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Install Lightroom 6 on Mac os El Capitan or Sie | Adobe Community

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6 thoughts on “Tethering Issues Reported in Newest Lightroom and OS El Capitan Releases”

Update History [Ver. Caution 1. Was this helpful? Thank you! Your feedback is used to help us improve our support content. It solved my issue. It covered my problem, but the solution still didn't work for me. The information on the page is hard to understand. If a full version of a product is compatible with OS X El Capitan, then the trial version of that product is compatible as well.

Tethering Issues Reported in Newest Lightroom and OS El Capitan Releases

Any known issues described in this document also apply to the trial versions. Adobe Creative Cloud User Guide. Select an article:. I do remember the Lion update as being the worst ever, though. Everything was slow and broken afterwards. There's really no need to update today.

Epson Legacy Etching Paper Tutorial on OS X using Photoshop & Lightroom

Lion was a bit more of an update than El Capitan is, as it focused more on added features and UI as opposed to refining and optimizing what was already there. In every "mid" upgrade like Snow Leopard from Leopard , Mountain Lion from Lion , and now El Captian from Yosemite , the speed, performance, and reliability ratings were fairly standard in that they were all better across the board And they have measured improvements in app start-up and file open times Yes, but as a professional, do you want to deal with software compatibility issues just to be the first kid on the block with a new toy?

Do you have work to do? Personally I work on a Windows platform, and I'm still on Windows 7. Because it's stable, and "just works", to borrow a comic punchline. The only time I will update to a new OS is when the software I rely on requires it, and only after any issues have all been sorted out.

I have no need for shiny new anything, I need trustworthy resources that deliver, day in and day out. I have work to do. Sometimes I have to wait a while, other times I don't. So I chose to upgrade as soon as I discovered Lightroom and Photoshop were mostly okay For an audio professional, I'd imagine they'd wait some time before upgrading at least until Logic had an update My 4K monitor is scaling perfectly also I have been trying to instal this garbage for a month now since the GM version. And tonight. All i get is error on install, after downloading the whole thing. I contacted apple support but who knows if that will get anywhere.

What is your error on install? Something went wrong for me the very first time when I tried to install the first developer beta. But this one worked fine for me.

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It did take seemingly forever to shut down the computer when it was restarting to do the installation. I was worried it froze. But I waited it out and it worked out okay Not a big deal Capture One Pro? Will this work at full functioning with the update? It's key to many photographers workflows that it does still work well and with all cameras. I'm guessing it's best to wait until Phase release a update specifically for this?

Does anyone know more? Home Apps. Posted In:. October 18, January 29, October 5, Log in or register to post comments. Tam Nguyen - September 30, Adobe not playing nice with Apple and vice versa. What's new?