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If you want to try it you can download a Mac binary here: www. If anyone has any interest in working on it, or any comments or questions, feel free to get in touch here or using the email address on that page. I'll give it a go ; I too have been using RE for a few years now. Something I forgot to mention is that the interface includes a musical visualisation called a chromagram. I've found it quite useful for visualising chord structures, melodies and key changes, and I think it's pretty unique in the DJ software world; I haven't seen any other tools that have something similar. You can see an example screenshot on the page linked in the OP.

I can't imagine someone at digidesign or ableton not being interested in this. Good luck kid, congrats! Will be trying KeyFinder myself over the next few weeks, thanks!! There's actually very little new science in there; I figured out how to build most of it just by reading a bundle of academic papers. Tunecrew PM - 26 September, Quote:. DJitalSneaky PM - 26 September, I'll give you some feedback, thanks for all the effort and making it open source first and formost.

Please understand I'm just giving feedback here not complaining : 1. Would like to have the option to cancel operations one I start. I had to kill the program to stop a miss-fire on my part 2. Custom key codes is nice. Maybe adding a Camelot wheel preset in that drop down box. Including myself 3. Would like to see the program be able to write to the 'initial key' tag in a music file.

Serato reads this tag. Audio1 PM - 27 September, Pretty fresh stuff. You need capital and make this into a reality You are about to give MIK a run for their money. I couldn't test the tag stuff much. I almost exclusively use ALAC files, which don't have that tag according to the spec I think Serato writes to its database rather than the file itself in such cases. But it works well on MP3s.

Top DJs and producers use Mixed In Key.

Let me know if you have any trouble. Too bad that you cant use the same keys as they use in mixed in key. You can of course type whatever you want in the Custom Key Codes preferences pane. You'll see odd boxes where you can type custom codes for the keys. That way, you can set what's written to your files to something other than my "Abm" style tagging. Djstylez23 PM - 25 October, deejaysomething Wow, im so impressed with this program. Good job!! This prog is full of win. StreetFighta PM - 25 October, speaking of key detection, can anybody that mixes top40 link me to a mix fully done harmonically?

I want to hear the difference from just a random mix to see if getting on the key detection train is worth it. Djstylez23 PM - 25 October, Quote:. Djstylez23 AM - 26 October, Quote:. Might be a After starting the application I get the infamous: " The application KeyFinder quit unexpectedly. If you send it to the email on the KF page I should be able to check it out at the weekend. Of course, it might still be a Unfortunately I don't have anything other than Snow Leopard to test on.

Dj matty k AM - 26 October, Downloaded will give it a try Seems to be an issue with libav Maybe a corruption of your downloads?

4 best software to find song keys and create addictive mashups

My web host is quite crap. But as WarpNote has discovered, it's probable that Leopard needs a different version of one of the core libraries anyway, so it might not work even if you had an uncorrupted file. Does anyone have this working on On Beatport all the right keys are inputed so I compared them to both programs to see which one was more accurate. They wouldn't tell me which software. Djstylez23 PM - 26 October, oh okay then my bad on that one, actually thought the artist were the ones that inputed the keys Won't be able to get home and test a different one for a day or so.

CrowdCTRL, djbanno, can you try another way of unzipping please? Then press return, to execute the command. It should unzip in your home folder, in theory. Please PM me the screendumps for reference. That does suggest my FTP client sucks, yeah. I'll try another, prob tomorrow evening. Could you guys try again? I think it's unlikely to work under Probably a bit unstable, and only tested on XP so far. I'm fine for hosting, the initial Windows version is up on my website, but any testing effort would be appreciated. Drop me an email if you want to discuss. Daktyl PM - 30 October, Seems folks have been getting some good results from this with no serious issues Thanks for putting this out there, and for free.

