Mac 239 vs zoeva 234

I think this is more of a tool for creating a cut crease look where you want to emphasize the crease. I sometimes use it to create a soft outer V because its shape allows you great control to place the color and also blend it out to the exact desired shape.

This one reminds me of MAC that I use all the time to place eyeshadow on the lids. For me, its paddle shape works better at packing on color than blending it. It is simply too flat to be used to create a smokey effect for me. Sometimes I also use the tip to softly apply color along the lower lash line. I use this brush pretty much the same way as the and that is to pack on color on the lids. Its smaller size allows placement of color in a more defined area. I like to use it to add a highlighting shade in the middle of the lids as well as in the inner corners.

The bristles are slightly less soft than the though. The bristles are long but firm enough to let you perfect a winged liner look with ease.

ZOEVA 234 Smoky Shader eye brush

It works best with gel eyeliner. I always tightline when I wear eye makeup and this tool is good for that. The soft taklon hair does not irritate my inner lash line at all which isn't something I can say for most fine liner brushes! There is no easier way to create a sharp winged liner than using this type of brush.

Step 1: place the angled tip on the outer corner to the angle desired ; step 2: draft the shape of your liner along the lash line by doing short strokes ; step 3: fill in the shape to finish. Super easy! I have to be extra careful never to put too much pressure when using this brush because it has a tendency to pick up too much color possibly due to its dense, firm, and slanted tip.

I'd start slow for a more softened brows and build up the drama if necessary! I've been using this set for almost a year now with regular wash and I'm happy to see that each brush has held up well.

2. Medium Tapered Brush

The natural hair ones may have displayed small splayed ends here and there but the synthetic ones have held up their shape well. There's no sheddding that I could detect. The imprinting on the handles hasn't wiped off yet so far for me. Each brush is also versatile enough that you can use it for multiple tasks.

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Now that I know the quality and versatility of Zoeva brushes, I know this won't be my last set from them. I'm happy to own the Vol. If you would rather buy certain brushes only, Zoeva sells these individually as well. Disclosure: The product mentioned was provided free of charge for review consideration.


All opinions expressed herein are honest and my own. Zoeva were the first brushes I bought. That was eight year ago now and I still use them almost daily. Not the fancy rosegold version, but still, they do hold up amazingly.

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Very nice, I should probably get some of those at some point. I seem to never have enough eyeshadow brushes.

MAC Brushes: 239 vs. 217 vs. 224

The handle also cracked after a few months. Read more about us here or leave a comment below or connect with us on social media at Instagram , Facebook and Twitter! Mmm Tom Ford…. I have a MAC too and I love it to bits! Perhaps I should not be lazy and take the brush to the shower with me and leave it to dry overnight. Umm, have you checked out the Zoeva brush line before?

Their brush is similar to these two and their brushes cost a fraction of the hakuhodo one and MAC. Good point Robert! I find it easy to clean too with the MAC brush cleanser. Wow, it lasted you for so long now, no wonder people say that brushes are a lifetime investment! Haha indeed! My MAC briushes have all turned cream too. Thanks for the tip! I was surprise of its good quality and still working well these days! So I bought another set 2 years later but the quality has gone terribly! You are absolutely right about MAC travel brushes quality, Nicole!

I own a set from years ago and the quality was quite decent. Even back then, there was a difference in quality between travel and full sized brushes, but these days, the travel ones are sad to say, junk. I have this brush, and.

Having said that, I prefer the Mac anytime!! Haha did you get it for using pigments too? This is one of my holy grail brushes and I hate that word holy gra—eeeeh. Truly a gem, I agree with you Paris! Two more to add: — This is really good for lining both the upper and lower lash line because of how flat and thin it is. With all of these merits, it is no wonder a simple daily makeup can be done with just and alone!!

Zoeva Brush Haul

Like you, I have been living on just two brushes every morning for the last years ever since I bought both. Good points Jyoan! Looks like so many us of love this little brush right? This brush has made my blending brush redundant but I still love to use both occasionally! Hi Yvonne! Thanks for dropping by and commenting! However, if you are new to leaving comments you may benefit from reading the comment policy first. Your email address will not be published.