5 years and recently started to rely on it to have access to keychain entries without annoying the end user for permission to do so. Switching code signing certificates at this point invalidates the keychain item access control lists that I previously applied, forcing me to migrate the keychain or face losing access to those keychain items. When you launch this new version of CCC, you'll see a progress panel that indicates that CCC is migrating the keychain. This should be fast and eventless. If you see a dialog from the system asking you to grant CCC access to a keychain item, however, it is imperative that you click on "Allow" to give CCC access to those keychain items.

In earlier versions of CCC, when an encrypted disk image's passphrase keychain entry was updated by the scheduled task helper application, access to that keychain item would be limited to only the scheduled task helper application. Subsequent ad hoc attempts to back up to the encrypted disk image e. This update fixes that access limitation. Fixed a bug in which CCC would not properly set the modification date on files copied to SMB shares hosted by some versions of Windows.

This would result in CCC wanting to recopy every file to the destination on subsequent backups.

1. Choose the correct drive to install in your computer.

Reverted to the pre If you would prefer that CCC automatically skip tasks missed during sleep, drop me a line on the Help Desk, there is a hidden setting that will accommodate this preference. In previous versions, CCC might report that a source or destination folder on a network volume does not exist, when it plainly does. CCC now appropriately handles the permissions limitation that led to this errant message. Fixed an issue in which extended attributes may be recopied to some non-HFS destinations every time a backup task runs. Fixed a couple issues that could result in a crash. Fixed an issue in which CCC would hang on launch if there is a corrupted scheduled task configuration file present.

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Now that corruption is detected and these files are removed. Fixed an issue in which the "Reschedule all future events for this time of day" setting did not work for tasks configured to run weekly or monthly. Fixed an issue in which weekly and monthly tasks scheduled with a start date prior to the Daylight Saving Time switch and a start time within the "lost hour" would run multiple times a day.

Create a Bootable Clone Backup Drive [Mac How to]

Scheduled tasks can now mount the underlying network volume for a source volume that is a disk image. Fixed an anomaly with progress indication in which the progress indicator would jump wildly if the user ran a task with exclusions, then another task without exclusions.

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Scheduled tasks will now reschedule themselves when the system time zone is changed. This functionality is only partially available to Tiger users. Tiger doesn't offer "time zone changed" notifications, so the currently-scheduled task will only be rescheduled upon wake, or when the task is reloaded. Some of the postflight cleanup tasks that are required for making a clone of Mac OS X bootable were getting skipped when minor transfer errors occurred.

These tasks will now run regardless of minor transfer errors, so the destination volume should be bootable even when minor errors occur assuming there aren't any other hardware compatibility problems. A Japanese localization is included once again. Both the wording and some of the settings have been changed in response to user feedback and typical usage scenarios. New feature: Scheduled tasks can now be configured to wake or boot the system when the task is scheduled to run.

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Window positioning of the scheduled task helper application is now retained on a per-task basis, so you can move these windows around on your screen and multiple tasks won't be stacked on top of each other. The table of scheduled tasks in the Scheduler window are now sorted alphabetically by default. Fixed a scheduler issue in which tasks scheduled to run on the first any weekday of the current month would be scheduled to run in the following month. Fixed an issue with the German localization related to the application of a particular setting in custom presets.

Fixed an issue in which a scheduled task had trouble mounting a disk image when uncommon permissions conditions were present such as when a system is bound to an Active Directory directory service. The "This volume will be bootable" message is back, though with a caveat that I have to insist upon from a support perspective. Many external hard drive enclosures still manage to screw up the boot process, and it's impossible for me to determine if that is going to happen for any particular user from within CCC. When backing up to a subfolder, CCC now overlays an icon of the underlying volume on the folder icon in the task status panel.

Scheduled tasks that specify a network volume as the destination are now aborted when CCC receives a sleep notification. Growl notifications should now work properly on Lion with Growl 1. Email notifications now include the sender's full name. Fixed a couple minor bugs associated with email notifications.

Fixed an issue in which the scheduled task window would be unresponsive while CCC waited for a response from an email server. Added support for sending email to servers that use a self-signed certificate. This support is disabled by default, see the documentation for details on enabling this functionality.

Resolved a problem in which an errant filter would protect items in folders that were to be deleted, resulting in CCC reporting that it couldn't replace a particular folder or application. Fixed a minor 5-second shutdown hang associated with CCC scheduled tasks. Numerous tweaks to the advice that CCC offers for various error conditions. Fixed some Lion-specific problems with the mounting of sparsebundle disk image files that are hosted on a network volume.

