Mac trackpad not clicking anymore

If suddenly the mouse or trackpad click starts working again, you have found your problem. If the click failure is occurring on a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro then often rebooting and putting the Mac to sleep and then waking it up again after a few minutes seems to resolve the issue:. Another solution if all else fails is to enable Tap To Click on the trackpad , which allows you to simply tap a finger rather than press down to initiate a click, a feature that exists on the Mac and is popular with Windows laptops. If so, did the tips above resolve it for you as well? Let us know your experience in the comments!

Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:. My Magic Mouse 2 had mysteriously turned on and that was what took my clicking on the trackpad away. Such a simple solution. Thought my MacBook Pro was broken! After reading this, I found out that my Magic Mouse in my backpack was still on and after turning it off the issue was resolved.

Thank you so much for the info! Thanks to the comments I was able to recover. Of course how can we do all the things recomended if we need a mouse click to do it and we don t have it. Thank you so much! I was freaking out there was something wrong with my MacBook Air-both the trackpad and my USB mouse kept intermittently stopping clicking but moving around the screen fine. Thanks to you I realised my Bluetooth mouse was in my backpack turned on and clicked down!

YOU saved a potentially embarrassing moment with some poor technical support person!! Thank you so much for posting the tip about the Bluetooth mouse. I have a mouse that I literally never use but somehow the battery has survived at least a full year on. Your tip saved this Mac user from ripping out his HD to do an external wipe and reinstall! Problem with trackpad and keyboard solved Had a problem with my Macbook pro. The keyboard and the trackpack didnt work or very badly. The problem was that i had installed a remote bluetooth trackpad. My mac tried obviously to get contact with that trackpad and that caused the problem.

I deleted the device from Blutooth panel and evrything works fine.

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Maybe some of You have similar problems. Check out your blutooth devices. Have a good day :. In the end I gave the edging small shelf in which the trackpad sits a good clean of all the bits that had built up over the years and then when I put the trackpad back in it then worked fine. I had to play with the work scew a little to get it perfect. Thank you! I had tried everything and was on to checking the trackpad settings, although was not able to arrow down into those sys pref menus to change anything. It dawned on me to use Siri! I have never found a use for her before!

Saw the culprit.

Operating system not responding

It was piled on a desk across the room but here it was showing as connected. And she did. And immediately I can click again. Thanks to you! I feel a little bit smarter now. Aside from the planned obsolescence that is almost non existent in the PC world, your old pu will just run slower, maybe Apple is releasing too many versions too fast. None of these options worked for me. Any other options to get past the login so I can get the the Apple menu to check my trackpad status? Mouse in the drawer!!! With something pressing on the button. You saved me a trip to the repair shop.

Thanks to the comments in this post… I was starting to think that my Mac was going bonkers. Turns out that my Anywhere 2S mouse in my bag was on and on the same channel as my Master MX on my desk. After turning the Anywhere mouse off in bag, I have control of my left click again. Thanks for this article. Ok so my I could not close out but the arrow was tracking still.


I simply place 4 fingers on the pad and swiped left which took me to a quick launch screen. I then clicked on the plus sign in lower left corner once which took me to a secondary screen then clicked on the plus in lower left again. Once back to the original screen I swiped right.

This brought me back to my main page and the click button then worked again for me. Hope this helps. I think it is perfectly ridiculous to Reboot, close the lid and then re-start after a wait…. However, it worked…. Also, the only way I was able to get around he clicking problem was with the Bluetooth mouse. Have brand new Mac pro with the touch bar. Left click stopped working entirely. Tried restarting alone, but nothing. I cant do anything all I can do is use three fingers and make the screen move in and out. You will lose any unsaved data. Probably a good plan to check your bluetooth settings upon restart if that is possible.

Thanks for the post! It was an external mouse being pushed down. I never would have thought of it. Willy Pott! Thanks so much for the tip! I tried to restart and let it sleep for a few mins, failed…Funny thing was that i finally decided to do nothing except only shutting down the mac and turning on next morning. Finally, it worked again! The trackpad did again react to the mechanic clicks after resting for a day. Hopefully some of u will find it helpful to address the issue.

Hi had a similar problem. No left mouse click even when using an external keyboard. I tried different thing without success then I connected to an external display not sure this helped and managed to go into the mouse settings. Without really changing anything from there, everything went back to normal. Hard reboot followed by closing lid to sleep my MacBook Pro worked!

This was a life saver. I was reading through the comments and I came across one that said they had a Bluetooth mouse that somehow got turned on. At first I thought it silly and unlikely that it was my issue. Low and behold I found the stupid mouse and problem solved.

Thank You Willy Pott!! Thanks fir the suggestion of using the arrows and return to log on. Worked fir me putting the mac to sleep. My click is back , thank you. My trackpad still clicked, but it was very difficult to do so. It is old, and probably has a swollen battery, but I want to nurse it along without paying for repairs as long as possible. I can now easily navigate, and hopefully it will last a little longer, thanks! Happens to me all the time. I leave the plug out for about 15min. Plug back in and, after a normal restart, everything works as normal.

I found a solution without restarting. In my case the bluetooth connection to my trackpad was messed up and I could only right click.

