How to burn a cd on a mac desktop

Different iMacs can utilize different programs.

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Tips Research burning programs before saving files to a disc. Video of the Day. This article has also been viewed , times. Categories: MacBook. Learn more Obtain blank CDs. Now, professionally burned CDs such as audio CDs cannot be written over due to their special methods of being burned.

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To check whether or not your drive can support CD-RWs or even CD-Rs, for that matter , click the Apple logo in the top-left corner of the screen and select "About this Mac" from the menu. Prepare the files you are about to burn. If you are burning an audio CD, open iTunes or whichever music playing software you use. If you are burning a data or picture CD, open the location of the files you want to burn in Finder.

How to burn music on a Mac - 2018

Method 1. From the iTunes "File" menu, select "New Playlist". Type a name for the playlist and press Enter.

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Drag the songs you want to appear on the CD into the playlist. Songs can be in any format, but to preserve the high-quality, lossless audio found on the original disc, it is recommended that the original files be ripped to Apple Lossless or AIFF format. Click the "Burn CD" button at the bottom of the playlist window. Wait for the burn to complete.

Burning files to a CD or DVD

This usually only takes a couple of minutes. Method 2. Move or copy all files you want to burn to a CD to a dedicated "burn" folder. This simplifies the process of burning certain files to a folder. Open the folder in its own window, pull down the "File" menu, and select "Burn". Much like the process for burning songs in iTunes, this will take a few minutes. Bryan Beege Berry.

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It is possible that the CD already has an image on it or is unsuitable for burning for another reason. It's also possible that your burning software has a bug, improper settings were selected, or your burner may not be operating properly. We'd really need more information to determine what the problem is. Yes No.

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