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Artisan 50 PVC Card Printing Setup - Mac OS X 10.9 & 10.10 (Mavericks & Yosemite)

Note: Many Epson drivers are supplied via Apple's Software Update and may already be installed on your system. However, on each of the 4 rolls of film I subsequently scanned, at least once in the process the scanner stopped and I got a pop up message telling me to close the lid or remove the document mat. I'm not convinced the problem is related to my download, but I wonder if anyone else has experienced a similar issue? In my case happens only scanning films, though.

So you think its a bug in the driver, then? I think I have some kind of resolution, albeit not perfect.

Epson Printer Drivers

Neverthless, perhaps it will help others. That didn't help at all since they had not understood my problem or perhaps just sent me their canned response. I contacted Epson again and they told me to call them for help. I did that. They answered promptly after a few keypad selections on the phone. This was a good surprise. The Epson lady asked me to fire up the scanner, go to Configuration, and reset all values to the default.

Then, while she was on the phone I scanned some negs. Of course, Eight negs scanned without incident. With the problem I had been having I would only get maybe 5 or less before the scanner would stop.

In search of a solution

So, I surmised that restoring the scanner to default settings may have solved the problem. I hang up.

I start scanning again. I get to 3 and the scanner stops. Same problem as before! But it got me thinking. When I was on the phone to Epson Lady and simultaneously doing the test scans, I wasn't doing my usual routine, which is to start the scans and then do a little web surfing until the scans are done. I didn't surf while scanning with Epson Lady. So I tried scanning with no web surfing. Scanner works great. Then, scan with surfing.

Apple Epson Printer Driver for Mac OS X Driver - TechSpot

Problem again. Scan again with no surfing: no problem. Scan again with surfing: problem. And so on. Quite satisfied now that the Mac Mavericks OS doesn't like to let you operate your scanner in the background while you're web surfing. I suspect it has something to do with the amount of memory required by the PC to perform its various functions.


Do you scan with a high resolution?