The detailed analysis window is kind of hard to read, but I can see that being a very useful tool. KeyFinder detected keys for all the songs, but it doesn't seem to have written anything to the id3 tags. Is there a step I'm missing here? Daktyl PM - 30 October, That did it lol. So it doesn't actually alter the file in any way until you tell it to? I kind of like that. Awesome piece of software here Must be cause Im on Any idea? Im using windows. Nicky Blunt AM - 31 October, msvcr Whether it's in Prepare mode disconnected hardware - more favored or with the hardware connected drag and drop detection.

Cause deejays been whining on these forums for 'maybe' a couple of years for something like this. Dj matty k PM - 31 October, How do you make the keys come out in the 6a 6b etc format i have been tring to find a conversion way on the net? Dj matty k PM - 31 October, Quote:. Dj matty k PM - 31 October, Where is everyone saving these keys to? To be able to see them in serato? Nicky Blunt PM - 31 October, the key file obviously??? Any ideas? I really wanna check this shit out!

But I cant even get it to work at the moment so i really cant help much. Sorry I thought you were asking where to place the info. Nicky Blunt PM - 31 October, no problem thank you so much for your assistance! I'll try to get it to work. Really appreciate it! That bodes well, huh. Those URLs again: www. Dj matty k PM - 31 October, Yay its working worked out i need to once i had done the group of files i wanted to analyze then i highlighted all the tracks and went write to tag thats what i was forgeting lol. Im struggling with these files I need to download. Wish i wasnt a computer retard!

Dj matty k PM - 31 October, deejaysomething Hi really like this programe but it doesnt seem to want to write to the id3 tags with mp4 files it does the analyzing but wont write to the mp4 just says 0 tag writen? Is there a prob or am i doing something wrong? Dj matty k PM - 1 November, Quote:. Weststar PM - 4 November, Hey, deejaysomething! First off, thanks for this super lightweight package. After having to use RE for years, I got pretty tired at how slow and buggy it was.

I was about to bite the bullet and buy MIK until I found this post yesterday and tried out your app. It is great! I do have a small issue however. Hope this gets fixed! Specs: MBP 2. However, I can't immediately explain the problem as I've run batches of over six thousand files through it without any trouble. Could you email me a copy of the KF log?

Also, if you can remember, you could highlight the time of a crash. That should give us a place to start looking; might be a file it disagreed with. Nyx PM - 5 November, Seems to be a great little helper. That really would be awful! SiRocket PM - 5 November, deejaysomething. Thank you! What i have found that causes the crash are files that have a short playing length After that just sort by the length column and do the files from there.

Once again, thank you! I'm really pleased that you guys are finding it useful. Your bug diagnosis is probably bang on; I can think of a couple of reasons that might be happening. Doesn't happen on my samples, which tend to be WAVs, so maybe it's the way KF handles short durations with a particular decoder.

Can you maybe send me a file that always causes a crash? With that, it should be a simple matter to fix, he said, foolishly. And, out of interest, where would you store key in an mp4 if you had a wider choice say, of all the iTunes-accessible fields? Should be straightforward to grab a bunch of file paths out of those formats.

How to find the Tempo and Key of a song

I'll give it some thought. SiRocket PM - 5 November, deejay - ill pm you a link to a file that crashes early this coming week out of office today. I don't use either of them, i already started using composer tag for a few codes. Thank you so much for handing it out for nothing. All your hard work is greatly appreciated. It seems to me to be way more intuitive the RE. I too am having the same problem as Weststar. I get through about files and it quits. I have been analyzing smaller batches, to get around it.

Other than that, it works great. Thank you for the hard work you put into this and willing to share with all of us. SiRocket PM - 7 November, skitz Thank you. I narrowed it down by analyzing my music in alphabetical order. I started with all the "A" folders then all the "B. I am talking about the kbps aac files with an extension. So I analyzed my library without those files that i need to get rid of anyway and it worked great. Thank you again. Were they DRM'd by any chance?

