How to import fonts into photoshop cs6 mac

Launch the Illustrator CS5 on your computer again. You should now see the new font listed in your font drop-down menu. Erin McManaway holds a B. She has worked in materials development, media and information technology in the nonprofit sector since McManaway has also been a writer and editor since Skip to main content. Shut down the Illustrator CS5 program if it is running.

Professional font management app for Mac.

Right-click and unzip the font file if it is in ZIP file format. Tip You must be logged in as a computer administrator to install a new font. References 1 Windows: Install or Delete Fonts. Bare in mind you may have to restart your application when adding new fonts. When I would load up the page I would just Select the icons then change the settings and download which would cause problems. It doesn't seem very intuitive to have to set "Advanced Settings" first.

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  • Step #1. Download the Font Awesome Free Icons.
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  • Step #2. Find a Font Awesome Icon Name.

I asked a coworker to run through the same process and it was also very confusing for him as well. The way the page is set up currently it feels like I should just select some icons, download, and instantly start using the font in Photoshop without having to go in and change the Encoding section. Then if I want to do custom CSS associations or custom values or just use different settings that should be where extra steps become involved.

That's why it makes no sence to change encoding after selecting glyphs. Also, you can set any encoding, if then edit codes manually - result will be the same. I just try to understand, what was really changed - glyph codes, glyph list, import method or something else. I understand it doesn't make sense to change encoding after selecting icons now.

What I'm saying is that it's confusing to have to change settings first then select icons if I want to use the icons in a design with Photoshop.

Font Installation Instructions

Brand new coming to the site and I click an icon. The default encoding doesn't give me a value in the top box.

Install fonts

This is the problem and what wasn't working for me. When I change the encoding settings then select an icon I get a value and I can download this and use in Photoshop. The issue is with the default settings there aren't any indications, prompts, modal windows, buttons, or any alert that I have to change Encoding Settings THEN select icons to get a value in that box automatically so I can download it and use it in Photoshop. What I'm trying to say is the default settings when you are new to the site and just want to create an icon font for a design; you have to know to go into Advanced Settings and change your encoding.

If you don't do this the font wont work in Photoshop after proper installation of font this is the case for myself and others.

How to Add Free Fonts to Photoshop on Mac

In the end it would be nice to have a different default setting for the encoding or have some type of prompt that says "Hey if you're using this for Photoshop click here" and your settings are automatically changed. Fontello is for WEB fonts first. That's why default encoding is PUA. It's impossible to make solution, that will be good for all in the same time.

Validate fonts

I understand now thanks for clarifying everything. It was just a bad UX experience and would be beneficial to notify people who aren't using it for web to have some type of notification, alert, or a toggle switch that's immediately available to change settings or notify people that if they want to use the font for something else to incite an action.

In the end couldn't find documentation on how to configure settings properly and had to do trial and error to get a font to work. Having the settings buried and no documentation or tutorial on what to do made it difficult to use Fontello outside of a Web font is all I'm saying. I love everything that's been created thus far, just this one aspect made it difficult to use. You can do improvments on wiki pages , if you wish. I don't understand much in photoshop deals, and can't do good help about.

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