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Python not finding your modules with import MyModule for some reason? Here's how you edit it so that Python sees all your modules. Firstly, if you are the kind of person who keeps files scattered about your computer, dumps everything into the root directory, or is afraid to use those nice little blue folders, then perhaps programming and computers in general are not for you. Logical and neat directory structure will make your own, your computer's and your collaborators' lives much easier. My recommendation: Create a master code directory called "Modules" or something in your Documents folder.

This will be the new home of all your future Python projects. Now every time you create a. Note that you should have no actual modules inside your Modules directory! Keep those puppies in their warm, snuggly project subdirectories.

Python Tutorial: if __name__ == '__main__'

This way you can also initialize that project folder i. Python won't just search your computer for the MyModule. You have to tell it explicitly each time where to get it. When you open Python again, you're back to the same old list. The persistent solution: edit. For TCSH shells, edit.

2to3 or not 2to3?

For BASH shells, edit. That doesn't seem to work for the BDNYC module that comes with the python database, hence this approach. When used with the Node Editor : you can customize the list of attributes displayed for each node by creating a custom attribute list template.

The next time that you create the same node, Maya searches for an existing template, and if one is found, then your node is displayed with the custom attribute list that you created. You can share these templates with other users on the network by setting this environment variable to the network location at which the custom templates are found. See Customizing the list of node attributes for more information.

For use with the Node Editor. You can customize the list of attributes displayed for each node by creating a custom attribute list template.

Setting Your PYTHONPATH environment variable (Linux/Unix/OsX) | scipher

This variable has become obsolete since Maya 3. Defines the search paths for Maya module files. A module file describes the install location of a plugin which has been distributed as a module. See the individual descriptions of these variables below and Distributing Maya Plug-ins in the Maya Developer Help for more information. The following tables list the default paths, which will always follow any path that you specify.

If you use spaces in a file path that you create, you may have problems accessing icon image files stored within that directory, because the file path does not appear in Maya. You can avoid this problem by only specifying file paths that do not include spaces. This variable is used to override the directory where movie files are found. The path for the Maya installation directory.

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Instead, use the following alternate locations:. Search path for plug-ins. When a plug-in is specified by relative path name, the directories in this path are searched for the given plug-in name. This path also determines which directories are listed in the Plug-in Manager. Defines the location for Maya presets. Each entry in the path points to the directory above the attrPresets directory.

Specifies the location of your project folder on startup. After setting the variable, you cannot change the location of the project folder from the Preferences window. You must either change or remove the variable. Beginning Maya , for the Linux and Mac platforms, there are checks to ensure that the directory pointed to by lastLocalWS is accessible before Maya attempts to use it.

The directory must have r-xr-xr-x permissions. Otherwise, if the directory only has r--r--r-- permissions, Maya cannot use it; even cd or ls do not work. In addition to lastLocalWS , there are other workspaces that Maya tries to use on startup, and the same check is being applied to these workspaces also. The order in which Maya tries to use these workspaces are as follows:. Specifies the location of your project folder. Specifies the directories that Maya searches to access the shelves. At startup, Maya searches each directory in the order specified to instantiate shelves.

Once a shelf exists, a shelf with the same name in the subsequent searched directories is ignored.