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To utilize the remote you must have your presentation Mac on the same WiFi network as your iOS device. In some cases, the wireless network in your area may not be available or unreliable. Here are instructions for how to set up your own temporary wireless network between you Mac and iOS device this will not provide live internet access…just a connection between the devices :.

Switch back to your Mac… Click on Link next to the device and enter the 4-digit passcode. I would suggest have an iPod Touch just for use as a remote rather than utilizing your iPhone. It says that system requirements are for Windows only…but the remote acts like a wireless USB keyboard and so it can be made to work great on the Mac. They work well with Keynote on the Mac as well. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content.

February 20, Tim Cimbura Here we discuss three presentation remote options that will assist you in changing slides during your next presentation. It has the following features: Allows you to look at the current slide and your speaker notes portrait view or the current slide and the next one landscape view. Timer option Up to ft wireless range Simple finger swipe controls You need to own an iPhone or iPod Touch to use this remote option…and it only works with Keynote…not PowerPoint.

Here are instructions for how to set up your own temporary wireless network between you Mac and iOS device this will not provide live internet access…just a connection between the devices : On your Mac… Open System Preferences and click on Network. Select WiFi and be sure it is on. Select a Channel: or leave as default. You can navigate your presentations even up to feet! Our Verdict: The doosl laser pointer has got to be the best remote presenters because it can still navigate your presentations up to feet. This is indeed an awesome addition to your presentations and reports!

Cons Small to hold It will run smoothly within 10 Ft. Cons Use battery 10 Ft. The wireless presenter with cursor control is a device which has been made with utmost sophistication with advanced features to help deliver professional presentations. It features long range wireless technology, storable USB receiver for convenience and portability, mouse feature, complete slideshow control and laser pointer to highlight key points.

The best part of this particular product is its low price which is quite the x-factor for its potential customers. Feel the freedom to walk around and engage with your students directly with the wireless presenter V9. In addition, it features all the amazing controls you could possibly wish for to navigate your presentation at ease, including page up and down, screen fade, windows switch, and media volume adjustment, all in intuitive touch keys.

Logitech R400 Wireless Presenter Review

The ft wireless operating range offers you seemingly limitless distance you can stand away from your slides. Furthermore, the battery charges 1 minute for three hours use and a full charge for up to 1 month. Conclusion: It is one of the best for professionals.

It boosts your confidence to present in large rooms without fearing the battery will run out. Cons Reverse forward and back button Try this sleek wireless pointer that looks like a futuristic device. The Satechi wireless presenter pointer is a remote control that works well with Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. It is equipped with Bluetooth 3. This is rechargeable and has long battery life as well. The aluminum design makes it stylish and perfect for formal presentations and reports.

You can use it on almost all systems and most Bluetooth-enabled devices. Our Verdict: The Satechi aluminum wireless presenter is a stylish-looking PowerPoint and reports presenter that is easy to use and install. It lets you manage presentations and navigate through reports even if you are across the room. This is compatible with almost all systems making it an ideal presenter for everyone. Cons Connects only up to 33 feet This Maxbell product thrives on the company it has been manufactured by.

Maxbell is fast growing into one of the leading online brands, with a large selection of Electronics, Clothing, Sunglasses, Baby products and much more. This product manufactured by them has been made with absolute accuracy to aid in the presentation and live up to the customer demands. The price is also cheap which appeals to the customers. The R controls the powerpoint slides great, but the laser cuts out repeatedly and requires the power switch be cycled off and on again to restore laser function.

This is the third R and all three have done this. The first one was replaced under warranty and the replacement also did the same thing after a few months. I use this presenter for about 45 minutes one day a week with an average of 15 minutes of laser operation. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. Table of Contents. Check Now. LCD display A wireless presenter Brilliant green laser pointer Up to foot meter range Plug-and-play wireless receiver It is provided with a 3 year limited hardware warranty It also has a brilliant green laser and intuitive slideshow controls Powerful and easy to see-even on LCD, plasma displays and in brightly lit rooms. Very poor battery back-up The expensive tag it is priced at There could have a button that could start the slide show from the current slide and in a way it could work as a wireless mouse.

Farther wireless range With a 3-year warranty Works as a cursor joystick With the extra-bright green pointer Compatible with Windows and Mac IOS Can work with all presentation screens and surfaces. Complaints about poor battery power. Can be used 98 feet away Compatible with different systems Ideal for all kinds of presentations With green laser pointer and instant access to navigations. Complaints that green light is not so bright Complaints about the placement of the buttons.

Dongle easily connects Easy to use and install Compatible with all systems Comes with magnifying feature. Complaints that it is too small to hold Complaints that battery power does not last long.

Wireless Presenters & Laser Pointers

Easy to take anywhere Is compatible with all systems Easy to use, no installation needed Red laser light color is better than green Can be used even if you are across the room. Battery-operated This can only reach up to 50 feet. Will work on all systems Easy to install and setup Easy to use slideshow buttons Can reach up to 98 feet across the room Comes with a bright red light for easy presentation.

Complaints that it only supports the light function Complaints that this is not compatible with their system. With the brighter green light Compatible with all operating systems Recharges fast and power lasts longer Easy to use and install on your PC or laptop. Complaints of battery power Complaints that it is too small for his hands. They include your posture, whether you use meaningful gestures and how understandable your explanations are etc.

However, if you want to focus on these aspects of presentations, you should certainly find a way to have control on the slideshow without staying in front of your laptop or so. Similarly, you may need a way-out to point out important section in a particular slide, especially if you need an interactive and into-the-audience presentation. We hope these tools will be helpful for a number of teachers, professionals and students out there.

Logitech Introduces Professional Presenter

Logitech Wireless Presenter R Logitech Wireless Presenter R is a combination of a bright laser point and an intuitive wireless presenter! Using it while you present a slideshow will help you manage the slides quite easily — so convenient than you expect it to be! It offers a maximum range of 50 foot, meaning that you have the freedom to move, keeping in control the show.

The most important thing about Logitech Wireless Presenter R is that its support for plug-and-play, meaning that you do not have to install anything for controlling your slideshow presentation using the device. Just plug in the receiver, switch it on and start using. Inateck Wireless Presentation Control Inateck Wireless Presentation Control is a professional-looking wireless presentation controller that can conveniently be used in various situations. Powered using one AAA battery, Inateck Wireless Presentation Control provides range of 66 foot, which is enough for a typical presentation environment, we suppose.

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Altogether, Inateck Wireless Presentation Control is a professional solution when you need to control slideshows in an impressive manner. Also, you do not have to mess up with installation and all, as Inateck Wireless Presentation Control is plug-and-play in use. Talking of the range, the device can be used even when it is foot distant from the system.

Along with the default usage, there is an option to download Smart Key Map for extending productivity of the controller by setting alternate functions.