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Monitor your portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more.

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Keep track of the market in a whole new way. Record, edit and produce digital audio. Like what you hear? Then share it or buy it. Read and write tablature notation for guitar, bass, drums and more. Turn your Mac into a powerful guitar amp and effects studio. Within seconds, your new app flies to Launchpad, ready to go. Update one app at a time or all of them at once, for free. You can install apps on every Mac authorized for your personal use and even download them again. Great apps for your Mac.

Logic Pro X Turn your Mac into a complete professional recording studio. Scrivener Compose and structure your complex documents like never before. Things Keep track of to-dos, due dates and projects with this task manager app. Notability Annotate documents, record lectures and take notes with this all-in-one app. Autodesk SketchBook Take your ideas further with a complete set of digital drawing tools. Pocket See something you like? Kuvva Wallpapers Choose specially curated wallpapers from a new artist each week. Tonality Create inspiring black-and-white images on your Mac.

Bike Baron Beat hundreds of challenges as you master over different bike tracks. SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition Build a city from the ground up and manage your metropolis in every way. Next - Track your expenses and finances See your expenses by year, month or day, and take control of your finances. Investoscope Monitor your portfolio of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and more. StockTouch Keep track of the market in a whole new way. Sound Studio Record, edit and produce digital audio. Shazam Like what you hear? You can also organize bookmarks with drag and drop and check the history of all visited servers.

Uploading files is a one-step procedure. Drag and drop bookmarks to Finder and drop files onto bookmarks to upload. You can even sync local directories with a remote server. One of the best features of Cyberduck is the integration with Cryptomator. It works by creating a vault directory in the cloud storage and encrypts files and folders with AES cipher keys. Anything you put inside this vault will encrypt transparently.

That means no hidden backdoors from third parties, and greater privacy when using cloud services. The app is easy to use. All you have to do is create a new vault and enter a name and passphrase to secure it. Read More Skim goes one step ahead.

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The left side of the main window lets you view page thumbnails or the table of contents. Meanwhile, the right side has a note panel that allows you to see all the annotations and notes you created. Skim includes a feature called the reading bar to help you concentrate.

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And the content pane has a powerful built-in search feature: it highlights the search term on relevant pages and groups them by density and sheet. If the book has thousands of pages, you can take a snapshot for reference or split the PDF into two halves. And finally, you can export all notes and annotations as a text file.

Just get the BibTeX citation of a source and put it in the app to create a well-organized library. These tips, guides, and more will tell you everything you need to start making use of LaTeX. Read More , then you can write and cite with BibDesk effortlessly. Using the app is easy. Every publication offers a cite key with details like the article type, author, year, and more. Copy the cite key, and BibDesk will automatically retrieve all the details.

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You can also drag and drop the PDF and fill in the details. Or if you prefer, simply copy the details and paste them into your documents instead. If you find yourself slipping into procrastination and wasting time on distracting sites, then this app will prove useful. Add the website you want to block in the blacklist window. Move the slider to decide the duration of the block the minimum is 15 minutes. Click Start , then type your password to start the block. Katana is a simple screenshot utility that lives in your menu bar.

Take a screenshot with a hotkey, and the app will then upload the file to several image hosts, including Imgur and Pomf. Kap is a great alternative that sits in your menu bar The Ultimate List of Mac Menu Bar Apps The Ultimate List of Mac Menu Bar Apps These tiny smart utilities don't get in our way like the dock apps do -- Mac menu bar apps sit in a corner and swing into action only when you need them!

Read More for easy access. The crop tool menu has six preset layouts, including , , , and more. You can also manually insert custom values or capture the entire window of an app—the layout guidelines will always remain visible.

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Kap even lets you record mouse movements. If you have an attached microphone, you can add your voice to the recording. This puts the quit action on hold until the countdown completes. You can increase the delay from one second to, say, five seconds with this Terminal command the time is in milliseconds :.

Download: SlowQuitApps. What Is Markdown? Then Markdown is the answer for you no matter who you are. Read More designed with simplicity. The app has all the features of a typical Markdown app, including support for both light and dark themes. The standard preview window that replaces markdown syntax symbols with their proper formatting is here too.

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MarkText also has an autocomplete feature to pair brackets, supports emojis, and has built-in support of MathJax. CotEditor is a lightweight text and code editor. It features a clean and straightforward interface that lets you quickly change line endings, file encoding, and syntax coloring. It supports nearly 60 programming languages, so you can choose the syntax coloring as needed.

The built-in Info side panel lets you view detailed information about the file, including text encoding, character count, and more. It has excellent support of regular expressions, a powerful feature for finding and replacing text usually found only in paid editors.