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This does cost money, but there is a trial version, where they give you 5 free samples for every set of samples you do. So if you only change one thing, such as the key signature, you get five more free pieces. I use my mobile phone with Solfa.

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Mobile device allows me to learn on way to and from work train, bus and also somehow feels more convenient and "ready" than a desktop computer or laptop. You cannot take your piano on a bus. This keyboard is playable not a great sound but seems correct pitch so the tool also trains ear in some degree.

Nothing bad can be said about this program really; it does all apart MIDI , costs like a cup of coffee and runs on a wide variety of smartphones Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Amazon Android, etc. Another one I just found: Finale. It claims to have flash cards and "music-themed puzzles and games" to help learn various aspects of music playing and theory. However, I've never tried it. It supports MIDI interface, and is not free. There are tips to improve your sight-reading on their introducary page The free version has pretty much all the features of Noteable, but with nicer graphics. It also supports accidentals, and a timed scrolling mode.

Note Rush: Music Reading Game

However, it doesn't support MIDI input. The good news is that there's a paid version which does support MIDI input. It also allows you to practice chords and key-signatures. I personally use Band-in-the-Box for the purpose of practicing or better say upkeep my sight-reading. It generates, chords, melodies and solos so You can practice different qualities of sight-reading.

You can loop generated songs. You can choose keys, styles, postions and so one - nor to songs will be the same. Of course this is not a learning software, so maybe You will need some preparatory exercises done elsewhere. You may also want to consider Piano Marvel, which does not randomly generate notes and chords like Jalmus; it is more thorough than the any of the other programs listed thus far for developing functional sight-reading skills.

With it you sight-read actual compositions, more of them than you could ever dream of buying or borrowing--it includes a large library of classical pieces updated daily, ranging widely in scope and difficulty among the traditional repertoire, IE, from a Schubert Ecossaise, to J.

Bach inventions, to Debussy preludes, and even Chopin's etudes and some gospel. They are decently prepared editions including fingerings, dynamics, and tempo markings. It runs very smoothly and relatively bug free as far as I can tell, and it does score you. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. What is good software for learning how to sight-read?

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Please, if you want to answer this question which is borderline and might be closed , just one software proposal by answer, and be very careful not to enter duplicates. If someone has already suggested your favorite software, vote it up, and add comments if needed. One thing to note is that if you want to learn how t sight read fluidly, it's important to be able to read the intervals between notes, not just the notes themselves. Emphasis on just quickly reading each note sells you short. Also, learning from the PC besides easy practice additionally gave me one extra benefit: I noticed that I immediately gave up looking at the keys when practising with a program!

This is clearly a double-win approach. I've tried Jalmus from this list. From the website : Jalmus is a free, open source music education software helping the musicians, especially pianists, to improve their sight-reading. There are lots of good answers, and I haven't had a chance to try them all yet I'll mark my favorite as accepted, after I've tried them all. However, I am giving this one the bounty because, though it is very ugly, it not only looks like it does everything I'd like, but it's open-source! I may even consider contributing to this if I like it enough Just noticed that Jalmus has been discontinued: jalmus.

Note Rush is made by Thomas Grayston, a software developer, pianist, and husband to a piano teacher. This will subscribe you to the Note Rush mailing list. You will receive periodic updates regarding new features and special offers. Unsubscribe at any time.

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Toggle navigation Note Rush. News Troubleshooting Contact Us. Tell your students to buy this app instead of a box of flashcards. It is definitely one of my top favorites and will be used often!

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I especially like using it at group lessons. A fun game for practising note reading on the music staff to help you learn piano, keyboard, flute, saxophone, violin, or just about any other instrument! Note Rush uses the microphone to listen as you play each note like you would with flashcards, only these flashcards check that you're playing the right note! Choose from a bunch of fun themes and race to earn stars and beat your best time! Note Rush is great for teaching keyboard geography by making sure each note is played in the correct octave!

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This is a minor update to have the full keyboard work with lessons. I have bigger changes in the works! It's time for your word art to shine.

Jalmus software -

Plus, we show you how to use Instagram's new fundraiser and sh Overview Specs. From Ryan Newsome: The app for those who are serious about learning and practicing sight reading. This app is designed to mimic the look and style of real sheet music. This is important when you transition between this app and your music as it will be a natural transition.

Another important feature of this app is to read from left to right while having multiple notes on the staff at the same time as it would be with real music. This app does that in the most efficient way possible for the limited screen. Simple interface that will allow you to naturally transition from app to sheet music.