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Mac Headsets With Mic. Headsets With Microphone For Mac An Appple compatible Analog or Digital USB headset with a built-in mic is a great solution for accurate speech recognition and dictation, voice and video conferencing, or gaming sessions on a Mac computer.

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Especially if you own one of Apple's desktop computers like the Mac mini or Mac Pro towers, you'll want an external Mac compatible headset or desktop microphone. These two Apple desktop models do not include a built-in microphone of any sort.

All Mac compatible headsets implicitly include a microphone. The above featured Mac compatible high-quality headsets better meet the needs of Prosumers and Professional audio engineers - as well as for use dictating speech with Apple's Dictation software built into OSX.

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Free from the tangle of wires and supporting far greater operating range than Bluetooth, it's better suited for voice recognition needs. The higher bandwidth of an RF signal also meant NO compression of the audio signal is needed - ideal for accurate dictation sessions. In the Bluetooth 1. Bluetooth's limited bandwidth and these codecs were just not sufficient to properly reproduce the full-frequency nuances of speech that are needed for accurate dictation.

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The limited 10 meter 30 feet - and usually far less Bluetooth transmission range is another limiting factor. Susceptibility to elecronic interference from nearby gadgets is another gotcha that makes it less than ideal. These high-definition or wideband HD Bluetooth audio codecs can now allow a much cleaner and higher resolution digital waveform to capture the subtleties of spoken word accurately.

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Secondly, on many Macintosh computers Apple eschewed the standard PC practice of having 2 separate audio jacks: One for a 2-pole mono microphone input and another for a 3-pole stereo headset output - and combined them into one.