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I have also had a bug were disconnecting from a base or unloading and object by going out of view would cause EC to stop being generated however i could all ways fix this by quick saving and loading. Now though they have just stopped making EC altogether and I cant get it to restart at all. Surprised this thread is short, following still btw.

Can't go interstellar, without interstellar. Could it be possible to integrate the docking ports of Konstruction without the other parts if the mod maker allows it? Structural integrity on star ships where the super structure is connected by docking ports has proven to be a near insurmountable problem for me on my builds, it just makes it impossible to launch the ships and build them in orbit rather than launching them in one go.

May I also thank you for your message, speed has been a major concern for me given that I can't use deepfreeze for this mission, simply because there is no way to mine it on arrival and that just means I only get what I go with, I'm using the Other Worlds Mod for testing as it is far away enough to be a challenge and adds just one star, also the fact it is updated.

A new release kSPIE 1. XD o well unlimited power cheat till that gets fixed on those guys. Because of balance. But also the Kerbstein is based on the fusion engine of the Rocinante from the Expanse series , which from my understanding is the smallest possible implementation of the Epstein engine. I remember before you and I were talking about the possibility of adding solar sails that can be propelled faster using lasers into KSPIE. Is this something that has been added or have you not gotten around to it?

Sorry I'm just lazy and don't feel like sifting through change logs. Certainly not. In fact if you had followed the development tread you would have noticed I'm close to release. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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Upload or insert images from URL. Add-on Releases Search In. Recommended Posts. Posted April 12, edited. What you can exactly. XRay Mod 1. By making the textures of those blocks disappear from your view, this mod allows you to figure out transparently coal, iron, gold, diamonds and valuable resources buried in caves, underground or abandoned. With the XRay mod you can more easily find out where the better blocks are.

It's a little bit more of a cheat than an ordinary mod as it alters the terrain only to your advantage.

If you are a little bit lazy then this mod is for you most certainly. This mod is no longer compatible with Minecraft PE. Try this. Hud — The onscreen hud showing info. Active-Mods — Displays your active.

How to install X-ray mod 1.4.7 (for mac)

Julialy's X-Ray Mod 1. Julialy's X-Ray Mod is an useful modification that lets you view through any blocks in your game.. Compatible: 1. Updated: September 1, Simply Hax Vision:. Antwort von MultiMonster. Find previous Rival Rebels versions for Minecraft 1. While it also works on multiplayer servers, it is not advised to use it X-Ray Mod for Minecraft 1. That's a great boon for those who farm cactus, since they usually destroy each other while you're trying to break them up.

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This stops that from happening. There is a full version of this mod which includes all of the changes mentioned, as well as a lite version which does far less — making items rotate on their axis while flying. Along with strolling more often and supporting the gamer shift faster, journey is also made by Better Sprinting Mod quicker.. Fly Mod. Download - 1. A decent addition to the world of Minecraft is the x-Ray Mod with Fly. This has come to the era of Minecraft with the versions 1. The user can see diamonds, gold, iron and other materials through other blocks with the help of this very mod.

Some are not available. Minecraft Mods. X-Ray Mod with Fly 1. This mod. Xray Mod by Omaration for Minecraft 1. MyCraft can load any mod, except for patcher style mods, and keep them organized without ever modifying the Minecraft jar. MyCraft includes a.


MyCraft also contains built-in mods for proxying, changing render options and flying, which are made with the API. Minecraft X-Ray Mod 1. Blocks closer to you loads first, and distant structures load later, but it does not seem optimized to priortize which direction you're looking at. This mod does not require Modloader so it can be easily installed.

Download the X-Ray mod zip files there's also a fly mod , 2. Aims to implement IC2 crops mutations for every crop, using the configs it should be possible to configure any mutation from any mod you want while also Allows the player to cheat with Fly, X-ray and other cheat tools. This mod can safely be called a cheat, because it allows you to see through the earth all the minerals, chests, caves.

It also allows you to fly in survival mode.

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If you are an honest player, then this mod is useless to you. This mod supports all versions of Minecraft starting with 1. Guida all'installazione della Xray Mod per Minecraft 1. Random Things Mod 1. Player wi Zombie Siege Map for Minecraft 1. The Cheating Essentials mod for 1.

Minecraft: X-Ray Texture Pack () - The Colorless

MineFall Mod for Minecraft 1. Wolf Armor and Storage Mod for Minecraft 1. Nether Things Mod for Minecraft 1. You finally updated the mod! Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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