Mac stuck on white screen with spinning wheel

Insert your Mac OS X Note: If the gray screen issue persists and you can't start from the disc, go to the "Disconnect peripheral devices" section. In Disk Utility, perform a disk repair of your Mac OS X volume; if no issues are found, perform a permissions repair as well. If issues are found during the disk repair, try repairing again. Safe boot worked a treat but when I restart it goes back to white screen with Apple and spinning wheel. Somehow your OS became corrupt and you lost access to it. This can be caused by a hard drive failure Yea oldturkey03, that is what tends to happen.

It's either a corrupt OS or a hard drive issue as stated in my answer. What I was going for was that you try and complete your answers. Pretend you are the Apple store.

Fix Apple logo spinning wheel not loading start up METHODE 2017!!! #apple #macbookpro

Not everybody in the world has access to it. Not all search engines provide the same route, or the same links. Always think about the OP. Wonder where they might reside and what resource they might have. Remember that ifixit has a big international following as well. Your answers are good but some need a bit more detail to be complete. Show 3 more comments. Help Translate iFixit. Back Answers Index. Answer this question I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No. Voted Undo. Score 1. Insight iPhone Cases.

Most Helpful Answer. Was this answer helpful? I finally had time to dive into this more today and unfortunately I am still stuck. I can ONLY boot in safe mode. I can not run a hardware test or disk utility because every time I try to boot holding any key other than shift I get no progress. Safe mode boots every time but as I said before the display looks pixelated and my displays are reversed. I tried adjusting this in the preferences with no avail. So I do suspect video card damage. I also recently realized I possibly may have been experiencing 'brown outs' power fluxuations in my electrical.

I have my Mac on a quality surge protector but havent had anything to provide power if it dips. I picked up a UPS yesterday.

Anyhow, can I run the hardware test or disk utility while booted in safe mode? Since this is all I can get to, I am hoping there is a way to execute these tasks from there as well. Lastly, I dont want to keep trying over and over and cause any more damage or data loss, would you reccommend I stop trying to be mr fixit and take it to a certified tech at this point? Thanks so much for your time, it is great to be able to find good help when needed, much appreciated! Jul 8, PM.

If you do not have your keyboard plugged into a USB on the chassis, do that now so that you have more options. The only way to get the Apple Hardware Test to start is to use the D key -- it uses a special "really dumb" loader to assure success. I had my a female USB extention cable between my keyboard and Mac, I figured since 'shift' worked, this cable was working, but sure enough, when I removed the extention, I was able to run the hardware test first try.

How to Fix a Mac That Stalls on Gray Screen at Startup

Looks like RAM problems. Does this code specify which RAM stick is causing the problem? Maybe I should attempt re-seating, cleaning, re-arrangind the RAM? It appears that my motherboard and both RAM risers are okay. However, I seem to have 2 bad RAM sticks. I found that each riser is recognized in each slot. I also found that all 4 of my RAM sticks are recognized each time.

However, in the list, 2 of the RAM sticks show more info each time than the other 2. I think this may be the RAM model number? Am I right in assuming that because the same 2 sticks, no matter where they are placed, do not display this extra info, that they are bad. These were the 2 sticks in the bottom Riser B which had the most dust bunnies accumulated also.

mac - Interrupting the "Spinning Wheel of Death"? - Super User

I removed these 2 bad sticks and put 1 good stick on each riser. Ran extended hardware test and recieved 'no problems found'. However, restarting just lead me back to the same frozen white screen with no OSX boot. I then put the 2 good sticks together on riser A, ran hardware test, recieved 'no problems found'. Then upon restart, I got the same frozen white screen however it blink the beatiful blue for a moment after the apple logo went away.

I am now attempting to boot from my Snow Leopard install disk to run disk utility.

MacBookPRO hangs forever on start up... spinning wheel for every task...

However, I seem to be having no luck here. It did flash blue for a minute but then turned white and has been sitting there for about 5 minutes now. I am suspecting a failing power supply now, since electrical problems. I have tried any way I can to boot from an install disc and it will not boot. I keep getting white screen with grey logo, spinning gear, then blue for a moment, then back to blank white frozen. Only Apple RAM is installed, all items are original. All that is connected is an apple keyboard, mouse, and cinema display. I am still booting fine in safe mode.

I am wondering now how to know if my power supply is conflicting, because hardware test says 'no problems' since I removed 2 RAM sticks. Jul 9, AM. Same result, grey logo, spinning gear, blue sceen for about 10sec, white freeze. Both hard drives and the OSX install disc appeared and all files seemed to be in place. Passing extended hardware test now also. What should I do, new hard drive and restore with Time Machine?

Jul 9, PM. If the spinning gear spins for the normal amount of time, and the screen turns white at the end of that time, and. To continue debugging, you need some more known-good components. Luckily, they have a supply of these at the genius Bar at your local Apple Store. An appointment for an evaluation is free -- in warranty or out of warranty.

The genius may be dealing with another customer in the "dead-times", such as while your diagnostics are running, etc. I hope that it is something simple like that. Hopefully no issues on the mother board that the hardware test did not find. Nice to know the diagnostics are free.

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I made an appointment for Wednesday morning. I will update with what I find. I have been having identical issues to you, including power outages, Older UPS protection invloved. Long story short: grey screen on boot, can't boot from disc, always a safe boot no problem, can boot from external drive in safe mode but not normal boot. One difference perhaps my mac menu is showing a huge use of wired memory that I cannot purge no matter what I do.

Reinstalled Went to genius bar today with macpro in tow. Spent around 1. Doesn't think it's software. I have 7 gigs of ram, we tried restarting with just the original mb of original Ram, same problem. I was assuming this was for a logic board but I didn't ask at the time. I was wondering if there were people out there who knew how to diagnose logic board problems, but the more I read and think about this stuff, I feel it may be either the power supply or even the video cards.

If anybody here knows about diagonosing logic boards please let me know.

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I'm sure there must be a way but it probably involves knowing the voltages and schematics for the board. In the mean time, I'm thinking I'm going to completely remove all componets, clean and inspect them and see if I can get my hands on a replacement PSU Jul 11, AM in response to espvision In response to espvision. Unfortunately I do not know how to diagnostics on these pieces. So I am extremely hopeful that it is not my logic board.