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Red Shift Am I seeing red? Pickup Replacement. Red Shift allows you to replace the tone of your guitars pickup with a huge list of different alternatives and really provides you the versatility you need without having to spend money on several guitars! No problem, run Red Shift, choose a nice dense maple and some active pickups and your blues axe is instantly transformed into a screaming machine.

The same applies the other way round, calm those high input squealing metal axes down and turn them into country twangers or sweet lucid blues machines. Well for the curious amongst us Red Shift allows just that kind of experiment to take place without the rather disastrous effects a real world experiment would likely result in. Six Versatile Heads…La leyenda continua………. AcmeBarGig The freeware version of Shred comes with 6 awesome amp heads ranging from warm, sweet, clean tones to hair-raising metal thunder.

Enthalpos Median. Supersound Dark and doomy, the Supersound is right at home churning out early Sabbath-style ethereal drones. The Marvel is an all-rounder, capable of crystaline cleans and thundrous British crunch! The Honken kicks out Classic British tone, fantastic for sweet, glassy cleans and great crunch!

By Spartwo Inc. Tune It! It can also be used to monitor the pitch during live performance. It can tune a wide range of instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, flute, violin, saxophone, etc…. Features : Automatic note recognition from A-1 up to A6. Programmable A reference from to Hz step of 1Hz or 0,1Hz. Programmable Precision The highest precision, the finest tuning.

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The lower precision, the lower latency suited for tuning control during live performance Very fine and precise tuning based on an original pitch detection algorithm. Tune any instrument : guitar, bass, piano, synths, flute, sax, trumpet, stick, violin…. MinimalSystem tiene en su web un catalogo de freebies en el que encontramos estos cuatro vst:. Sonnix Compressor v1. Off The Wall v1.

Synthetic v1.

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Super SawRus v1. The Ajatar Kantele is a sample-based, digital recreation of a finnish zither instrument called the kantele. The instrument has a long history rooted in the finnish national epic, the Kalevala, and is the national instrument of Finland. The name Ajatar refers to a female woodland spirit in the stories of Kalevala. The kantele family of instruments has many members from the traditional 5-string kantele to the string concert kantele that Ajatar represents.

A kantele is plucked with fingertips rather than nails or plectra, the resulting sound is easily distinguishable from other zither counterparts for its soft attack, brilliant, clear timbre, very long sustain and unwavering pitch. The leading principle while sampling the Ajatar was authentic, natural recreation with maximum flexibility for experimentation. The samples come in multiple microphone positions contact, close, room to allow natural or user-added reverberation and feature round robin keyswitching to avoid sample repetition.

The end result is a sampled instrument that is easy to play and hard to distinguish from a real performance. The Ajatar Kantele was played by Vilma Timonen. Recording, editing and sample programming was done by Matti Strahlendorff. The team used highest quality recording equipment on the project. The instruments different microphone positions can be separately downloaded, the entire sample library is about one gigabyte in size.

You can even use these samples in the notation software Sibelius if you have its bundled Kontakt Player installed. You can download the instruments different microphone positions here. Add your own reverb to taste. Contact Mic — Mirror 1 — Mirror 2 — mb. Close Mic — Mirror 1 — Mirror 2 — mb.

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RemoteControlWidgetProvider android. Make sure you're signed in as a user with access to this server. It'll be back soon. Please try again later. There was an error signing out. Try playing at the original quality. You can add one for it in the Media Manager. Uloskirjautumisessa tapahtui virhe. You may be able to enable playback by increasing your quality setting.

Probeer op die oorspronklike kwaliteit terugspeel. Check your network or try a lower quality. Gaan u netwerk na of probeer 'n laer kwaliteit.

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Check your network. Gaan u netwerk na. Please check your playback setup. Make sure it's online and try again. Ansi based on Hybrid Analysis e. Ansi based on Hybrid Analysis ae.

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