And can you email me one of them, maybe? Be very useful to see the nature of the failure. KeyFinder can't deal with that kinda thing; I might be able to make it deal with them a bit more gracefully though. Glad you got your batches working. Solidsnake PM - 9 November, Upon opening the program I am getting the error message: "You can't open the application KeyFinder because it is not supported on this type of Mac.

It seems to run fine on C2Ds on My expertise in this particular area is limited. If there are any Mac deployment experts lurking out there or anyone who knows one , please speak up! Probably the best I could do is switch the entire app and its libraries to bit, which might slow it down for everyone else, so I don't really want to go there.

Solidsnake PM - 9 November, That's what I had figured, this is cool for me to look at as I'm a Computer major too and I'm about to start programming courses next semester I'm supposed to get the final grade from mine in a couple of weeks Daktyl AM - 11 November, Quote:. Daktyl AM - 15 November, Quote:. Solidsnake PM - 15 November, Quote:. An error message pops up and just says something has made the program stop work blah, blah, windows will check for a fix.

Nicky Blunt AM - 18 November, still no joi with this on windows.

Two Key Detection Tests

Thank U. Things like that. Yeah, I came across this problem with non-ASCII characters in filenames during the original build but haven't found time to research it. It's already on the to-do list! Re-installing the application may fix this problem" i've downloaded it a couple of times.. Djstylez23 PM - 21 November, Quote:.

Nicky Blunt PM - 21 November, got the program to load, it appears to be working fine. Ive not tested it fully. But I'm totally stoked. It looks great. Thanks for all your hard work. You are a legend! SiRocket AM - 22 November, works good!!!! Can someone who gets that crash email me some details, maybe a crash report or whatever Windows spits out? At least that's what I can gather. Daktyl AM - 3 December, Quote:.

SiRocket PM - 10 December, nice on the auto tags!!! Can I make a small feature request to increase the functionality even more? Can you have a toggle for 'skip if tag already exists'? It's on the list. Would i get the best results by leaving all of the default options? I left everything default with your tool. Some will have a huge effect on accuracy, some less so. On many, the two systems will agree. But detecting key is not an exact science. Cm and Fm are exactly a fifth apart and very easily mistaken, even by a human in some cases. They're highly compatible; note how close they are on the camelot wheel.

Batch jobs should now be much faster, though your CPU fan may get a little noisy. Mine did. And if any interested devs are lurking, I could use some help with the Windows build. SiRocket PM - 30 December, i'll cop it tonight sir :. Nicky Blunt PM - 31 December, any devs for windows, I know johnny M knows his way round a windws machne pretty well but idk if he can write code. Nicky Blunt PM - 11 January, please do ben, this would be totally appreciated, As im having no luck installing it on any of the laptops i have.

You know where to find the source, but shout if you need any help getting libraries etc. Have been looking for them everywhere SiRocket PM - 12 January, lol at the house question. SiRocket AM - 14 January, windows Using macbook Pro. Thanks deejaysomething! Sure enough, v1. So, in other news, I've been looking at the bit Mac thing with the aid of some very helpful forum members but, in short, it's a real pain.

First impressions/setting up

So I wouldn't count on it happening soon. It's still on the list though. I am making some progress on Windows, having finally landed a Win7 license. Happy new year everyone. SiRocket PM - 16 January, shouts to deejay for the hard work on this! FYI, Kilmore from Incubus is using your software now, we had a session the other day at his pad and i showed him your software and he had to have it :.

In fact it's been over two years. Oh, for an edit function. In a lot of ways e. That's pretty small for a project with apparently a few hundred users. But next time there's a high profile comparison, hopefully it'll be a competitor. New version 1. As always, shout if you have any question, problems, feature requests. This update is Mac only at present, apologies to Windows heads. Been holding off as I'm planning a new mac later this year So will probably switch from MIK then.

Stay focused on making the current platform good for the newer OS, cant wait to switch :D. Weststar AM - 4 February, Is there a way to just import songs that don't have anything written in the key or group tags? Sometimes my library fills up and I forget to key the songs individually, so going to every song locations' folder and dragging to KeyFinder takes painstakingly long.