If you're running an ad hoc task in CCC e. To avoid problems that would affect automation, this warning is not provided for scheduled tasks. Files larger than 4GB will now be excluded by default, and you'll get a warning of this exclusion before running the task. Fixed a hang that would occur at the end of a scheduled task while CCC tried to unmount the destination volume network volumes only, Lion only. Made some cosmetic changes concerning ZFS support. Mail account settings on Lion are now properly imported and populated into the email notifications tab of the scheduled tasks window.

The path to a disk image file is now properly provided as the fourth argument to postflight scripts. Fixed a 30 second hang that would occur while saving changes to scheduled tasks on Tiger. For every OS, though, saving scheduled tasks should be considerably faster. CCC now prevents a user from choosing a non-writable folder as the destination when the underlying volume is a network volume or another type of volume mounted in "userland".

Fixed an issue in which CCC would report an error and skip the contents of a folder that had an unreadable extended attribute. Made some tweaks to the advice that CCC offers in various error conditions. Fixed a bug that would cause CCC to crash when sending a test email notification. Fixed an issue in which the automatic unmounting of a disk image at the end of a backup task could cause a scheduled task to errantly report that "The backup task was aborted because the destination volume disappeared".

Fixed an issue in which a CCC scheduled task would report that "The destination volume is not available" in cases where the backup task specified a folder or disk image on the destination, and the destination volume had reappeared at an incremented mountpoint e. The presence of a network volume is determined more reliably during a scheduled task's pre-flight sanity checks. Fixed an issue in which a scheduled task was unable to mount a disk image file on a network sharepoint when read access to the file was restricted to the file owner.

Fixed an issue in which items copied from a volume that doesn't support ownership would be owned by the root user rather than the user that created the backup task. Fixed an issue in which CCC would fail to create a sparsebundle disk image on a network volume while running a scheduled task. Fixed an issue in which the exclusion of a file whose name included a return character would cause a CCC backup task to fail with an "Invalid filter" error.

This value can be used to determine a minimum amount of free space that should be maintained on the backup volume. Fixed an issue affecting Tiger users in which a network volume could not be automatically mounted before running a scheduled backup task. Fixed an issue affecting Lion users in which an attempt to mount a network volume would result in a error code. Fixed an issue in which setting extended attributes would fail on some filesystems for files whose names begin with an underscore. This also now fixes an issue in which the setting of that fileflag would cause errors on filesystems that don't support it.

Fixed an issue in which a backup task would fail if the source or destination volume on a remote Macintosh did not support Access Control Lists. Implemented a workaround for a Finder bug affecting Leopard users in which a mounted disk image volume would not disappear from the sidebar when the volume was ejected by CCC. Addressed an issue in which CCC would continue copying files after a scheduled task was inadvertently terminated due to rescheduling of the task by the user. Fixed an issue in which CCC would incorrectly report that a network volume would not have enough capacity to accommodate the source volume.

Fixed an issue in which a system service would prevent a scheduled task from unmounting the destination volume. The task performed by this system service kextd is now handled explicitly by CCC. CCC now unmounts a disk image destination volume when errors occur during the backup task. Fixed an issue in which tasks scheduled to run hourly would be scheduled several hours into the future if the computer was slept and awoken after midnight.

CCC now avoids setting file flags and permissions on files that are not owned by the user account that was used to mount a network filesystem. Fixed an issue in which CCC would report that it was unable to enable ACLs on the destination volume when specifying a folder as the destination. Fixed an issue in which CCC would not display the list of currently-configured scheduled tasks in the Scheduler window. Fixed an issue in which the "Send test email" button would be unclickable if the Scheduler window was resized vertically. The error would subsequently cause the backup task to fail.

Growl notifications should now work with scheduled tasks. DocumentRevisions-V is now excluded by default. A note on this exclusion has also been added to the appropriate section of the documentation. CCC now deletes the per-task archive folder at the end of the backup task if that folder is empty.

Archive folders were occasionally created with restrictive access that would prevent the user from accessing their contents. These folders will now be more reliably created with the user set as the owner. Fixed a bug in which an improperly unmounted volume would cause scheduled tasks to fail.

