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Click to view the Pivot Table Video. Microassist offers extensive classroom training in Microsoft Excel. Please check out our course list for more information.

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Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to primary navigation Contact Us. In this expression, the Row function will return the row number, and then the MOD function will return the remainder when this Row Number is divided by the second argument of the function, in this case, 2.

Setting that equal to zero will cause this function to be true every other row. For example, you could add shading to the header row of a table to make it distinctive.

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  • Apply shading or highlighting to alternate rows in Excel for Mac - Excel for Mac.
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  • You can also change existing table shading, or remove it from the table altogether. The easiest way to add colored shading to a table is to use the Shading option on the Table Design tab. Outlook for mac app. Or, for more color options, click More Colors.

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    This lesson shows you a quick and easy way to do it on Excel for Mac. This method uses the conditional formatting option in Excel that allows you to set the format of a cell or range of cells based on the outcome of a formula. It is a bit convoluted, but works well once you follow these steps. We welcome your comments and questions about this lesson.

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    Excel Mac 2011 - Conditional Formatting

    I want to commend people like you who take the time to post such excellent instructions for people like me. You hard work does not go unappreciated! Alma Grace.

    Automatic Alternating Row Color

    I agree. These instructions were clear and complete. You've provided excellent instructions. Thanks for taking the time and effort to share them. Greatly appreciated. Thank you, just want I needed for the Mac, kept getting PC instructions You would think Microsoft would just make this a one click option