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So light and the perfect shade! Sapna: "This is easy to apply, lovely on — could see myself wearing it day or night — and seems like makeup that would last a full day. You can apparently also use it on your lips, and that seems like the makeup equivalent of a reversible T-shirt, which I am very down with. Tracy: "The finish looks more dewy than it does cakey; it gives more of a glow than the powder blushes I tried. Dria: "It's sheer, very subtle, and layering it more didn't make it more present.

But I didn't hate it. In fact, I kinda liked it! If you don't want to look too made up but want a hint of color, it's cool. I however don't want a hint of color. I want to look dewy and sun-kissed.

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My cheeks did not look "tinted," either. But it smelled great — like a fruit market. Just because a product has a particular label doesn't mean you can't experiment with how to use it. This blush, for example, can work as a blush or a bronzer. Tracy: "I like this one! Sapna: "This is a little deeper and rosier than I normally wear.

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I imagine it would look better at night, as it's a bit too intense for daytime wear. Feels light on my skin, though. The creamy texture felt cooling to the touch. It took quite a few layers of application, but as I sat with it, I began to like it more.

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It had a touch of color and a touch of shimmer. It was subtle, but it was the first one I feel like I noticed. When I said this aloud, people began to applaud!

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Sapna: "I love how it went on. Because it's in the form of a stick, it felt nice and really smooth and blends well!

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Bonus: It smells good, too. And so the determined Maya kept looking until she came up with some options that we hadn't considered: using lipstick as blush. As Maya took her fingers and applied the lipstick to my cheeks, I began to get so excited! It felt like she saved the day! It felt great to finally see that pop of color on my cheeks and to feel like all was not lost.

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Then we added the Betty-Lou Manizer bronzer on top, and I knew my dream look had come true. Labels industry makeup academy. Hi Bellas,. Contouring is an integral part of my makeup routine. This involves shading your face with a darker powder, on areas where shadows naturally occur. The result is a slimmed face, heightened cheekbones and defined features.

However, MAC Harmony blush is another popular contouring blush option. I acquired both and decided to do a compare and contrast for those of you from medium to tan to dark skintones that are interested in these products.

MAC Harmony Blush: Review, Swatch, Dupe and FOTD

Check it out! Harmony is a pink toned medium brown, where blunt is a darker red brown.

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Traditionally, contour shades have a cooler tone to mimic shadows. However, I find that on women of color, I prefer to go for warmer tones to contour because it gives a glow to the face and prevents an ashy look that can come from cooler tones. As you can see from the swatches, blunt is much darker swatched. However, you can see once applied they look pretty similar.

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I will say that blunt is definitely much darker and redder. Harmony can be built up but has more of a beigy pink undertone. Do you guys have any other contour powder recommendations? Leave them in the comments below!