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How to Eject a Stuck CD or DVD From Your Mac

The resulting disc can be used on Mac, Windows, and Linux computers. You can now eject the disc and share it with friends. It should work on any other computer, including those running Windows and Linux operating systems. A former ghost writer for some of Apple's most notable instructors, Cone founded Macinstruct in , a site with OS X tutorials that boasts hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month.

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  • Eject a stuck CD/DVD from a MacBook Pro.
  • Use an External Optical Drive!
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You can email him at: matt macinstruct. The place to learn about your Mac.

Drive Icons Missing From Your Mac's Desktop?

Tips and tutorials for novices and experts. The window shown below appears. But if you'd rather have a bit more control over your desktop, and customize it to fit your needs, then read on. In fact, you can specify which desktop icons you'd like to be visible simply by setting the preferences in the Finder.

Use Remote Disc

Click on the desktop or open a Finder window to ensure the Finder is currently the front-most application. From the menu bar , select Finder Preferences.

Connected servers: Refers to any network storage devices or networked file systems that are usable by your Mac. If you would rather use your own photos as icons, there are a number of apps that will convert your favorite picture to the icon format, which you can then use with your Mac.

How to Add or Remove Eject Icon From the macOS Menu Bar

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IMac persistent optical drive problem (DVD) Apple

He is the president of Coyote Moon, Inc. In the Finder Preferences window that opens, click the General tab. You'll see a list of devices that can have their associated icon displayed on your desktop:. Hard disks: This includes internal devices, such as hard drives or SSDs.