French punctuation on mac keyboard

Type French accents on a Mac

For example for the letter e:. This method also works to type accents on iPhone and iPad.

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To type accents and other French characters, hold the option key while typing the key s in the third column, then release everything and press the key in the last column if any. To type accents on capital letters, add shift to the final step. KeyCaps is available on OS9 and below.

How to Type French Accents: Accent Codes and Shortcuts

These instructions were provided to me by Mac users. If there are mistakes or omissions, please let me know.

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Special Characters on the MAC. For the Mac you will have to use the Option key. While holding down the Option key, press the key indicated below for the correct accent, then press the letter you want to be accented. If the special character does not appear, check to be sure that the Caps Lock is off.

Macintosh Accent Codes

Ctrl- : Colon, you will have to press Ctrl, Shift and ; at the same time. Option-c only you will not have to press C afterwards.

Writing in French

Some people prefer the US International layout, but good typists will find the French Canadian keyboard particularly easy to learn. All the letters are in the same location as on a US keyboard, which is not the case for some very common letter keys on the French keyboard , although some of the common symbols have been relocated to allow easy access to accent keys, which are assigned to the bracket, apostrophe and slash keys on the right side of the keyboard.

French accents on Mac

The brackets, apostrophe and slash are still accessible through different keystrokes. The Canadian keyboard layout is illustrated at the bottom of this page. To install an alternate keyboard, open the Control panel, locate the "keyboard" icon, double-click it.