Vba mac gameshark not working

This will stack with Infinite items to give you an infinite amount of pony balls. This will give you an infinite amount of Safari balls something that can only be used in the Safari Zone. This code allows you to have all of the TMs and HMs. It also allows you to reuse a TM over and over again. Do not use with any other code except the Master Code or the game will crash when you open up the Menu.

But to be honest, why would you need infinite Key Items anyway? I'm not sure whether this already does the job of infinite berries, TMs, HMs and Safari balls considering they're items. These are only items found in your bag however. This is really quite useful if you get tired of running to the Ponymon Center not to heal your ponies but to regain PP.

How To Enable Gameshark Codes On VBA

If you're using the other 'infinite' things for items there isn't really much use for this but I thought I'd add it up anyway since buying Dumb-Bell does cost bits. This allows your Ponymon team to have maxed out stats for things like defense, attack, speed, etc.

Therefore all Pokémon Fire Red Cheats should work equally on this game but

If you're having trouble catching F Derpy but don't want to use the 'Catch Any Ponymon' code then this might be easier for you. Be careful some might become Bad Egg. Although I have not tested this code yet, it should give you an extra experience for each battle won. NOTE: Tested. Works perfectly, though it will tell you you only gained the natural amount of EXP, and then the EXP meter will skyrocket. As with above, all attacks, including those of opponents, are critical hits. Doesn't work with Trainer Battles.

This will make all Ponymon you encounter shiny. It also makes your starter shiny if you start a new game. Having this code enabled disables the ghost cheat. If you. If you're bored with walking around in circles waiting for your egg to load, this should speed up the process. Are you desperately seeking a girl? This code should help you get that female for you.

If you want to try, drop a comment and tell us what happens. Are you desperately seeking a boy? This code should help you get that male for you. Feeling like a greedy dragon trying to hoard your bits? Same I second his plea for help. Joined May 12, Messages Reactions 0 Points 0. I know that there aren't many mac users out there. For the Mac when you open up VBA it asks you to specify what game you would care to play by finding it on the computer.

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If you click cancel it just leaves the application on with no game playing. When this happens you can click on the options menu from the main bar and go down to add codebreaker cheats, and add gameshark cheats.


Then when you choose either of them it comes up with a little menu that lets you input lines of code the cheats and then you click ok. I have tried inputing the master code along with some other cheats but when you run the game they don't seem to work. Another factor could possible be that when you play the game the option to input codebreaker or gameshark cheats is disabled.

Possible Reasons Why Cheats Don’t Work as Expected and How To Fix Them

Again any ideas or answers are welcome as help. Last edited: Jun 26, Last edited: Jun 27, I had already posted this but for some reason it didn't show up. What you do is open up VBA without a rom playing. Joined Dec 26, Messages 1, Reactions 1 Points I am not using a mac but if you are saying that you have entered the codes correctly but do not work then are you sure you are using the cheats based on the region of the game you are using like if it is the us or europe release of pokemon emerald.

On the mac i have seen some screw ups with the cheats. The cheats cannot be turned off once entered. Also the cheats sometimes have side effects due to this. This could be the problem.

Vba Mac Cheats! Any Help Appreciated!

I would suggest finding new cheats. SilverRazor New Member Jun 28, Joined Jun 28, Messages 3 Reactions 0 Points 0.

I am having this same problem too, with the cheat imput system in Mac OSX. Even though there aren't as many mac users than windows users, I believe we should get the same amount of respect for the same program and the same features. I have attached a screenshot of what the 'cheat list' looks like.

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  6. It's quite pathetic looking compared to the windows version. Is it that hard? Come on said:. It may not be but it still takes time, effort and a system running a mac osx too before a developer could even consider it, similar to the guy asking for null dc to ported to linux, its up to developer.

    Version Impact

    Why dont ask the developer of the mac version? Good point. I never really thought of it that way. I checked the official site, but I can't seem to find an email that I can contact and ask for help. Last edited: Jun 28, SilverRazor New Member Jul 13, Joined Jul 29, Messages 4 Reactions 0 Points 0. Jul 30, Joined Feb 20, Messages 23, Reactions 2 Points 0. Sn0wy New Member Jul 31, Joined Jul 31, Messages 1 Reactions 0 Points 0.