Suspending a Parallels VM, for example, could trigger this behavior Parallels unmounts the "C" drive but does not remove the mountpoint folder. Fixed an issue affecting Leopard users in which CCC would hang when the user clicked the Stop button. Fixed an issue in which Growl notifications would not be accepted by the Growl helper when sent from a CCC scheduled task. The "Maintain a backup Archive modified and deleted items " preset no longer calls for archive pruning. Archive pruning must be requested explicitly by the user. Fixed an issue in which CCC would report permissions problems while accessing some files on network filesystems.

Made a couple tweaks to the sending of email notifications that should make it work better with some email servers. CCC will preserve as much filesystem metadata as possible, and will warn when incompatibilities exist between the source and destination filesystems. Please note that clones of NTFS volumes will not be bootable.

CCC now permits specifying the startup disk as a destination volume. Users are no longer required to boot from the backup volume to restore non-system files. CCC now has a "Disk Center" window that offers information about how your volumes are partitioned and formatted, as well as performance statistics. You can use CCC to enable and disable the encryption of your backup volume s , and see the progress of any conversion processes. The new "Error Center" delivers expert advice directly to the user about any errors that were encountered during the backup task.

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When CCC discovers filesystem corruption and media failures, the errors are now explained in layman's terms, with simple advice on how to resolve the errors. A convenient "Reveal in Finder" or "Launch Disk Utility" button gets you on your way to resolving complex problems.

Added support for Growl notifications. CCC will send notifications to Growl when a backup task begins, ends successfully, and ends with errors. CCC now provides email notifications when a backup ends successfully and when it ends with errors. From there I can start daisy-chaining. Then I did an automator app named run-ccc and invoke it on spotlight. Make sure it is inside single quotes as it will have spaces in it. Finish that line off with an ampersand and a closing quote, and you should be good to go. You'll have to type in your password into the Terminal window that pops up, but once the program starts running you can quit Terminal.

It also feels a bit faster, though that might be just in my head. After hearing good things, I tried out Superduper: It has 4 main modes of operation, but none of the 4 actually sounds like "safely copy my whole drive": The 4 modes are: - Backup user files: obviously not, I want to backup not only user files - Backup all files: sound good, but So - no option that copies everything, right? Since CCC has been broken with It's worked great.

Good doumentation, straight forward to use. I always do full backups, then boot form the backup, make sure things work on the backup, and run Diskwarrior from the backup on the original drive. I've had CCC not compete a backup on a rare ocassion anyway. I found another way to clone a Tiger system yesterday. My Powerbook harddrive is failing and to clone it, I started it in Firewire mode connected to an iMac with Panther. Then I connected an external harddrive to the iMac.

The clone took longer than normal but works well so far. This obviously requires a second computer with Panther on it and at least two Firewire ports. I've always ran CCC as root, just because This cannot work unless you login to the Mac as root as standard practice. The way "open" works: The Terminal command "open" launches an Application by calling "Launch Services". That is - "open" always launches an Application as the user currently "Logged In" to the Mac.

This is a major limitation when compared to both Windows and Linux. If Carbon Copy Cloner doesn't get upgraded for Should take me less than 6 hours starting from scratch. Carbon Copy Cloner has been a fantastic tool - it is hugely inconvenient not to be able to clone the currently active volume at the moment. So, did you spend six hours writing that custom backup script?

Whether you use "pseudo", "sudo", or any other mechanism to "su", or log in as root, the result is the same There's no difference in your privileges and the risks involved. A lot of people seem to be confused about the Mac OS X adimistrator account privileges. The thing that makes it an administrator account is that it's in the right group to sudo to root, so Apple's variant sudo that's called whenever that "administrator password" dialog comes up will work.

There's code in other applications that looks at this group as well, but that's all at the application level. As far as OS-level privileges are concerned, the administrative user is just a normal user. Lost your password? Powered by the Parse. The immediate fix was to run it is root, but that brings its own dangers. I combined the method suggested by two forum threads at the Bombich. Type bash --noprofile and press Return.

Type sudo open , and then press the Space Bar.

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Hit Return and, at the prompt, enter your admin password -- your typing will not show. Hit Return after typing your password. I hope this helps. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. This site is not responsible for what they say. I get an error message saying, "You must be root to perform this operation". I was able to verify this by using ps -auwxx grep Cloner from the terminal prompt and it shows the process running as my User ID.

The best way is to do it is just use Pseudo. An alternative method for a straight clone is to use 'asr' from the command line. Actually, Disk Utility has a built-in block-level copy cloner that my tests have shown to be faster and more efficient than CCC. I modified this Applescript to get rid of the last of the errors. Open "Contents" then "MacOS". Now drag the "Carbon Copy Cloner" file with the "exec" icon into the script.