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Where is the hash symbol '#' on this keyboard? - Apple (UK)

This is a cruel joke. I want the real pound symbol. How do type in Terminal?

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If the only issue you have is that is that Shift - 3 should be then a solution is to change the input source to Australian rather than British. This is a duplicate of my answer on Stack Overflow. On most other keyboards Shift - 3 is as others have said. There are conflicting reports on similar answers that choosing an Irish input source might or might not work. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Ask Question.

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  • I have 'Use option key as meta' set in Terminal keyboard settings. Max Heiber Max Heiber 2 2 bronze badges. Change your keyboard input device to Australian - the only change is making shift 3 stackoverflow. Can you post this as an answer so I can vote up and mark correct pronto. I am ecstatic that I can use the computer for programming now. Please explain why using Australian is different for you than using US.

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    I think they are identical except for the flag. Which is exactly what I was looking for. If there are other differences, I haven't found them yet. The keyboard retains U. Both US and Australian use Shift 3 to make. If you have time to try US, I would be really curious if you find a difference from Australian. Ask Question. I haven't been about to find a solution for this.

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    Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad

    Maybe using a mac to run bootcamp to run windows to run R somehow disables the 3 key. Or could be the shift key since you need both to make a hash.

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    • I'm just surprised not to find any information on it. Thanks anyway. The first left hand side Alt key doesn't have a shortcut function.

      Finding the #Hash key on Apple Mac Keyboard (press alt+3)

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