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I want to run this command via Applescript or shell script so I can run it automatically via Esko Automation Engine script runner.

I have some cool scripts already using Ruby and Python thanks to the great members in this community but can't figure out how to use the cat command within an applescript. Posted on Mar 24, AM. Mar 27, AM.

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Mar 24, AM. Thanks, I'm trying this, without much success trying to fit in with the Esko script runner methodology :. I see now what you were saying, it's just an Applescript with parameters, so, I think this may work:. That looks logical to me, and I'm sure it's almost there, but I get an error: "the variable input is not defined".

Re: Merge Multiple CSV files to one XLS with multiple tabs

You need to be sure to use the full path to the files. The default directory will not be your home folder I seem to recall. I think it would be easier to pass unix file paths to apple script if you can. That way you can avoid having to convert the file path.

Merge CSV files

All a hassle in my experience. Mar 24, PM. Mar 24, PM in response to rccharles In response to rccharles.

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Merge Multiple CSV Files in Excel - Excel VBA Tutorial

Unix based systems are nice because they can combine multiple commands in one single line. To merge files together we need to recur to the cat utility is normally used to print on screen the content of a file.

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In our circumstance we will use this to combine the source with the destination. The normal syntax requires you to use the single greater sign. Oh man. Cat will receive the first file name shown from ls and it will create a file called mynewfile.

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Once on the second file cat will get the content of that file and because of our double greater sign it will combine the content with the existing file. As a result, you will have your new shiny mynewfile. Name richiesto.