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Depending on the issue, we may be able to fix it search first and then open an issue if need be. However, we tend to ignore these as they often have no direct solution other than hacky workarounds. Even though real hovering isn't possible on most touchscreens, most mobile browsers emulate hovering support and make :hover "sticky". In other words, :hover styles start applying after tapping an element and only stop applying after the user taps some other element.

This can cause Bootstrap's :hover states to become undesirably "stuck" on such browsers. Some mobile browsers also make :focus similarly sticky. There is currently no simple workaround for these issues other than removing such styles entirely. In particular, as of Chrome v32 and regardless of margin settings, Chrome uses a viewport width significantly narrower than the physical paper size when resolving media queries while printing a webpage. This can result in Bootstrap's extra-small grid being unexpectedly activated when printing.

See issue and Chrome bug for some details. Suggested workarounds:. Also, as of Safari v8. See and WebKit bug for more details. One potential workaround for this is adding the following CSS:. Out of the box, Android 4. Unfortunately, the Browser app has lots of bugs and inconsistencies with CSS in general. See this StackOverflow question for details. The user agent sniffing avoids interference with Chrome, Safari, and Mozilla browsers. In order to provide the best possible experience to old and buggy browsers, Bootstrap uses CSS browser hacks in several places to target special CSS to certain browser versions in order to work around bugs in the browsers themselves.

These hacks understandably cause CSS validators to complain that they are invalid. In a couple places, we also use bleeding-edge CSS features that aren't yet fully standardized, but these are used purely for progressive enhancement. These validation warnings don't matter in practice since the non-hacky portion of our CSS does fully validate and the hacky portions don't interfere with the proper functioning of the non-hacky portion, hence why we deliberately ignore these particular warnings.

While we don't officially support any third party plugins or add-ons, we do offer some useful advice to help avoid potential issues in your projects. Learn more about box model and sizing at CSS Tricks. Depending on the context, you may override as-needed Option 1 or reset the box-sizing for entire regions Option 2.

Ao usar a classe. Download Bootstrap atualmente v3. Exemplos Criados a partir do modelo base acima e com muitos componentes do Bootstrap. Comunidade Mantenha-se atualizado sobre o desenvolvimento do Bootstrap e aproxime mais da comunidade com esses recursos.

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Leia e inscreva-se no Blog oficial do Bootstrap. Chat com colegas Bootstrappers usando IRC no servidor irc. Deu um erro ao carregar o video assim que o novo upload estiver pronto ponho o link! Por aqui eu fiz e aparentemente deu certo. O crack nem abre no meu computador.

Windows Valeu Cara.

Como Abrir Arquivo .rar no mac OS X

Mas baixei e deu Tudo Certo! Simbora fazer uns trabalhos! Obrigado demais!!! Eu to emocionada! Funciona sim! Mas o arquivo. Entrem no programa para ver se funcionou! Ative um dos outros produtos da adobe primeiro, verifique se deu certo, depois ache o arquivo.

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Volte para a pasta aplications e procure o arquivo. Ele funciona normalmente com Lightroom Classic CC? Antivirus e bloqueador desativados. Muito obrigado amigo! Alguem sabe como achar? Quando mando intalar no programa aparece a mensagem file not loaded.

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Gente, deu certo no Mac. Por enquanto - Muito obrigado. Nossa, deu muito certo! Obrigada demais! Devo instalar os programas novamente para que o crack funcione? Valeu, funcionou!!! Usei pro Lightroom Classic, no mac. Fiz passo a passo e deu certo! Adobe Premiere liberado! Boa noite amigos. Escolho o Premiere Pro CC. Clico no Install. Thanks for shear it You are doing right job.

Download Mac. Mateus Souza 30 de maio de Ramil Devon 20 de julho de Mateus Souza 5 de junho de Ramalho Dias 5 de junho de Aila Barbosa 7 de junho de Mateus Souza 9 de junho de Softonic review Stuffit Expander is the most widely used expander and decoder utility on Mac.

8 Zip for Windows 10

User reviews about Stuffit Expander Review. Don't leave without your download! Stuffit Expander The most popular file expander and decoder for Macs. No developer support Overall, UnRarX is easy to use. Unfortunately however if you do encounter problems there seems to be very little developer support for UnRarX although there is a support page with links to a forum and bug report page , where you may be able to find help with problems you're having.

Does what it really needs to do. I have been pc user for a long time.

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  6. There was no software on my new mac for expanding rar files from my old computer. This application solved my issue. Unlike other utilities for mac it has poor interface. My fist impression - it resembles old Windows programs.