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Or provided your Mac has an Intel Core Duo or faster processor your backdrop can be a little video clip instead: a screaming rollercoaster ride, swimming with the fishes, by a Yosemite waterfall, or on a remote beach. You can even substitute your own photo or movie clip by dragging your pictures or videos from Finder onto the empty frames for that very purpose, up to eight in all. Then you can proceed capturing the still or moving image.

How to Apply Special Effects to a Mac Photo Booth Picture - dummies

Clicking some effects such as bulge, squeeze, or twirl displays a slider that lets you use the mouse to tweak the level of distortion. Still other effects let you change the video backdrop. A grid appears, with each square revealing a different effect. Then, tap one of those photos to view it.

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Just like in previous versions of iOS, you can long-press on the photo to play the video clip that was capture with it. Live Photos capture a snippet of video to either side of the picture you took, to give a kind of Harry-Potter-esque moving moment. Until then, we can be content with some extra gimmicks on top. For instance, did you ever miss the decisive moment in a photo? Whatever you wanted to snap took place just before you tapped the shutter?

Now you can use Live Photos to go back in time. It looks like the one used to edit videos, and works in much the same way.

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You can set the in and out points of the animation, cutting it short if you like and this is fully reversible at any time in the future, unlike video which forces you to save a new copy. But the real clever trick is that you can now set a new keyframe.

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If you missed the perfect expression in an unrepeatable photo, you can wind back the clock to when out happened. These are Loop, Bounce, and Long Exposure. These are in addition to the default Live Photos filter. They do pretty much what they say, either putting the clip pin an endless loop, or ping-ponging the video back and forth.