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Now is a good time to learn how to wrap those cables so they don't take up so much space, or order some velcro cable ties, twist ties, or zip ties to help you keep everything coming out of the back of your computer neat and tidy, and maybe even label them with milk jug labels or bread tags.

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If it's really bad, you can always repurpose a rain gutter , use a flower pot , or find another container to keep the cables and their slack out of sight. If you're setting some time aside to tidy up your Mac for the spring, the first thing you'll want to do is make sure you have all of the latest patches, security updates, and application updates available via Software Update.

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If you're running a really old version of Mac OS and you've been thinking about upgrading, there's no time like the present to get on board with OS After you've made sure your system is all up to date, it's time to dig into your Applications folder and start uninstalling programs that you know you no longer need. In most cases, uninstalling a Mac app is as simple as dragging the app to the trash, but doing just that can leave orphaned preferences files from those uninstalled apps on your computer. We'd suggest using an actual uninstaller, like our current favorite , AppCleaner , which is completely free.

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If you use one of these apps to remove those unwanted programs from your system, you can be sure you're getting rid of all of their associated files as well. Finally, head into System Preferences, click on Accounts, and clean out the Login Items tab of any applications that you don't want to run on startup. Sometimes even uninstalled apps leave entries behind, and it's a good idea to tidy up your startup items anyway. If you've been following along, you've cleaned up your Mac on the outside, your Mac is up to date, and you've uninstalled the programs you no longer use or need on your system.

Now it's time to finish cleaning your Mac up on the inside and get back the hard drive space that's probably being wasted by old VirtualBox images, video game screenshots, or other assorted files you didn't know were lurking on your system. The venerable Disk Inventory X is a great tool that will scan your drives and show you what's eating up all of your space in an easy to understand view, and it's completely free.

Just make sure you empty your trash when you're through with everything to really get the space back. Head into Disk Utility and click "Verify Disk. You may also notice that you can verify or repair disk permissions. It doesn't hurt if you do it, but whether or not it's actually useful as a troubleshooting step is hotly debated.

7 Effective Ways to Speed up Your MacBook in

All-things-Mac writer John Gruber says it's voodoo, and honestly, he's right—it's not very useful for regular troubleshooting. What exactly is slowing it down? Get rid of these things to increase the speed of your Mac. I work for Trend Micro and the opinions expressed here are my own. Posted on: April 16, Posted in: Malware , Security. Getting Up to Speed on Azure. Featured Authors. Please note: the techniques we introduce below are the ones that are very likely to give your Mac a real performance boost.

A clean Mac is better than a cluttered one. More system resources are required to make it run smoothly, including more available storage space. For most Mac users, the easiest way to clean up your MacBook disk is to use CleanMyMac , an app that works amazingly well to help detect and remove system junk, large and old files, unused apps and their associated files. Also, space-wasters like unnecessary files, duplicates, apps and games can eat up precious GBs without your knowledge.

Five tips to speed up your Mac

To quickly check if your Mac is overloaded with duplicate or similar files especially photos , use Gemini — an intelligent duplicate finder app for Mac. If you are a power user, you can also perform those cleaning tasks manually, though it would be more time-consuming. The first steps are to empty the trash, clear your downloads folder. For example, when purchasing a movie on iTunes, you are provided with the standard version and the HD version.

How to Speed Up Your Mac without Spending a Cent

For a two hour movie, the HD version probably takes up more than twice the amount of space the standard version does. Another way to clear up space is to get rid of old iOS device backups. Whenever you backup a device through iTunes, the information is stored but not replaced, as you periodically backup information. You only need the most recent backup, so make sure to clean out old ones.

Advanced Mac Tuneup scam removal (Mac).

Learn how to do from this article. To take this a step further, you can also delete old app backups manually in iTunes. While macOS Mojave has enhanced built-in protection from traditional viruses, still adware and spyware may have caught you. Malware, or ad-injection software aka, Adware , comes from third-party download sites, according to Apple. There are safety precautions you can take to avoid ever having the same problem when dealing with adware or malware.

Good practices include disabling Java in browsers as well as in the entire Macintosh system, regularly updating software in Mac App Store, and disabling Adobe Flash and Acrobat Reader from loading automatically in Safari.

Clean your Mac & make it run fast and smooth

The SMC, or, System Management Controller is hooked up with power management, keyboard backlights and fan control among other features. SMC issues can result in slow performance and many other issues, like a noisy fan. Learn how to reset it from this video tutorial:.

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If you feel your MacBook Air or Pro starts to act up, with typical symptoms like sound issues, resolution problems, or slow boot in startup, etc.