Apple Footer

Right click on the apple logo, right click on system preferences, start typing Bluetooth and then key down to the Bluetooth preferences screen and press enter. Thanks for posting. I traced it down to a bluetooth mouse that somehow connected to my mac without my knowing. I removed the bluetooth mouse and now my trackpad and wireless mouse work again! Hey I figured out that this problems occur when i change my monitors. So try to plug and unplug your monitor and keep clicking. Also sometimes it helps to to reboot in safe mode.

But anyway that thing is annoying. Apple support was not able to help out, told me to go to a an Apple store, yeah thx. An other solution, but much more complicated and probably over the top, is installing el capitain on a USB or in my case on a SD card. When the problem occurs just shut down. Thank you for the tip to check for pressure on the trackpad.

Turned that stupid thing off , i can use my Mac again. Thanks for this article! For a while I thought my Mac was gone! Hey this gives me some prank ideas mmmhhh.

I had the same symptoms as Willy pott. The solution options for me were to either turn BlueTooth off or turn off both BlueTooth devices which requires removing the batteries on the external trackpad. Bonus tip: Memorize the keyboard shortcuts for accessing the Menu Bar and launching System Preferences, or assign them if there are none. The Apple menu is also where the Sleep, Restart, and Shutdown commands can be accessed using only the keyboard of MacBook Pros with a TouchBar above the keyboard and fingerprint reader.

Older MBPs allowed for the assignment of keyboard shortcuts for these functions as well. The pointer started to have erratic movements and generated automatic clicks. Then this stopped but the left click would not work at all, even with an external mouse only the right click of the mouse worked. Then I found a post on Apple forums linking it to an issue with an external monitor — I plugged the HDMi of the external screen I use from time to time, turned the monitor on and voila! I found the problem to be that the computer is reacting to a misplaced few moving fingers that make it think were it is being told to shrink all windows into Mission Control or Dashboard or something.

Then after the computer shrinks things only a millimeter it realizes its mistake and stops…you think everything is as normal as it looks, but really everything is really suspended…it takes a pause, several multifinder dance moves, and all three wishes that you saved from that group of DigitalGenii who seemed so nice at the State Fair, and suddenly control returns. Different people seem to be describing somewhat different phenomena. After reboot, everything is normal. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!! I happened to try a 3-finger swipe, which worked took me to the dashboard. After that, normal trackpad functionality returned.

Thank you IntMarine and Rudy! None of the suggested workarounds work for me. The only thing I can do is turn off the power, wait for a few seconds and reboot. Frustrating and time-consuming. Unable to click used to happen a few times in two — three hours. Over the month it seems to have reduced to once each 2 — 3 hours.

I fought with the same issue for several month. I made sure there were no other wireless devices to interfere, disabled all plugins, uninstalled all but essential programs but nothing worked. Finally I shut down Safari and started using Chrome only. That fixed the problem. Was thinking the same thing. To shut down, just press the Return key. Arrows could be helpful at least with the logging into the computer.. Mar 29, PM. Sep 12, AM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace. My issue was I have it set to disable my trackpad clicks when my mouse is on.

I forgot to turn it off in my bag. NOTE: the gestures and moving the mouse work but you can't click on anything. Sep 12, AM. Strangely, that then completely cleared the problem with the built-in trackpad. So that worked. Sep 19, PM. Nov 23, PM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace. Nov 23, PM. Dec 30, PM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace.

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I hope you realize what an awesome dude you are and how many people you proberbly have stopped from throwing their computers out of the window. May 1, PM in response to basemilalexander In response to basemilalexander.

MacBook trackpad too stiff (hard to click) |

May 1, PM. Absolutely correct! My trackpad stopped working. I checked my battery and sure enough it is swelling. Battery is around 6 years old. Removed the battery and the trackpad clicks perfectly. Time to find a new battery!

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May 26, PM. Jul 1, PM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace. Thank you so much tterrace! This was exactly what my issue was as well. I will admit, it had me stumped for a good 20 minutes as I powered my macbook on and off over and over Jul 1, PM. My MacBook Pro just started doing this a couple of days ago.

It works on the forum weirdly but when I go to any site with a button to click i. Amazon, Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc it won't click - I get the little "spinney" coloured ball that spins and spins and spins, but doesn't do anything. I don't think I can remove the battery without unscrewing the whole bottom, which I don't want to do, and I don't have an external mouse. Any suggestions? Thanks for the responses. Aug 28, AM. Jan 22, PM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace. Jan 22, PM. Feb 4, AM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace. Feb 4, AM. Aug 6, PM in response to tterrace In response to tterrace.

Aug 6, PM. Question: Q: My trackpad works but it won't click, and the right clicker doesn't work either More Less. Communities Contact Support. Sign in Sign in Sign in corporate. Browse Search. Ask a question. Question: Q: Question: Q: My trackpad works but it won't click, and the right clicker doesn't work either For some reason I was on my Mac one day and I noticed how the trackpad doesnt click things for me anymore. If anyone can help me with this problem it would be veryyy appreciated! More Less. Question marked as Apple recommended User profile for user: tterrace tterrace.

Answer: A: Answer: A: I just saw these symptoms on my macbook and it turned out to be my magic mouse in a bag close by with the button pressed down.

MacBook keyboard and trackpad not working? Try these troubleshooting tips

View answer in context. Helpful answers Drop Down menu. A third party repairer should be able to replace a battery if no other damage has been done. No external mouse in the neighbourhood here. I guess I'll have to replace the battery myself.