Firstly, yes, KF will analyse all the songs dragged to it, although I'm working on a feature request to skip over songs where tags already exist. Might be in the next release, might not. Secondly, going to all your song folders and dragging them in Well that shouldn't be necessary. So if you are paranoid about missing a track, then assuming your music is well organised you can just drag in your top level Music folder and wait for the import to finish.

Hope that helps. Weststar AM - 4 February, Quote:. So you were only describing one problem, in fact! Check the next couple releases, I'm sure it'll be in soon. Nicky Blunt AM - 5 February, any news on the windows releases???? Nothing much to shout about. Main problem right now is, I got a new build of the decoding library, but it crashes on various file types, and it shouldn't. On the plus side, I can recreate the crashing-on-adding-two-files bug.

Slow progress, basically. What was the problem you were having, again? Nicky Blunt AM - 5 February, i will pm you if thats ok to keep from cluttering your thread. I'm sure there are still bugs to iron out but I think it should be more stable now. Feedback welcome as always.

Is there any way you can add rename file names with the key info.? But this is not something I want to implement; it's just too easy for someone to really screw up their library and blame KF. I use this configuration: snag. The filters for the smart crate 4A looks like this: snag. Plus that's a creative application of smart crates, I like it. Being open source is probably KF's main strength; if the algorithm is good now and it seems anecdotally to be in the same league as the other packages , it can get better if someone smarter comes along to work on it!

It's a feature I'd consider but I'm not big into it. We'll see how it goes. Not many formats do. See the FAQ on my site. In the interest of full disclosure, there is a possible bug with this; two users have reported tags being deleted from a few of their mp4 videos, but only on Windows so far, and very rarely. If you have a backup it shouldn't scare you. I'm investigating it at present. It was then a simple highlighting of the blocks of tracks that correspond to each key and mass-editing the key field.

You have to do it 24 times, but it takes less than 10 minutes for the entire library. I have the lastest version of MIK now and have been using it for a while now. Gonna try this out now :. Feedback welcome as always, especially if you've been waiting for the Leopard build; let me know how you get on.

Is it working on Core Duo machines now? Future features? I'm finally pretty happy with what KF can do but I've got a few ideas. Let me know if you have any new suggestions. SiRocket AM - 20 February, thumbsup! Nyx PM - 20 February, Quote:. Any existing users should get an automatic notification, but here nonetheless is KeyFinder v1.

You may want to use other methods. But I thought I'd include it for the sake of completeness. Looks like I've missed it. Thought it could not do it properly. What do you mean when saying you read the sl and traktor library? In each case it will present them as playlists in the new library widget. Not sure exactly how stable this feature is yet, but it works on all my test machines.

Apparently your app does not point to the correct file location, however, I can drop them in the app and it works really great. Is there a way I can manually fix this issue? It's stored in a folder called subcrates; I should be able to fix it if I can see how Serato refers to the root when it's not C:. Just thinking edge cases: I'm assuming, then, that it doesn't do crates that mix files from different mount points? I'll try and patch it over the weekend, anyway.

It's works now Great Job!! Please try downloading it again. Snow Leopard is more than capable of running KeyFinder. I've certainly never tested one, but you might get lucky! Nicky Blunt PM - 11 March, They use the same decoding library. IIRC whitelabel files include an unencrypted lower quality version for most media players, right?

If so, KF should use that for analysis. In theory. Im not really much a computer wizz, so I dont really understand other than unless u play them via erato they play 32kbs but with serato hardware plugged in So i figure they were asking about the corruption issue? Maybe take a look on the. U will prob pick up more from there than u will from me. What about it slimmjimm - did it work on whitelabel files? Nicky Blunt PM - 16 March, what ive been doing with whitelabel files is downloading them twice, run one set through, then manually tag the results of the fresh ones.

