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Apple's management doesn't want Nvidia support in macOS, and that's a bad sign for the Mac Pro

Regardless of the drivers, be aware using a PC card in a mac, you will lose the EFI boot screen you are accustomed to seeing. This only affects you if you need to boot at start up to another drive or use the recovery partition. You can use the pref pane "start up" disk and have a clone of your boot drive handy, should you need the recovery partition.

Another recommendation is to hang onto the original mac card and if the machine is giving you trouble, swap back to your original EFI GFX card. Best of luck. Hi Phillip. Did you have any recommendations which build to use? All those brand are fine.

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Many people choose EVGA. I'd stay away from the lesser known brands like Sparkel and Galaxy. The card arrived today. It only needed 1 x 6 pin power cable. I'm just trying to get CUDA working as per your advice now. Haven't really done any test exports yet, not really my area but not sure if that will improve.

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Will feed you news as the editor hands it to me. On a side note, anyone who is possibly thinking of updating their computer any kind to SSD Do it!

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You will not regret it. Looks like your card uses one 6 pin cable. Kallan reported above that the GTX uses only one. Check it out you might want to change your order?

Updating My MacPro to a Nvidia GTX - Tej Babra

Hi there Thanks for the info, I think because mine is an older machine I'm stuck with fermi based cards and another forum recommended this one as the best option PC Card to go for Next, we can run the script via Terminal. This will close all open programs, so save your stuff and close everything before beginning. If you get a black screen but can still see your mouse on the computer or external monitor, just select Log Out and then log back in and it should work after that. Shut it down first and once the eGPU fan stops spinning, you can unplug it.

If this helped you, please give thanks or donate to the developer of the script as he and others worked hard to get this to work so seamlessly and be sure to check out the forum thread for some common issues and solutions. Good luck. I was hoping that this would work for the ti, but alas I should have known the drivers for Mac would not be available. What are your recommendations for uninstalling the Fr34K script? Ah, yeah, they probably will come considering how popular that card is, but might take people a while. Excellent, thanks for the quick reply David!

EVGA GTX570 Install Tutorial for your Mac Pro (nVidia)

No problem! This was done before that version of Mojave was out. The system may be unbootable or unstable. Thanks guys!. You may want to do some more research on the scores of that card. And I'm not hating - I just bought it myself. But it looks like the previous generation - and - beat the 6xx cards in GPGPU performance by a healthy margin.

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Actually, I just tested my 4GB SC in after effects cs6, and it compared very favorably to the scores I've seen with the , and is much faster than my I was pleasantly surprised. The openCL scores, however, are not so hot on the To be clear - I didn't see the first hand. Some fellow AE artists have been running tests and collecting results in a chart.

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