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How To Find The IPSW File on Mac OS X

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Mac Dude Mac Dude 2 2 silver badges 3 3 bronze badges. Shift-click the Restore button in iTunes for windows user. As of iTunes 12, the button is labeled "Restore iPhone It's more option-click now. Under this tab, option-click the "Restore" button and choose the. Kamran Kamran 1. Medical School or Games Industry?

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Then, instead of going in any preferences menu, click the "Manage Backups" button. Next, right-click your last backup and hit "Archive. You should note that this method only works while Apple still signs iOS Once Apple decides to stop supporting these versions, your archived backup may not work anymore. The only way around this certainty is to back up your SHSH2 blobs. Backing up your iPhone this way is a bit more complicated, but it ensures your archived backup can withstand the sands of time. This is a common method for jailbreakers to use. While iOS 13 developer beta 1 did not have a configuration profile for easy installation, iOS 13 developer beta 2 and higher do.

We recommend you use this method from now on, but the Mojave and Catalina install methods are still listed below in case you want to update with a restore image instead of an OTA over-the-air update. That's only needed when building apps that need testing. There was no configuration profile for iOS 13 developer beta 1, so you had to use the restore images to install iOS 13 on your iPhone.

While there is a configuration profile that can be installed now , if you want a clean transition to iOS 13 dev beta 2 or higher, you can still use restore images.

Part 1. Top 10 Tunes Backup & Restore Problems and Solutions

In order to install the IPSW restore file for your iPhone model, you will either have to install Xcode 11 beta on the latest release version of macOS For the latter, skip to the next section. For the Mojave method, using the following instructions.

However, note that you can skip downloading Xcode itself, which is over 7 GB, and just install the mobiledevice. It's a resource package hidden within Xcode's contents, and it's all you need to install iOS 13 in Mojave. If you do that, open up the package and install it, then skip all Xcode-related steps below.

If you've updated to the macOS And since there's no iTunes anymore, all of the work is done right inside the Finder app, since iOS devices mount similar to external hard drives.

How to Restore Your iPhone to Factory Settings Using iTunes [Windows]

The iOS 13 public beta came out on June If you're coming from the iOS 12 public beta, make sure to remove your iOS 12 public beta profile before continuing. You're running iOS 13 months before the general public ever will. Make sure to let us and Apple know about any bugs or issues you run into while beta testing. If iOS 13 ends up being especially glitchy, you can always downgrade to iOS We got it working with the same setup, but many of the downloaded images were corrupted at first, so there were a lot of firmware not compatible warnings.

If anyone gets those, try redownloading the image until you get one that works. We also got it working with Catalina with zero issues. Archive an iOS Backup It can be tempting to jump right into beta testing, but if something goes wrong while beta testing iOS 13, and you want to head back to iOS