Seems to be working out ok so far. E and it seems kind of distorted, I have to find it on my backup drive and compare. Nicky Blunt AM - 20 March, that distortion is exactly what we were talking about! I actually did download it twice!

5 Best Free Music Key Finder Software for Windows

You are the man! The new version 1. Do not come crying to me if you fuck up your library. This is open sourced under the GPL, so any geeks out there can integrate it into their own stuff.

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As always, intelligent feedback gratefully received. Love your work! The program is awesome by the way! Just wanted to bring up a few issues I've come across. Running 1. After file or so, the rest of the files started failing with Memory Errors, then the program crashed. Restarted, and ran the remaining files, and still noticed a large amount of memory committed to the program.

Looks like a possible memory leak. Are Smart crates not supported? Where are the preferences stored?

Key Finder Plugin — beets documentation

I'm wondering if the Camelot Easymix codes I've entered into the Custom Codes will get saved when I install new revisions of the program. Thanks again and great job! Great work, thanks for the quick fix. Karl W PM - 3 April, After scanning about mp4s last night I went to work and noticed I had corrupted a fair few mp4's, maybe or so : It was an older version of Keyfinder so not sure if you've fixed it but yeah, Thought I would let you know those tracks were playing in 2.

I tend to dump a few new mixtapes into my library as Scratch Live is my primary audio player, and skipping over a few m mixes would've increased the batch analysis' speed dramatically I could work around this, but I find it easier to just dump all of my downloaded tunes into a "new" folder then analyze that. SiRocket AM - 1 May, thumbs up! Not been working on it at all in the last month or so; way too much Real Life happening. But it's energising to see that people are still getting into it. Will sit down and try to fix the Windows build at some point; quite a few users having bizarre crash trouble.

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  5. Plus I have a few plans for the future of the software. Good work! I've never used Mixed In Key so I can't compare the two but your program works amazingly well and is very accurate from what I can see so far. I'm in the process of key tagging my entire library crate by crate and can't believe how quickly it's going by. Kudos to you for writing a very nice piece of software.

    I will definitely be donating. Solidsnake PM - 16 May, deejaysomething Firstly, awesome app, loving it. I'm on bit and it now works pretty well for mp3's. I'll post more about it later exactly what it says. My other concern is and this is open to anyone, I use iTunes to organize my music library. Now that I have my whole library scanned, what is recommended to scan new songs? Do I need to go through by dragging all of the artists folders to the program again? Will it re-write over songs that have already been tagged or can I turn this off? Just looking for an efficient way to go about tagging new songs without having the re-analyze the entire library.

    Dj Nyce AM - 21 May, with the latest version 1. Also "Skip files.. Dj Nyce AM - 21 May, www. Nicky Blunt PM - 23 May, does this work for aiff files? If yes awesome, If not is there anything thats does? Classik2o PM - 25 May, Thank you this is awesome :. Thank you so much! Now I convert those files to mp3 just to check the key and then manually add it to the. SiRocket AM - 12 June, still love this app! Solidsnake PM - 29 June, Working great for. Just wish it could scan. Solidsnake PM - 29 June, I'm on Key Finder - Version 1.

    How would I go about checking the log? And do please send me one of the videos that doesn't work for debugging. Nicky Blunt AM - 2 July, sweet. Those issues are not fixed, and are unlikely to be in the near future. I've spent as long on them as I'm willing to at the moment. So I'm afraid the Windows build will only improve in reliability if another developer picks it up or I get a second wind.

    Also, since the last update I got to the bottom of a lot of the "KF has deleted my tags" issues that were raised, again primarily by Windows users. If you use kid3 it's free, just Google it to check the tags on your tracks you'll see that no data has been removed, it's just been translated to an updated tag version. If this is a problem you can just convert back to v2. Onward and upward. Hope this helps people out; any feedback welcome. Thanks dude. Not only that, but Serato Software actually reads that field. So I may emulate their hack and update my Serato! Ah yes, I just found this post.

