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I just had one more question. Will they be upset or anything like that for me having done it? I know for rooting and other forms of tinkering, they get very upset, so just wanted to confirm. I'm excited to try this out since I also use a 32 GB external, and I needed a good way to format it. Sep 24, 60 3 I did have to read some of the sentences twice to wrap my head around it. I'm not a tech newbie, but this guy is wayyy above me in experience, that's for sure. So DesElms, i was one of those people that told others not to bother with the upgrade, mostly based on what other have posted, but by reading your posts I understand that most of these people probably didn't do the correct preparation and were not careful to take the steps that you did.

So that being the case, many people complaining about screen lag, and whatever else i cannot remember, were those problems a result of bad preparation and installations? And in your opinion I should definately update then? One thing i do like that i've hrad the 2.

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  • Samsung Kies Download : Any Version You Need!.

I guess it's not super important, but I think it's neat. Also, is it correct that the "silent" icon is replaced with the flight mode instead? I find that kind of odd, it seems that the silent would be used wayyy more than flight mode, as it seems to me people don't use flight mode all that much. Anyway, thanks for the excellent writeups! Feb 4, 11 0 15 Anchorage, AK. I've been putting off the "upgrade" to GB because of all the fuss being made here, but DesElms' advice makes complete sense.

I've been running stock Froyo since I got the Infuse 6 months ago, and it's served me well so far. When I have some free time again I'll have to try this out.

Update Your Samsung with Kies Mini

Just wanted to say thanks for the time you put into responding and the thoroughness of your answers. I've had my Infuse since May and one of the features I thought had value was the ability to update the operating system to the latest and the greatest. Since that time, numerous cries for help in this forum have pointed out the downside to doing so for the naive, uninformed or technically less proficient. Since that included me and the stock setup did everything I wanted and the phone operated flawlessly, I decided there really never was a substantial reason for taking that next step.

Nonetheless, the detail you've provided convinces me that, for first time, the risks to the process can be managed. Thanks again. Feb 7, 1 0 5. Justinsaneok Newbie. Jul 25, 15 0 I "heard" the update won't work on 64 bit Win 7 ultimate? Any truth to this? Jun 16, 21 0 15 Male NM.

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Awesome information! Very Very helpful! Thank you! I did as DesElms said to update our Infuse 4g to Gingerbread. The phone works flawlessly. I cant vouch for it working different as if I were to update it with out doing a factory reset.

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I just bought this phone from an ebay seller that unlocked it and did a GSM reset before shipment. So far this phone is awesome! Thanks again for the help! Feb 21, 1 0 5. I'm running Kies Mini under Admin Privileges and it will download the update but it always stops after the phone tries to download it.

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Any ideas? Tags: samsung infuse 4g. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Android Forums. Kies 2. KIES 2. Kies is available for both PC and Mac. Mac users should download Kies 3 for Mac. Windows users should first determine the version of Android running on their mobile device. If you don't know the version. If your device is running Android 4.

Devices running older versions of Android should download Kies 2. I installed Kies on my computer, but my device is giving me an error message that says Kies is not supported. You may have installed a version of Kies that is incompatible with your device. Uninstall Kies and review the instructions on determining which version is compatible with your device.

How do I upgrade the firmware for my device?

Samsung Kies Download : Any Version You Need!-

If you see the message "This is the latest firmware," you do not need a firmware upgrade. Otherwise, click Firmware upgrade to start the upgrade process. Other company names, product names and marks mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners and may be trademarks or registered trademarks. Screen images simulated.

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