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What happen exactly when you try to connect again before restarting? Jul 17, 1, 0 12, Jul 31, 0 10, 3. I was actually in the same boat as you for some time. I have a home network where i have 1 MBP running Originally i was trying to setup a file server with Windows Server , but my MBP just wouldn't pickup the machine over the network, but the PowerMacs did for some reason.

After going back and forth and not getting anywhere, I ended up just converting one of the PowerMacs into Leopard Server and everything will stay connected to it without a problem. Now i still do use one of my Windows 7 machines as a media server, in which i have a few shared folders, but, depending on how long the W7 tower is one for, wired into the router, after a few hours my Macs won't see or connect at all, and the only way i have found to fix it was to restart the W7 tower itself, now the Macs.

I have tried restarting them, but that still didn't help.

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So i really don't have a solution to your problem, but i wanted to let you know you're not the only one, i have been having the same issue, but i haven't found any fix to it unfortunately. All the Mac people it's a Windows problem and to replace all the PCs with Macs, which just isn't possible, and the PC users have given me some fixes top try, but they don't really have an effect. Best answer selected by yoaverez. Curious42Know Reputable. Feb 13, 5 0 4, 0. Hi to all posting in this thread! Was this situation ever resolved? I've had the same problem The Win7 machines see the Mac They can pull files from that Mac OS Is this really the best that Mac OS I'm amazed Note: Mac OS Apr 8, 1 0 4, 0.

Discs are very often automatically disconnected when switching between Lan or Wifi, when waking up, sometimes with no reason during the work. In Terminal and Finder I see only "? Restart is the only solution, made several times a day.. Windows and Linux stations in neighbourhood have no problem.

In a sentence - OSX is the worst network operating system a I've ever worked with. Apr 24, 1 0 4, 0. This is a common problem, one I have experienced many times on large networks. Insert an apple airport router into your network.

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Sounds strange but it works. I believe it could be do to the way apple airport extreme actually reads the rDNS that apple products use. Also, there is a company I have used in the past that deals directly with this problem. Post thread. Reviews comments.

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OS X Lion: Serious Wi-Fi Disconnect Problems for Macs, And Solutions?

Latest: JDFan 12 minutes ago. The only thing that has been as crap outside of Apple is the Surface - and in fact, it was my experience with the Apples that clued me into mitigating the similar issues I had. The major difference is that Microsoft has almost fixed it in five months, as opposed to the Apples which I've been experiencing pretty similar conditions since at least ' No error messages, using a WNDR router. I'm in a small apartment, so distance shouldn't be a problem.

I killed the network profile and re-added. I'll see if I can swing by the Apple store this week. Well no - distance can a problem depending on the router. I'm talking issues with some routers past just a couple of rooms. If Apple isn't able to resolve the issue, why not pick up an AEx to use as at least an AP or just hand off all wireless to it? Time Capsule for a router. I have already tried all the usual delete network profiles, repair permissions, etc My wife had that issue but I cannot really remember what I did to resolve it.

I do remember looking at the DHCP renewal time. I think it was set at an hour and that it might have been during the renewal cycle that the machine borked completely which made me lock the ip to the laptop and set the recycle time to 30 days or so. That or the routers own frequency adjustments whatever it is called when the router finds the best channel to operate on. At the time it was completely impossible to work on the laptop at home due to it dropping the connection all the time, but now it is just fine.

That's intended behaviour. Apple notebooks disconnect from wifi networks when they go to sleep. Really annoyed me when I first switched to Macs from Windows. Definitely check for conflicting networks. My neighbor across the street was blasting us out. I checked and there was a channel nobody was using so I switched us to it and things have been better.

Did you turn on the option to wake from a network connection on sleep? Actual sleep mode is RAM is only powered. No different from Windows machines. The issue isn't really having network immediately on recovery from sleep. It will usually have network after that. It's about ten or fifteen minutes later, it acts like the wireless adapter can't see anything.

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A reboot fixes it, or turning on and off wireless does the same. It's been really sporadic lately. Some days, it works perfectly and I notice no issues. Others, the wireless is completely spotty but works fine for all other devices. I'm not going to chunk a perfectly good router just because Apple also makes wireless gear.

There's no reason the laptop should be incompatible with a perfectly functional wireless device. I've also done a site survey - there is plenty of coverage and nobody else nearby is blowing me off of the channels. Of course but is it also intended to not reconnect once woken up? Because all of my other Macs do consistently except her MBA and it doesn't seem to be a unique problem according to the Apple forums. Leaping Gnome wrote: hestermofet wrote: That's intended behaviour. My MBA does the same thing every once in a while.

Wake it up, looks like it connects, try to browse, then disconnects again. Sometimes I have to turn off the wifi and turn it back on again. Interestingly, it only does it on campus and not at home. Makes me wonder if it's the routing hardware at school. To follow up on this, after a couple of visits to have it checked out and various fixes applied removing the wireless settings, working from a fresh OS, running update after update, etc and replacing my wireless router at home, they finally decided the wireless card needs to be replaced.

Not thrilled. Mine did that mid 11" MBA and Mavericks seems to have fixed that.

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That might have been an encryption difference. I had the issue, and I found somewhere online that I had once connected to a network that had the same name, but a different encryption key. I deleted it off of the preferred list and never had a problem again. Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Ars Praefectus et Subscriptor.

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