    Any problems? Also I'm working on making the interface localisable, if anyone's interested in translating the program's strings into other languages? Great tool, I will definitely donate if I can use this with the genres I spin. I really need to read my music theory books! The software only shows my Serato crates, not my iTunes playlists. However in preferences it knows where the iTunes library is so I'm wondering if my iTunes library should be displayed?

    Also, In the batch window, if I drag a file from a serato crate it will scan and write tags fine. However if I drag a load of songs from the iTunes window it will scan them and identify the key, but doesn't write anything to the comments field. Should it be? I imported my entire drum'n'bass library of almost songs and detected the key for half of them. RE3 gives me one answer, Beatport and my weak-as-hell DJay app usually give me the same answer oddly enough , and KF gives me another answer as well.

    Sometimes they are all on the same page but not enough to be able to pick a favorite. Am I just being too picky and do I need to just pick one and trust it to be incorrect but consistently incorrect if you get what I mean? Should I go with whatever key appears in at least 2 of the programs? I know some music theory but I can't key out every scale on the piano. That would be so cool though I think I might learn. Anyways, thanks a lot for the program!!

    I do like how user friendly it is Except for the Advanced tab in the setting made me feel like an idiot but I am sure most DJ's don't have a clue what some of that stuff means either! It would be great if you put some of that stuff into english ;- I'm over here learning about spectrum analysis and science! I guess a good question would be how to set my temporal window, hop and frame size for bass heavy music? Is it a good idea to bump the starting frequency up to A I figure not too many songs have roots under there?

    How about decreasing the of octaves? Would that help me get more correct readings from KF? I am not even gonna guess what bands per semitone, downsample factor, classification, or segmentation do I hope you get back to me! Any chance you could add BPM detection to a future update? I only have 4 sources for this, I could always use a fifth opinion!

    Might have to check that out. KeyFinder v1. And if you have the linguistic chops to write a translation of the GUI into your language, let me know it's easy; no programming knowledge is required. This release also marks KeyFinder's first birthday! I launched it a year ago today, with the post at the top of this very thread.

    After a slow start, it's been downloaded more than times in its first year, by users in countries. I've been thoroughly humbled by the response to my little app, and having it used by hundreds of DJs has been very rewarding. I've also had tons of feedback, which has been fascinating at least as many times as it's been infuriating. So in short, thank you all so much for your support! And if you want to thank me in return, why not drop a small PayPal donation alongside your next download, so I can celebrate this auspicious occasion in some style? In return, I promise to howl at the moon the names of any forum members who donate, at the end of a night of raucous drinking.

    I don't use itunes library so that is no issue I ran by batch it saw my crates it processed my crates but didn't update the tags Am I doing it wrong? Thanks again even if it never writes to them it is great stuff for my Ableton as well Mode' AM - 16 October, Thanks for the quick get back The workflow I used is this: In Preferences chose what to write - Keys Where to write - Key Tag Overwrite Dragged files from crates Ran batch process When complete rescanned files in Serato Nothing in the key tag file Also ran a batch with the preference to append file name and that also didn't take I am on a Macbook pro running Lion and Serato 2.

    I will drop a couple of beers in your paypal Sure, it will detect the key, but refuses to write to the file. Am I doing something wrong? Macbook Pro early running Prutscher AM - 2 November, I skimmed trough the comments looking for a answer for my mp4 corrupt file problem. With 1. We were impressed at a strong initial showing from Serato in this roundup. Either way MiK landed the top slot yet again!

    Since the last test, Virtual DJ finally rolled out their version 8 update to the software — but it was too much to hope that the key detection algorithm had improved with this new update. Virtual DJ and Traktor have something to learn from Beatunes. Keyfinder is the only free piece of software on this list — and likely the best hope for beating Mixed In Key someday.

    While the 2. Want to download the spreadsheet where all of this data was collected, and check it out for yourself? We this based on popular user request, so enjoy! By Dan White On Nov 16, You might also like More from author.

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